Getting a business visa to the Czech Republic.

Getting a business visa to the Czech Republic.
The Czech Republic is a country that provides favorable conditions for conducting business activities not only to its citizens, but also to subjects of other states.
Business visa to this state can be short-term and long-term. Short-term permits are issued for the purpose of making business trips to that country. The validity of the short-term permit is 90 days.
Long-term visas are issued for the purpose of doing business.
To obtain a business visa to the Czech Republic, a foreign resident must be a director, head of a limited liability company.
The Czech business visa gives its owner such privileges:
Possibility of carrying out business activities in the territory of the Czech Republic. The possibility of an invitation to permanent residence of relatives. Possibility of obtaining the status of resident and permanent residence in the Czech Republic after 5 years of residence in this country. A foreign national who has a business visa to the Czech Republic can buy real estate. He also has the right to apply for a mortgage to purchase housing on equal terms with citizens of the Czech Republic. Opportunity to work outside your own company. Back to the table of contents.
The process of registration.
To open a business visa to the Czech Republic, that is a long-term permit, a foreign national must apply to the diplomatic mission of the given republic in the country of actual residence. Russians can only issue this document at the consulate or embassy. Visa centers do not deal with such permits.
Russian citizens to open a business permit in the Czech Republic in 2018 can apply to one of the diplomatic missions located at the following addresses:
Moscow. The Embassy of the Czech Republic is located along Julius Fucik street, house 12, building 14. The embassy is located in the 6th building. It is worth noting that the embassy does not accept documents for consideration. It only confirms the issuance of visas, so you need to contact the department directly at the embassy. St. Petersburg. The Consulate of the Czech Republic is located on Tverskaya Street, No. 5. Ekaterinburg. In this city, you can apply with a request to the consulate, located on Gogol street, house number 15.
For admission to the diplomatic mission, it is worthwhile to pre-register on the website The applicant is required to submit the necessary documents for visa processing, to pass an interview with the consul to find out the reasons for the need to enter the Czech Republic. On average, the interview takes less than 10-15 minutes. But if the staff of the diplomatic mission will arrange everything, it is likely that the foreigner will not need to pass an interview.
A business visa is issued for up to one year. After this time, the permit will need to be renewed once in 2 years.
This visa allows you to enter other EU republics and stay on their territory for 3 months in the half year.
To open a long-term business permit for foreign nationals a package consisting of the following documents is submitted:
Extract issued by the Commercial Court. The certificate must confirm that the applicant is registered in the territory of the Czech Republic as a legal entity that conducts business. And also in the document it should be indicated that the foreigner holds the position of director of the company or organization specified in the certificate. The extract must be written exclusively in Czech. A certificate confirming the absence of previous convictions in a foreign national in the Czech Republic. The certificate is compiled in the Czech language and is taken in the register of non-conviction. A certificate confirming that the applicant was not convicted in his home state. This certificate should also be translated into the national language of the Czech Republic and notarized. A document that will confirm the availability of living space for one year. This document can serve as paper on the purchase of real estate or a lease. Application form. The form for filling can be downloaded from our website (all these questionnaires need to be uploaded to our site. give a link to download from our site) or take it in hard copy at the diplomatic mission. The questionnaire includes 37 questions. Filling rules: All data is written exclusively in Latin letters. The application form can be filled only with a blue or black handle. The choices in the form are marked with a cross. In the application form it is allowed to make corrections. If the applicant has incorrectly filled a line, he should simply cross out the wrong information with a horizontal line and assure the employee of the diplomatic mission. Health insurance policy. The amount of the insurance limit can not be less than 30 thousand euros. It is very important that the terms of repatriation of the foreign national are specified in the insurance. A valid foreign passport (original and photocopy). Two color photographs in the size of 35 * 45 mm. Old foreign passports (if available). Photocopies of the passport of the resident of the Russian Federation (or another state).
To open a business visa for up to 90 days, a package of such papers is submitted to foreign nationals:
Foreign and civil passports. Medical insurance. Invitation letter from the partner company. An extract that is issued by the Commercial Register. This document must confirm that the inviting company is officially registered in the register. Application form. The guarantee letter provided that the inviting organization is ready to assume all costs associated with the stay of the partner in the Czech Republic.
For the execution of both visas, the following are additionally submitted:
The envelope. The envelope must contain the applicant’s home address. Post card.
The papers that were issued not earlier than 180 days prior to the day of submitting the petition are considered for consideration.
Cost and terms.
A short-term permit is required to pay 35 euros. The document is issued from 5 to 14 days.
A long-term business visa costs 2500 CZK, or 94 euros (payment is carried out exclusively in euros). The period for consideration of submitted papers is 3 months. In some cases, registration can take up to 4 months.

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