Germany. Language test (Sprachtest)

Germany. Language test (Sprachtest)
Resettlement to Germany and obtaining a certificate of a late immigrant is preceded by the passing of a language test (& sect; 6 Abs.2 BVFG).
The decision on the premise as a late settler is taken by the Federal Administrative Office (& ldquo; Bundesverwaltungsamt & ldquo;) according to the results of the passed test. In this case, re-passing the test on arrival in Germany is not required (& sect; 15 Abs. 1 Satz 1 BVFG).
The results of the test are not always objective, as long journey to the place of passing the test, waiting, as well as not always adequate behavior of the examiner, influence the examiner.
The Supreme Administrative Court in its decision of 04.09.03 established what requirements should be imposed on the knowledge of the language.
In particular, we are talking about the ability to conduct a simple dialogue in German on topics related to work, household, free time, family. In this case, hitching in response, grammatical errors do not play a decisive role, if they do not affect the understanding and the ability to conduct a conversation.
The law establishes (6th Abs2 BVFG) that the language should be transferred to the family, without indicating the need for a dialect. It is important that the applicant at an early age received knowledge of the German language in his family. It is not ruled out that in the future, due to various circumstances, such as changing the place of residence, studying, the language received from the parents (or in other words the dialect) may be lost.
The refusal received in connection with the absence of a dialect in admission to Germany as a late settler is not automatically final. Here we are talking about establishing the fact whether the language was learned or acquired in the family.
If you do not agree with the decision to refuse admission to Germany because of ignorance of the language or lack of dialect, it is necessary to challenge it by contacting the Administrative Court.
During the trial you will have the opportunity to convince the court of your knowledge of the German language. The fact of acquiring knowledge of the German language in the family can be confirmed by your relatives who have already received the testimonies of late settlers.
Judicial practice shows that courts quite often stand on the side of the applicant and oblige the Federal Administrative Office to issue a permit to the applicant for entry into Germany (Aufnahmebescheid).
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