Forum on Latin America – join the discussion!

Forum on Latin America – join the discussion!
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Who thinks that he can easily find a job in Costa Rica, and indeed in Latin America, is deeply mistaken. At best, you will be the last to queue at the coffee plantation, it is the last. Throw this thought out of your head, saving it money, time and nerves. Business? Well, if only you have a lot of money, time and abilities to poke elbows of local, Colombians, Chinese, gringos, etc., then go ahead. And it would be good to reconcile with losses in advance, be ready for it, it is inevitable. Criminal – shovels ways of extracting money, the police works well and are not bought for chewing, they will sod. Prisons are really good, but the terms are very large, and then immediately automatic kick to the historical homeland without the chances of a second attempt.
In Brazil, finding unskilled jobs is even more difficult, and not only because of the “Brazilian” language, the local is abundant enough, they are even better protected from illegal labor migrants than highly qualified specialists, no decent foreigner-an illegal person is needed.
Is it possible to work there as a teacher, knowing English. Teach biology, botany, genetics, really there are no places?
At least change the situation for half a year.
And you did not think that the English language at all and is not a world foreign and never was it? How many people are talking about it? English, Australian and American dialects are not exactly the same, and still there is technical English. In Europe, only in Norway, Denmark and Holland is still relatively popular English (still Norwegians and Danes – Vikings). So in Brazil there are already 200 million people and everyone speaks the Brazilian dialect of Portuguese, English is well known only to people from the UK, and who needs it there, just like in Latin America, which speaks Spanish or Portuguese? In Russia, is there a biology teacher teaching botany in English? It’s funny at least. The staff of high-end hotels know little English, computer specialists, except that.
And know you are free Brazilian Portuguese, you could revalidate a diploma (if you do not mind a couple of years), and find a job in the specialty, university professors, especially private ones, earn very well there, European wins for them mockery. Or doctors, and not necessarily plastic surgeons in super-expensive clinics, just graduated doctors in municipal polyclinics and hospitals.
At least change the situation for half a year.
Yes, you will wait half a year until your hypothetical employer agrees to the employment of an alien in the relevant department. Do you like this change of scenery?
How hard is it to find a doctor for an ophthalmologist (not operating) in Brazil or Argentina?
What is needed for this?
Find a job in 5 years after arriving on the specialty of a doctor – a very big luck!

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