Get a permanent residence and permanent residence in Poland through a lawyer!

Get a permanent residence and permanent residence in Poland through a lawyer!
Residence permit and permanent residence In Poland – this is nothing like the legalization of your stay in Poland. What foreigner would not like to receive it? Guarantee of success! Low prices! Short time! 100% result! This and much more are promised by the firms that are appearing as mushrooms after the rain, who are engaged in permanent residence and permanent residence in Poland. When clients of such firms are denied a card of repayment through the fault of the firms themselves, they “wash their hands” and send the former Clients to a lawyer. Do you want to get a residence permit and permanent residence in Poland without obstacles? Then go to a lawyer!
Temporary residence permit – residence permit.
Temporary residence permit or residence permit in Poland – in other words, “Temporary residence card in the territory of the Republic of Poland” (Map of Chasovogo Pobytu), a document on the basis of which a foreign person is legally in Poland.
Permanent residence permit – permanent residence.
Permanent residence or permanent residence in Poland – in other words, “Map of a permanent residence of an alien in the territory of the Republic of Poland” (Map of Stalego Posbytu in Poland).
Obtaining Polish citizenship.
Obtaining Polish citizenship is one of the opportunities for obtaining EU citizenship both through the President of the Republic of Poland and through the Voivodship Office on the basis of the Law on Polish Citizenship.
Map of the Poles.
The map of the Pole is a document that confirms the Polish origin of the foreigner in Poland. Now you can get it not only in the Consulate of the Republic of Poland, but also through the Polish voivode in Poland.
Polish roots in the archives.
Polish roots in the archives are a procedure for finding references, acts of civil status, and other documents, from which your nationality confirming Polish origin will follow.
Registration of documents in the Polish registry.
Registration of documents in the Polish CASE is the procedure by which you will receive Polish civil status documents (for example: Polish birth certificate, marriage certificate or death certificate).
Work permit.
A work permit is a document on the basis of which a foreigner can legally work in Poland, if he has a visa or a temporary residence permit with the right to work in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
Opening of the company & # 8212; LLC and state of emergency.
An attorney in Poland provides services for the opening and registration of a company. We will help you open an LLC through a notary, register LLC S24 through the Internet and open up a private business.
Obtaining refugee status.
The refugee status is one of the opportunities for foreign citizens of legal residence in the territory of one of the European states due to the persecution in their country of origin.
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Leave the application without consideration.
Refusal to obtain refugee status in Poland.
Refusal to enter Poland.
Appeal against the Voevoda’s negative decision.
Lawyer in Poland Oksana Vladimirovna Pyatkovskaya and her team offer not only services to legalize the stay of foreigners in Poland (residence permit in Poland, permanent residence in Poland, Polish citizenship), but also comprehensive legal services in the field of criminal, civil, economic law throughout Poland . Our attorneys and lawyers conduct service in Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian languages without intermediaries. These languages we speak perfectly. they are our native languages.
“Our lawyer in Poland is Oksana Vladimirovna Pyatkovskaya & # 8212; he is a lawyer with a capital letter who, together with us, has gone through a whole procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Poland on the basis of my business and my spouse’s business activities. Oksana Vladimirovna made an extensive business plan for our society, and also managed to prove to the Authority that our firm benefits the Polish economy, thanks to which we obtained permission for a temporary residence in Poland. Oksana Vladimirovna, thank you! ”
Andrey, Krivoy Rog.
“A couple of months ago, my friend and I turned to Oksana Vladimirovna Pyatkovskaya, a lawyer in Poland, who helped us to solve our problem as soon as possible. The foreign affairs body issued a negative decision to us, since we provided a certificate from the bank about the availability of financial means of the state of our origin, and not of Poland. The lawyer in Poland to whom we applied, professionally prepared an appeal against the decision of the Voivode and our decision was changed. Now we have a residence permit in Poland and can legally reside and work on its territory. Oksana Vladimirovna, thank you! ”
Inna and Alla, Lviv.
“Hello! I wanted to find documents confirming the Polish origin of my grandmother and a friend advised me to turn to Pyatkovsky Oksana Vladimirovna, said that this is a lawyer in Poland who has extensive experience in this kind of affairs and who will definitely help me. I actually did it. A lawyer in Poland – Oksana Vladimirovna Pyatkovskaya not only made appropriate statements to the Polish Archives, but also received for me a certificate of marriage registration for my grandparents, which helped me to apply for permanent residence in Poland! ”
Tatiana, St. Petersburg.
“I never thought that registering a company in Poland could be so simple and quick. Our lawyer in Poland is Oksana Vladimirovna Pyatkovskaya & # 8212; engaged in registration of our society “on a turn-key basis”. My wife and I did not have to worry, we had to execute the documents ourselves, and that the most important thing was to come to Poland a couple of times, thereby saving our nerves and time, and the work was done. Our lawyer in Poland did everything for us, providing only the necessary documents for the signature. On our part, we only needed one visit to a notary to draft a notarial deed. ”
Igor, Cherkasy.
Rights of refugees in Poland.
The proceedings in the first instance are conducted by the Chairman of the Office for Repatriation and Aliens, he also issues a decision on the issue of granting or refusing to grant refugee status.
Interview on refugee status in Poland.
Before issuing the decision in the first instance, the foreigner is auditioned to check whether the foreigner is actually a refugee.
Work permit in Poland.
A work permit in Poland is a decision of the competent authority that gives the alien the right to work legally in Poland, provided he has a visa or a temporary residence permit in Poland that allows him to work in Poland.

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