Germany immigration of Uighurs

Germany immigration of Uighurs h1>
It is registered: Feb 22, 2009, 1:28 pm.
Lemonade, you have not seen much Chinese yet. You still have everything ahead of you.
Not everyone, of course, behaves the same way. But, in general, they have features. Not very pleasant for people of European culture.
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Let them spit, if only do not burp at the table.
The sun, air, pofigizm strengthen the body!
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Location: Eastern Siberia.
It is registered: Feb 22, 2009, 1:28 pm.
when people told me about this, I was in shock. All this happened in the training center in the dining room, when everyone was having their lunch. And despite the long and frequent explanations from the teachers, the person continued to do the same.
Well, not only for this.
Registered: Jun 13, 2010, 04:57.
But while all the Chinese (except for one peasant and one teenager), whom I met in Canada did not spit or snore, behaved quite decently. In the Chinese buffet, all the Chinese ate more or less decently – they did not spit on the table, they did not wipe their hands on the tablecloth and talked not too loudly) I do not know whether they were champing or not))))
Aim at the moon! Even if you miss, you will remain among the stars.
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Location: Waterloo, ON.
I myself go through courses where 75% of Chinese students, as it is not strange, no one spits, does not belch, although they champ, but their champing for some reason does not irritate, it’s clear that a person eats with great pleasure.
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Even in the city, lawns are gradually disappearing, decorated with grass, phlox, chamomile, juniper, etc. Precise beds of tomato, pumpkin and zucchini are increasingly being selected to all the sidewalk. The tomato-squash paradise entangles the mid-downtown of Toronto.
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Maybe all the same Uighurs, not yogurs. This people is simply conquered by the great China and has not only a different religion, but also a representative of another language and ethnic group. As far as I know Uighurs in Canada do not consider themselves Chinese, do not work in Chinese shops and restaurants and are relatively easy to distinguish from the Chinese purely outwardly.
And in China itself there are about 100 nationalities, nationalities, ethnic groups, and not just dialects.
Yes, Uighurs, manjurs .. Sorry, but the phone inserts its words. This is understandable, that if there are so many dialects, then they are not spontaneous.
Hmm, i.e. in Canada, who do they think they are? For example, I will not distinguish them, even if I really wanted (especially the youth.
For example, ethnic Chinese in Japan are too swept up in Japan, but then I had a chance to meet both in behavior and in language – Japanese.
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“Well, who’s arguing for an umbrella, gunpowder, a compass, a seeder and an iron plow?”
And which actually there is evidence that all this was invented in China. Chinese history is so long that there is little information about exactly what happened millennia ago. Maybe it’s the Atlanteans and the Darius simply carrying harmful production to China. Maybe in a thousand years everyone will be sure that the iPhone was invented in China. And the only functions of this smartphone, which will remain active, is the phone and computer games, as, indeed, it is everywhere already everywhere.
The same fate befell gunpowder. If the Darius used it for their movement as fuel for rocket engines and for weapons, in China it was needed only for fireworks and firecrackers. The main purpose of gunpowder, the Chinese easily forgot, or maybe initially did not understand. We received the ready-made technology and produced at dumping prices for sale.
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Location: Eastern Siberia.
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The Japanese hide their roots (and they are from the Proto-Koreans, which the Japanese themselves deny and do not allow their historians to open burial burials, because there are also Ainu (who do not even treat the Eskimos and consider the bear, not Amaterasu, and they do not the Han people are considered to be the most Chinese of the Chinese, but where were the borders of Han? I am a bit surprised that the Uyghurs in Canada are not Chinese, it needs to be clarified, because in China they are, well, as it were, but abroad, they always themselves have been indexed as Chinese.
Much of China came from India (why is it forgotten?). For example, the same Buddhism. From what came out, Zen Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, different-yany. Hieroglyphs were used not only by the Chinese. The fact that they exist to this day, rather atavism, than any achievement (this is my view of things).
It is registered: 05 Aug 2010, 03:24.
So the Chinese had gunpowder and paper, but there was no technological approach.
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Location: Eastern Siberia.
Do not write what you do not know, Buddhism came from India, but Confucianism and Taoism are the teachings that arose in China. Confucius was a real historical personality and lived almost at the same time as the Buddha, and could not borrow his teaching from the Buddha. And the teachings are too different – Confucius increasingly spoke about the ideal structure of the state, honor and nobility, that is, this purely earthly doctrine, not related to posthumous salvation as we say Buddhism, Christianity or Islam. Taoism with Buddhism is also not connected in any way – these are absolutely different teachings.
Initially, the Chinese invented the hieroglyphs, and the Koreans, the Japanese, and the Vietnamese borrowed them. The Koreans and Vietnamese then refused them. And looking at the Chinese and Japanese hieroglyphs of doubt that this is one system does not remain, sometimes I look at Japanese hieroglyphs and the general meaning is clear, because I know Chinese (though not as good as I would like). The meaning of hieroglyphics in Chinese and Japanese is the same, but they are read in different ways.
If you mean the Han dynasty, then the empire was quite large and the Chinese lived in Xinjiang long before the Uighurs. By the way, many Uighurs dream of independence from China, because the mentality of Uighurs is very different from Chinese.
without comment as they say.
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