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Clear Memory to General Konstantin Petrov! . . . On the defense of the court in the two-volume KP Petrov “Secrets of Managing Mankind”, see HERE. . The decision to recognize “Dead Water” as “extremist” came into force. Cassation appeals and complaints to the Supreme Court have been submitted. READ MORE.
Religion of Money or Medicine from the Market Economy.
It is here, in your homeland, being in line with the moral continuity of generations, you can rightly suppress, even if emotionally, uncontrollable moral freaks, feeling at the same time a normal adequate personality.
And in a strange monastery, your charter will be illegitimate. You will be psychologically, on one subordinate level with these clowns, and in their eyes – even lower! And this, despite your venerable age and experience. Imagine that here in the homeland – you, in something deserved personalities, like eggs of chickens, with full moral right will teach the lives of miscarriages from the “Harvard project”, such as “blondes in chocolate” or “stars in shock.” And there, on full grounds, you will be their incompetent disciples. Do not be deluded that you can avoid their shameful mentoring for you, unless you arrange a whole family of foresters in the taiga province. But even there, most likely, all the places are already occupied, scorned by renegades who have preserved the remnants of the former imperial pride.
For comparison, Russia, according to these indicators – the extreme form of a frightened liberal democracy.
In order to maintain mass psychology at the required manageable level, cultural national features that exclude the potential for large-scale civil unification on a national basis (as in the US) are reduced in Canada.
The Russian spirit is periodically required to dilute the cocktail from other nations-terpil. Experienced genetic engineers, reeling tangles from human souls, carefully monitor the situation, so as not to produce a rattling mixture.
But the amorphous substance is exactly what naturally awaits naive emigrants. This is a dead territory – a racial grave, an incubator for the decomposition of the subculture and cultivation of philistine unicature, the arena for the formation of a superclassic consumer international, in effect – an innocent, unprincipled mongrel (not to consider the Idea as consumerism, to the joy of manipulators). There is even a rudiment of social control, inherent, to some extent, to Europe.
The socio-political model of Canada is an unrealized (so far!) Dream of the world behind the scenes, imposed on the territory of Russia, where the comparable digital proportions (“man / square km”, for: Canada – 34 million / 10 million km2) = 3.4 people per square kilometer, Russia – 142/17 = 8.3 people per square kilometer, 3.4 / 8.3 * 142 = 58 million people), the human resource of Russians should be limited, the number of 58 million people.
Legally, the head of these countries is the English queen, and to the actual government, you can add South Africa, New Zealand, to some extent India and other former and current dominions, protectorates and colonies of the British Commonwealth.
The relatively acceptable standard of living of a fresh pine paradise is a straitjacket for potential rebels and a contractual payment for their humility, with “minor” side effects, in the form of the unenviable status of an eternal guest worker (servant, servant, perhaps always full), instead of a worthy title of master habitual sensation of himself as a gentleman, maybe half-starved, but, involuntarily, psychologically, we reckon ourselves in the homeland).
And local masters, in addition, will willingly or unwittingly consider you also rats (traitors) who escaped from a sinking ship. What here there is respect or, in general, a trusting attitude.
For example, Israel, slammed a mousetrap with cheap-looking cheese, where it must be earned, an unenviable quality of cannon fodder in the war with the Palestinians (yet!). And what will Canada offer its new citizens?

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