Get from Almaty to Bishkek via Kordai.

Get from Almaty to Bishkek via Kordai.
How to get from Almaty to Corday.
On the morning of August 11, 2015, around 10 am, I left the Central Stadium area for work. To leave the car and on the bus to move towards Altyn-Orda, where he planned to go by taxi.
Guys, I realized that I was completely out of touch with public transport. Especially, the fact that he moves around Tashkent. It was something. Do you know what kind of traffic jams happen in Rayymbek? The driver managed to drive between the cars. And this is somehow-ton machine! In any case, having passed for the 7th city hospital, before reaching the airport, we got up in a traffic jam. Enough for me for about 5 minutes. I went out and walked. Went, by the way, faster than transport, when he did not interfere, because cars occupied literally ALL space.
Actually, I was not the only one to take a walk. Note, by the way, that here is a sign of the Almaty region, while Almaty ends behind Altyn-Orda. And here it is the general plan of traffic jams in the Altyn-Orda area. Time & # 8212; 11:57, August 11, 2015 This is where Almaty ends the second time, the city does not want to let go. I place the photograph for a reason, behind this sign is the parking of taxi drivers going to Kordai to the border. On a note.
Of course, it was possible to leave with Sairan. However, with Sayran to leave harder, whatever one may say. And the obligatory intersection of this cork, which I walked on foot & # 8212; Only a part of “aggravating”. The price of a ticket is # 177; with Sayran & # 8212; from two thousand tenge. From Altyn-Orda you can leave, in most cases, for a thousand tenge. The maximum that I met & # 8212; 1500.
Taxi drivers themselves are invited to go to Corday, leaving and not get lost. In truth, this was my second trip to Bishkek, because I already knew what was what.
Machines are very, very presentable. Even air conditioning is. Here. ” a trip on such a pepelatse will cost you one thousand tenge. Until Corday, of course.
Tuesday. Heat. We waited a long time for the car to fill up. Of course, it was worthwhile to leave the clock at six in the morning, but did not hurry anywhere, left at 10 pm. Exactly at 13 o’clock we left towards Bishkek.
The route Almaty-Bishkek.
Road. If you went somewhere outside Almaty, in any direction, by car or by bus, then I have nothing to tell you. The roads in our country are the same. The only difference between the road to Bishkek & # 8212; from it the mountain is visible, and due to this it is a bit more diverse than, for example, the road to Astana.
Approximately 40 kilometers from the turn to Kaskelen you will get a site where you need to drop & # 187; speed up to 40, then to 20, the control is I mean. He did not take photographs. Whether it is not enough.
We drove on the eve of the discovery of the borders. (more on this later), because on the road there was sooooo much police and even traffic jams.
There is a village on the way. Targag is called. A distinctive feature of & # 8212; on EVERY stall and a shop (and there are quite a lot of them) & # 8212; advertising of Coke.
And also lovely wooden fences. They can often be found outside Almaty. And it is very difficult to imagine in this very your warm tube Almaty.
Classic road landscapes, as they usually are in Kazakhstan. And here it is praised “betonka & # 187 ;. I do not like. Hard coating. Actually, the turn is towards Kordai.
As you turn from the main road through this junction to the south, towards Kordai, get ready for the post. It is likely to stop and ask for documents. Migration police. People with Kazakh passports are not touched.
Directly Kordaysky pass. Elegant place. There is something to see. Note: the lifting line has two strips. Kordaysky Pass. Fucking pictures outside the window. And there are no people. As well as settlements. In insanely bad quality, but I still filmed these windmills. It looks impressively live. & # 8230; and fucking landscapes. The same Kordaysky pass, in my opinion, above. Your direction of the road from two-lane to one-lane? A sure sign that you have already crossed the peak of the Kordaysky pass and are going down.
On the way you will be met by several chambers in the form of yellow starling-boxes. Near to any communications, I suspect that they basically do not work. One of them was shot by shot. This is Corday.
If you notice this arch (it says “Corday”), then you are already in Corday. Cap. Noticed the fashion for similar & # 171; gates & # 187; in small towns. And from Corday to Bishkek & # 8212; nothing at all. 21 km, the road sign says. It is less than from one end of Almaty to another.
The taxi takes you right up to the border. Of course, you can take a direct one, to Bishkek, but I do not advise, because cars through customs are checked for a long time and carefully.
And here it is, the border. Customs. To miss is unreal.
Passage of the border Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan (Korday)
Unfortunately, it’s strictly forbidden to photograph at the border directly. # 8212; already in Bishkek, an Almaty man told me a story about an unrecovered DVR on a car. Taki shook their nerves. I just do not take risks.
Go along the right side of this road. Next is the entrance to the gate & # 8212; approached with an ID. Do not look particularly, but still need to show. Next, the entrance directly to the checkpoint. Queues, usually small, 3-5 people maximum, this part of the border is passed for 10 minutes. When you reach the queue, you pass the ID card in the window while it is being scanned, smiling at the webcam, like they take pictures.
Next & # 8212; road across the bridge, across the river Chu. It is a beautiful river, a pleasant place when you cross the border in the direction of Kyrgyzstan. Distance & # 8212; a hundred meters. Placed Duty Free, but did not go, because it’s me at all.
Go to the Kyrgyz checkpoint & # 8212; about the same as Kazakhstan, a little less convenient. Give the certificate, it is scanned. You can not even smile, the control is purely visual. Queues a little more, & # 171; operators & # 187; smaller, but, as a rule, no more than 10 people. Pass this step & # 8212; minutes.
All! Immediately abroad, you will meet crowds of enthusiastic taxi drivers. Prices for a taxi to Bishkek (anywhere) & # 8212; from 300 to 500 soms, as agreed. And if you are sleeping, that from Kazakhstan, “agree” # 187; will be more difficult. There are minibuses if they go & # 8212; then routes 333 and 285. The first goes to the center & # 8212; to TSUM, from there it is already possible to leave anywhere in Bishkek, travel in city minibuses & # 8212; 10 soms (about 50 Kazakhstani tenge for 2017).
Actually, that’s it. And about my stay directly in Bishkek I tell in the next article.

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