From Munich to Paris.

From Munich to Paris.
From Munich to Paris? Why not. Two countries, two different cultures. One is confused – the distance from Munich to Paris is after all 830 km. Let’s look for the most profitable ways to overcome it? Reserve your money and patience – the way is not long, but fascinating.
We have a camera ready! The trip promises to be exciting!
Direct flights are operated by Lufthansa and Air France.
Air France is a prestigious airline that asks for a high price for its services.
Prices for these carriers can be high, so look also at alternative options from Iberia, AirBerlin, SAS, Alitalia, Niki. The main thing is to pay attention to the time of transplantations so that you do not have to spend a day to move.
Try to look for tickets through the low prices calendar from Aviasales service – sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can fly away and 3500.
Another option is to search for cheap air tickets through the form:
How to find cheap flights through the search engine.
Buying tickets online is accompanied not only by finding directions, choosing the best route, but also by price analysis. How to set the settings in a free search engine in such a way that he himself would find the most economical option?
Buying tickets: settings.
The tick must be put on 3 days ahead and the same amount back. This makes it possible to arrange a kind of exam and look at the cost of tickets “from neighbors”, ie, to nearby dates. A low-price calendar is also a useful feature in this regard.
It is worthwhile to keep track of the low-cost calendar of various airlines.
The earlier you decide to purchase a ticket, the less you pay.
To spend a magic New Year’s Eve in Paris is very real, if you take care of it beforehand.
You can not discount the burning tours. There are prices that cause laughter. Quite often in this category fall those flights, which the owners refused.
The carrier Eurolines offers departure at 17 – 30 in the evening and arrival at 7 am. In Munich, the stop is at the Hackerbrucke bus station (this is to the west of the main). The cost is about 60 euros one way. If you book back and forth, there are discounts.
There is no direct bus service.
There are no direct bus routes from Munich to Paris.
If you have expired a German visa, you must immediately fill out a form for obtaining a new one. How to do it correctly, is told in this article.
You can book tickets on the site 92 days before the trip. The ticket arrives at the post office. When traveling with you, be sure to take the card with which payment was made. It is better to register in advance – if the ticket does not come to the post office, you can find it in your account.
For a ticket for an overnight train you will give a little less than on a day ticket.
The day train (TGV) and night (City Night Line) are offered.
The first will take in 6 hours with a penny. The fare is 154 euros.
The second one goes 11 hours, but tickets for a couple of tens of euros are cheaper.
If you enter the age in the search engine, you can get a discount.
You can buy a ticket at a discount and at full price. Still there are seats and recumbent, differing in the degree of comfort (soft or not), the number of seats (1-6). In the first class there is a shower and toilet, in the second only a sink.
The prices for tickets depend on the degree of comfort and arrangement of the car.
The car.
Approximate travel time is 8 hours. If you calculate the cost of fuel, on average, you need about 100 liters of gasoline in one direction on a small car.
If you do not have time to go to the hotel, you can spend the night in a car on a paid autobahn. In the morning you can have a snack in the parking lot, and in some places – take a shower.
Why not arrange a picnic in the famous park of Strasbourg – the Greenhouse.
On the way, it is advisable not to miss Strasbourg – the official capital of Europe. In this city on the border of two states, guests are provided not only with local attractions. To rest from the move, to have a picnic among the landscape architecture in the Greenhouse (a favorite local park) is a pleasure.
Another loophole.
Train �023 “Moscow – Paris”. From Moscow leaves at 7 am, arriving in Paris for the next day at 20:30. It is through Berlin. Leaves from Berlin at 7 am, arrives in Paris at 20:30. The cost of the coupe Moscow-Paris 16 500 rub.
Also from the capital of Bavaria, you can go to Salzburg – Mozart’s homeland. Travel to Salzburg will not take long. How to get to the Alpine tale read on this page
If you plan to come to Paris and take an excursion there, it’s better to do it from Munich, so it will be cheaper considering the road there and back.
It is most advantageous to purchase a tour of the city tour of Paris in Munich.
Tours from Munich to Paris can be purchased in Germany from any Russian-speaking tour operator. The standard cost is 120 euros. These are two night crossings by bus, one overnight in the vicinity of Paris.
Munich and Paris in one go!
Russian tour operators offer weekly tours with an approximate program:
air travel, transfer. accommodation in Munich and Paris for 3 nights + breakfast. sightseeing tours around the cities. honey insurance.
This is without excursions to museums and castles. Such a kit costs from 1200 euros.
Reviews of tourists.
Violetta, 36, businesswoman:
“We made a whole Euro-cruise. From the recommendations – I strongly advise you to stay in the network of hotels “Ibis” – that’s all of us there for all the travel time in Europe. I also think that the best time for such cruises is the beginning of spring and October, when there are not enough tourists and there is an opportunity to walk around the sights without a crowd. ”
Kamila, 29 years old, artist:
“We drove by train. There in the 6-seat, back to the 4-th. The second trip was more comfortable. The difference in cost is about 10 euros, and the amenities are an order of magnitude higher. ”
Artem, 35 years old, car dealer:
“We rode along this route by car. Very much I do not recommend to throw a trip. It is better to plan ahead for each city, leaving at least day 2, otherwise it will turn out like we have – fatigue and a lot of blurred impressions. Accommodation must be booked, so that it does not work out like we have – in the middle of the highway, petrol is zero, and we find out who was right. In Paris, ride on the car is not quite convenient – parking has to search for 10-20 minutes. ”
Anton, 32, the leader of the musical group:
“When I considered options, I refused the train. In the sitting place, I did not want to go the night with my friend. Tried to look for an economy for two – still it turned out almost 300 euros. I thought that I would win at the hotel, but refused, because I found cheap tickets for the plane. I decided for myself that the train on this route is suitable only for a romantic pastime. ”
If you summarize briefly, then go on a trip better by plane or car. Find inexpensive tours, too, it turns out well. As always, we save money or time. Have a nice trip!
Your feedback and comments.
I had plans to visit Paris, but to reach it through Germany. You can buy cheap airplane tickets to Munich. From Munich, it turns out, you can get well on the high-speed train. Very attractive route.
Irina, hello, you could not tell the number of the train, I’m trying to buy tickets, but I can not figure it out in any way. Thank you.

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