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Small business in the US and the way of immigration to America.
Immigration through business is one of the best ways to settle in the US. Naturally, it can not be called low-cost. Nevertheless, those who own the starting capital, the path is almost unimpeded. So where do you start and how to make this trip easier for yourself?
What is a small business in the US?
Each region has its own specificity of opening and running a small business. In the United States, small businesses include enterprises that meet the following criteria:
From one to several business owners; The number of full-time employees – up to 500 people; Asset ownership for an amount not exceeding $ 500; Annual profitability – not less than 5 million dollars.
The amount of investment varies from 500 thousand to 1 million dollars. The minimum amount of investment will be useful for provinces and villages, and developed states will require much more.
Variations and types of business can be very different, and the way of implementation is the same. To start a successful business, you need to decide on several points:
Will the business be bought and ready. Or are you going to build it from scratch? Form of ownership of the organization; The previous clause specifies – what tax should be paid to the future businessman; In which state to start your own business?
Having finished with the above points, you need to write a detailed business plan and submit it for consideration to the immigration service or to the bank for a loan request. Foreign citizens do not have the right to receive a loan for business purposes, but there is a way out – a loan for the purchase of commercial real estate.
The easiest way to make investments is to purchase real estate in the US. However, this fact can not be used as a direct basis for obtaining residence permit (except for cases of acquisition of commercial real estate). Choosing between different branches of business, it is worthwhile to carefully study the economic situation and not rush to choose. Such businesses as rental of real estate, transport and freight, tourism, are already oversaturated and difficult to enter. Perhaps, to decide to act contrary to high competition can only a high-class specialist. Starting from 2014-2015, the most profitable areas are those related to caring for less brothers, coaching and coaching, online shops, repair and construction services. It should be borne in mind that the amount of investments includes all assets of the enterprise, including real estate, equipment, etc.
Owners of business in the Russian Federation can open a representative office or a subsidiary company. In addition, the presence of its current case, indicates that the applicant has enough funds. With the question of the organizational form of the future enterprise, it is better to apply to lawyers, as in the United States, foreign entrepreneurs are not available all forms of ownership.
The process of immigration to the United States through a small business.
1. So, first of all we apply for a business visa of EB-5. The attempt will almost certainly end in failure if the applicant for a visa is not the owner of the business at the time of filing. In this case, there is only one way out – to receive an invitation from partners and a visa B1 / B2.
2. Further it is necessary to be engaged in purchase or rent of a premise. Without formalized documents on the lease transaction, a novice entrepreneur will not be able to register a firm.
3. Under the law of the United States, an enterprise is compulsorily insured against various problems and losses. This will take about $ 5000.
4. It is necessary to find workers, preferably Americans. By providing jobs to US citizens, you mitigate the authorities’ attitude to themselves.
5. Enlist the support of a lawyer. Without his help, a foreigner will not be able to understand the vicissitudes of doing business and drawing up documents.
6. The final stage is the registration and payment of the fee (usually about $ 1000).
In America, the preparation of constituent documents is made after the establishment of the organization. At this point, a novice businessman should already rent a room and hire staff.
To register documents, you must file an appeal with the state secretary.
After consideration of the application by the state secretary, the documents of the Certificate of Incorporation and the Corporate Chapter are issued, after receipt of which, it is necessary to hold a meeting of shareholders and elect the head of the company not later than in a month.
The long chain of actions ends with the registration of the company in the tax (IRS) and identification of the entrepreneur as a taxpayer.
In the first year of the company’s life, a novice businessman will face regular checks designed to ensure the viability of the business. At the end of the year, a well-developing and profitable business will help the owner get the residence permit without any problems, and after 5 years and citizenship.
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Good day Tatyana.
The article does not correctly reflect the information on the EB-5 visa. It seems to me that the above you are more suited to the description of the E2 visa, with a slight adjustment in the amount of necessary investment. With the EB-5 visa, the first paragraph is correct, but with a contribution to the economy of America for this $ 500-dollar visa, the investor does not affect the company’s work process in which he invested & # 8230;

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