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Galacteco is more dangerous.
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As I am an illegal immigrant from Ukraine in London met.
Last Sunday I had to go to a place called Brick Lane in London. More details about this market and the reasons for my visit will be discussed later.
I walked, then fotkal then yes, and then some kind of seller began to run into me that you can not take pictures, although I did not photograph him but graffiti on a building in the distance. I told him that I did not take his photo, but the house and went on, here I heard Excusions from the right, but did I hear the speech? I answer that me bi, and che such? Well, they tell me: are you Russian or what?
So I met Vadim.
He immediately asked me two things: do I have a couple pounds for food and I do not know if anyone who can give a job in London to a man without documents. I asked, that is, without documents? & # 8212; And I was illegal, Vadim answered me.
Well, I realized that this opportunity can not be neglected and decided to talk with him to find out what it’s like to be an illegally.
The story is the following: from Ukraine he went to work in Poland, legally. On a working visa, everything is official. Worked there more than three years, part of the money sent home to his parents. Worked at the construction site, painter, fitter, handyman.
The earnings in Poland were not a fountain and for the dream it was decided to go to England, together with the Poles with whom he worked. In addition, these Poles knew how to illegally go to London. They promised that they would help with documents, and with work. I accumulated Vadim for 3 years 3000 euros, plus my parents helped and went to a bright future.
But in reality everything turned out not as planned. Upon his arrival here, first he lived with these Poles for about a week, then they disappeared somewhere, leaving him without work and without documents. It was five months ago. Then he still had a roof over his head and some money. He began to look for work, but no one wanted to take a person who does not have a valid passport.
It got to the point that he just knocked at home and asked if he needed help. One uncle hired him and he worked for 50 pounds a day, food and spending the night. Helped him to clean the garden, agricultural work in general. Once he found, according to the words, an old abandoned bicycle, which he sold with great difficulty to Brick Lane for 20. I did not hear anything from him about work in London.
Now Vadim sleeps where it will turn out: at muskoks, at entrances in the underground, in parks on benches.
I asked: what about the police? Did not stop? It turns out that he was stopped several times, but he simply said that he had no documents with him, because he left the house (he did not have to wear it) and was released.
What is he going to do next? He wants to return to his homeland, but he does not want to go to the police, since if he lights up as an illegal, then he will be refused a visa. And he is afraid not of problems with the entry into England, but with the fact that he will be closed to enter Europe. Now his plan is to find money for a ticket to his homeland, come to the consulate and get a temporary passport and return on it. I do not know how much it really is, to fly out on a passport without a visa and without problems with the immigration service.
I still did not understand how I could decide to move to England illegally, without any guarantees. After all, if you are an illegal person, then you are in no way protected and you will not get help from anyone. I asked this question several times, but Vadim always said that he thought everything would be different.
On parting, I bought him a cheeseburger and gave 2 pounds in return for photos for the blog.
How I am an illegal immigrant from Ukraine in London met: 6 comments.
Who in Russia (struck out) in Britain live well? =)
³� ���� �����. I’m 6 rock-n-rolls illegally, everything is normal there, but I want to dodom # 8212; � IRC service, won 3000 pounds � ���� ������ ��������� (����� ���� �� ������)
Interestingly, just does give 3k pounds that would have gone back?
³� ���� ���� �����))) In me a lot of brothers and sisters in London live illegally too, live yak dumplings in oil and pennies to send to Ukraine, two brothers vzhe more than 10 rock in there, i dodomu nezberayutsya, and navit opposite.
It seems that I met this Vadim in London in the 20 days of February 2014. The beginning of the story is almost the same. Only he came up on the street (in Schorich) and asked for the very same 2 pounds. He looked more frayed than in these photographs. The story told also coincides, only one more detail & # 8212; he allegedly came from Arkhangelsk, from where he moved to Ukraine. And he untwisted me as much as 30 pounds & # 8212; said that with this money he could live a few days in the hostel, take a shower, etc. And I was not so smart, and the blog did not record the material.
Wow. Suddenly. Interestingly, many more Russians who met him?) It will be necessary to be like in Shoriche again, we may meet.

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