German courses in Germany.

German courses in Germany.
Our company offers the cheapest German language courses in Germany. At the same time, all German language courses are of high quality, meet all the requirements of the German embassy and are quite intensive.
Inexpensive German courses in Germany.
You can compare our price with the prices of competitors and see for yourself that the cost of German courses and accommodation in Germany is several times lower.
We only offer quality and inexpensive German courses.
Our advantages.
German courses offered by our company are much cheaper than those of competitors. Your territorial location does not play any role, we have vast experience in remote design of clients. We have a lot of experience. We send to study in Germany for German language courses since 2005. Our specialists during working hours are constantly in skype, which reduces your communication costs for remote registration. As a result of our extensive work experience, our clients’ visa waivers are rare.
The terms of training for German courses in Germany.
The timing ultimately depends on your plans and the purpose of studying German courses in Germany. Let’s try to explain. Depending on the planned duration of studies in the German language courses, you need to get a Schengen or national visa. If your planned duration of studies in the German language courses in Germany does not exceed three months, you must obtain a Schengen visa. To obtain this type of visa, no justification is required, all applicants can claim it. The deadline for issuing a Schengen visa is not more than 10 days (usually 3 days).
If you want to go to Germany to study German for more than 3 months, then in this case you need a national visa. The process of obtaining it differs significantly from the previous version. In particular, the embassy itself does not issue a national visa, they send a package of documents to Germany, to the Office for Foreigners, and issue a visa when a positive response comes from Germany. The exact deadline for issuing this visa does not exist in principle, you can receive it in a few weeks, or in a few months. Taking into account the long term for issuing a national visa, as well as the time it takes to enroll in courses, pay for courses, send documents, we advise you to apply for a long German course at least 4 months before the desired start date.
In addition to the timing of registration, there is another significant difference. If you plan to study in Germany for German courses lasting more than 3 months, then you need a basis for studying. In this case, the plan “just to come to learn German” is not a sufficient basis. You can simply come to learn German and take a walk in Germany, but not more than 3 months, i.e. having received a Schengen visa. With long German courses, you must submit to the embassy one of the following reasons: plans for further admission to study at a German university or sending to Germany for German language courses from a Russian employer.
Extension of the visa in Germany.
As you already know from the above, there are two types of visas to Germany – Schengen and national. Depending on the duration of the German language courses, you get either one or the other. Now consider how these visas affect the possibility of extending them. Everything is simple, the Schengen visa – without the exit from Germany is not extended, the national visa – you can extend without leaving Germany, provided that you even before you left for study did some actions with which we will acquaint you after the start of registration.
Conclusion: in order to extend your visa without leaving Germany, you must buy a German course lasting a minimum of 4 months. In the future, you can extend your stay in Germany on the basis of one of the following: you bought after the arrival of another German language course; entered the preparatory department of the university, school or in college.
Financial viability.
When you apply for a visa, you must have an account with the bank. Depending on the consulate and the planned duration of the German language courses, a bank account in the Russian Federation or a bank account in Germany is accepted. We will advise you how to open an account with a German bank, if it is required.
The required amount on the account for short-term courses is 50 euros * each day of stay in Germany. This is your money, they do not need to be paid to anyone, but they should be. With long (annual) courses, that is, in preparation for entering the German university, financial solvency is calculated differently, when you go to an annual course on a bank account you need to have 8000 euros.
It is assumed that these funds you will live in Germany while studying for German courses.
Price for German courses in Germany:
The price is indicated per month. As you can see from the table, our German courses in Germany are several times cheaper than the prices of competitors.
Additional costs for traveling to Germany for German courses:
The consular fee of the embassy is from 35 to 60 euros (depends on the duration of the German language courses). Medical insurance – 1 euro / day. Our services: 200 euros. Sending an invitation – by registered mail – for free; DHL – with the cost of this service 75 euros. Travel to Germany.
Stages of registration under the program & # 171; German courses in Germany & # 187;
We strongly recommend potential customers before signing up for the program “German courses in Germany”. # 187; carefully study all the information presented on our website, coordinate your plans with your parents and discuss all the emerging issues with us. Our offices are located in Russia and Europe. You can get registered in one of our offices, or, if you live in another region – remotely. If you are one of those who have already decided, send us by e-mail a copy of the passport (in Jpg format, in good quality), a questionnaire (in WORD format), registration (as in the passport, just write us the address in the letter). The application form can be requested from us by e-mail. In response to the receipt of your documents, we draw up a contract with us and an invoice for the payment of our services. You can pay in our office in person, and for nonresident – by bank transfer, by webmoney, qiwi – by wallet and many other ways. After paying for services, we will write you in Germany for German language courses and send an invoice for payment of tuition and residence in Germany. In the invoice you can find the details of the school directly. Training in German language courses in Germany is paid in the form of an advance payment. For living in Germany, many schools do not ask for full payment before arrival (not always, some ask for full prepayment), but indicate in the invoice payment only for the first month. It is assumed that the subsequent you will pay after arrival in the country. After paying the bill, you are sent documents required for submission to the embassy, ie. confirmation of payment for accommodation and German language courses in Germany. There are two options for sending – by registered mail for free, or DHL with payment for the delivery of this service, at their price. If you have issued in advance, and there is still no need to visit the embassy as quickly as possible, you can send documents by registered mail. In the event that even the post office of the Russian Federation loses a letter, which sometimes happens, you can order a re-sending of DHL. On the other hand, if you are registered shortly before the start of the German language course, there is little time, and in this case we strongly recommend that you pay for the delivery of DHL documents. To obtain a visa, you need to prepare a package of documents, according to our recommendations and visit the embassy / consulate for the interview. To live in the city of finding a consulate is not necessary, after the interview you can return home. Once the visa is received, you inform us of the flight details, and we agree with the language school all the nuances for your settlement. Have a good trip to Germany!
We prepare for the program of citizens from any city and any country, with nonresident work on your design is carried out remotely.

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