Get permanent residence. Assistance to a lawyer in obtaining permanent residence.

Get permanent residence. Assistance to a lawyer in obtaining permanent residence.
The status of permanent residence is determined by each country individually.
The immigration status of residence permit enables a Russian citizen to enter and leave any Schengen country. Such status is granted for a period of 1 year or more. The status of residence permit allows you to freely move around the territories of the countries participating in the Schengen Agreement, but a person should not stay in any of these countries for more than 3 months for six months. So a Russian citizen can work peacefully abroad.
If the conditions stipulated by the legislation of the given state are met, after a number of years of stay in this country a person will receive permanent resident status (permanent residence). Then he will already have the rights:
to live in the country without any time limit; learn; work; go to other countries that have signed the agreement.
The law of each country specifies the number of years to stay in this status so that after a person can apply for a passport of a citizen of the country that has granted him the status of permanent residence. Typically, European countries set this period of 5 years.
However, in case of marriage with a citizen (citizen) of the EU, the migratory status of permanent residence can be obtained after 3 years. In fact, a person who has received permanent residence, acquires the right to live indefinitely in the EU country.
It is worth highlighting the main list of citizens who for most immigration laws of the Schengen countries can get the right to residence permit, and after for permanent residence.
1. A Russian must have a work permit. It is necessary to conclude a contract with the employer.
2. Registration of own business is encouraged. A citizen of the Russian Federation should use his own finances, invest them in business in a given country, become an independent entrepreneur.
3. You can become a co-owner of a company registered in this country, have shares in this company.
4. Citizens of the Russian Federation may be representatives of Russian companies that develop on the territory of the state that signed the Schengen Agreement.
5. To obtain permanent residence, a person can become an investor supporting the activities of foreign companies. This he develops the economy of the country where he is going to live.
6. The countries of the Schengen Agreement welcome the purchase of real estate on their territory. In order for its owner to obtain the status of permanent residence, he needs to purchase real estate at least a minimum amount specified in the legislation of each country.
7. Family members of a citizen of a given country or family members of a person who has already obtained the status of permanent residence have the right to permanent residence:
civil spouses; spouse (spouse) registered with the relevant authorities; children under 18; other close relatives (in some cases).
8. You can study for a long time in higher and even secondary schools. The course of study for this must be done on academic programs.
9. Some individuals receive permanent residence during a long period of medical examination or treatment abroad.
10. It can be economically independent pensioners.
11. Persons of spiritual rank may move to the EU country to carry out religious (missionary) activities there.
Getting permanent residence in France.
There are several acceptable ways to obtain this status in France.
1. You can become a founder of a company, but its director must be a citizen of this state. The simplest way is to buy a ready-made business and immediately get a & quot; merchant card & quot ;. This will give you the opportunity to become a director of your enterprise. The obtained status of residence permits for a year you can renew automatically. Then you can file documents for a more significant status.
The following conditions must be observed:
there was no violation of your law; business brings revenue; most of the time you lived in France or in another EU country.
Then you will definitely get the status of permanent residence for 10 years and be able to extend it if you want.
2. You can make a marriage with a citizen (citizen) of France.
3. Some individuals require political asylum.
However, most actively this state provides the status of permanent residence or a class specialist, or individuals who are ready to invest in the economy of significant funds.
Getting permanent residence in Germany.
1. To emigrate to Germany from Russia as “late settlers” can ethnic Germans. It is necessary to prove that one of the parents & ndash; representative of German blood. It will take:
apply to the embassy; prove by testing that you know the language; prove that you are familiar with the cultural characteristics of the Germans.
This will get permanent residence, and subsequently German citizenship.
2. Until 2005, the entry of citizens of Jewish nationality (from the former USSR) to Germany and the receipt of such persons by permanent residence was simplified.
3. For other people, you will first need to obtain the status of a temporary resident (to issue a temporary visa), live a certain period of time and only after that apply for permanent residence.
The migration laws of each country are individual, so you should always consult a competent lawyer. This will simplify the task much, because in addition to consulting a lawyer will provide practical assistance – help collect and complete supporting documents.
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