Getting a residence permit in New Zealand.

Getting a residence permit in New Zealand.
Conditions, documents and grounds for obtaining a residence permit in New Zealand.
New Zealand is one of the countries whose acquisition of real estate on the territory does not entitle them to a residence permit, although it may be an advantage when considering your application.
The basis for obtaining a residence permit for New Zealand can be 4 factors:
Reunification with the family or marriage to a New Zealand citizen. Family members are children, parents and spouses. The creation of a family also allows an alien to obtain citizenship under an accelerated program, in just 24 months of cohabitation. Employment in one of the most sought-after specialties in the country. In New Zealand there is a shortage of qualified specialists in some areas. The government actively attracts foreign young professionals and provides them with residence permit. Long Term Skill Shortage List – a list of popular professions, whose representatives can count on obtaining a New Zealand residence permit. “TutiTam” already told in detail how to get a job in New Zealand. Business. For immigration and permanent living in the country, you can create a business plan and register your business. You can also buy part of the business.
There are two ways of obtaining a residence permit of this category:
Entrepreneur Residence Category (2 years) – your business in New Zealand is thriving for 2 years.
Entrepreneur Residence Category (6 months) – express receipt of residence permit in 6 months for those who manage a highly profitable business. To do this, invest at least 500 000 NZD in business and create at least 3 full-time jobs for New Zealand citizens and residents.
Investments. People who want to invest in the economy can apply for a residence permit in one of two categories: Investor or Investor Plus.
The first one involves an investment of NZD 1,500,000 for 4 years and requires an additional 1,000,000 NZD to be demonstrated for construction with evidence of the legitimacy of the funds. Also, it is necessary to stay in New Zealand for at least 146 days in the last 3 years. Its advantages: the applicant’s age is not more than 65 years (for other categories of residence permit – 55 years), reduced requirements for knowledge of the English language.
The second category, Investor Plus, involves investing in a much more serious 10 million NZD and has no restrictions on age, the number of years of entrepreneurial experience, the level of language. It is also necessary to stay in New Zealand for at least 44 days in the last 2 years.
General requirements for obtaining the status of resident and residence permit in New Zealand.
To obtain a residence permit, you must live in the country for any of the long-term visas for 3 years.
You can move to New Zealand for permanent residence only if you have sufficient knowledge of English (to have an IELTS certificate for a general ball of at least 6.5). From the receipt of the certificate and passing the exam, children under 16 and disabled are exempted.
In addition, an immigrant must:
be under the age of 55; pass a medical examination and apply for an insurance policy; to prove the financial security for life in the country (at least 1250 NZD per account for each month of stay in the country); provide a certificate of absence of previous convictions.
Documents that you need to provide for the registration of residence permit.
international passport; statement; passport size photo; medical insurance; a certificate of income from the workplace or a statement of the status of the bank account; certificate of absence of previous convictions; certificate of birth, registration or divorce, death of the spouse; certificate of knowledge of English; receipt of payment of state duty.
After 3 years in the status of a permanent resident, you can apply for a New Zealand citizenship. For this purpose, a special system of scoring candidates is used. Estimates are placed for age, marital status, social status, qualification of a specialist, experience and general experience in a new country, level of education and language skills, as well as material well-being.
Details on all conditions for obtaining a visa and residence permit in New Zealand can be found on the website of the country’s immigration service.

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