Getting permanent residence in Bulgaria, step by step.

Getting permanent residence in Bulgaria, step by step.
Sooner or later (and if exactly – exactly 5 years after receiving the first permit for a long stay (that is, residence permit) in Bulgaria), this moment comes. You get the right to apply for a new status that gives advantages not previously available, permanently or permanently staying in the country / EU (permanent residence or DZH, respectively, such names are accepted in the Russian-speaking community.) Incidentally, Bulgarians do not operate with such concepts, and in Bulgarian laws such abbreviations are also not used). These statuses differ from each other in terms of receipt and price. As for the receiving process, everything is approximately the same.
Migration-Dobrich. Holders of residence permits come here once a year. And with PERMANENT RESIDENCE or DEM, you can forget about it for 5 years. Studying Bulgarian forums, we are faced with the fact that people’s stories about obtaining certain documents in different cities vary greatly. Not the most ingenious comrades in this situation begin to blame each other for lying. But everything is fair – just in different areas different heads of the migration service and different ideas about how the documents should be processed.
Therefore, if you are planning to apply for permanent residence or DWZ in Dobrich migration, read carefully! And if in another, then still read carefully, but then be sure to find out how things stand in your region.
For example, in Dobrich when applying for DVZh it is necessary to issue a certificate of representative. Of course, not all, but only representatives. But in other cities this is not! Moreover, there is no indication in the Rules of this either. But such regional specificity.
Another example: in Varna, information on obtaining permission or on refusal is posted in migration for public viewing. And in Dobrich nothing is hung up, it is necessary to learn by phone. You can come with legs, but this is not particularly welcome, it is advised to call. As things are in other cities, we do not know, you can share your experience in the comments.
So, step by step instruction.
Submission of documents.
We have published a list of documents here. We draw your attention that it can vary depending on the specific branch of migration. In Dobrich, as we have already mentioned, representatives are additionally asked for a certificate, and pensioners have a certificate of pension. And the insurance we once asked for, and the second time – no. We did not even ask why (if it were the other way round, then maybe they would ask).
From all these documents we make copies. We fill in the application issued in the migration. With him, too, we take a copy. We pay 10 lev for consideration (if you pay from the Bulgarian bank card, there will be no commission, if not, then + 2 levs). We get a blue receipt and parting words. In our case, it sounded like this: “Call a month later, find out!”
NB! earlier by law the examination of documents took 3 months, but in practice the period was shorter. In October 2017, adopted changes to the Rules, according to which the term from 01.01.2018 officially reduced to two months – regardless of whether you want permanent residence or DZH.
Obtain information about availability.
Do not forget to make a copy with a notification letter, it will be useful to you. And the original will remain in the community. We came in a month. We were very surprised. First, why did not they call. Secondly, why so early (it was another minister, not one that offered to appear at this time). Checked. No, you do not have permission yet, call in 3-4 weeks.
The most interesting is that when the permission was received, it became clear that by that time it was already ready. Just a very long journey from Sofia to Dobrich.
The second time the telephone rang. We were told to come by taking two photos. The question, what kind of photo should be, put the attendant into confusion: “On documents, what else?”
And some lucky ones receive a letter with permission by mail. That’s right from Sofia and comes. But we were not even promised any such happiness, we only after the fact learned that it happens. Permission, by the way, was written that one copy is sent to the migration, and the second – directly to the applicant. But in reality this copy, apparently, is lost somewhere along the way.
Obtaining permission / notification letter.
After appearing with photos in the MIB, we received a message about the permission. With him in the bank’s box office immediately paid 110 levs. No commission, because from the map of the Bulgarian bank. But just in case, we were frightened that the commission is large, up to 20 levs. So it or not, we do not know: we did not try to pay in cash.
After payment we received a notification letter for the ket (mayor) of our village. He was required to go to the Dobrichka community (the administration of the villages located close to Dobrich) to receive the YGN. We wrote about this in detail here.
EGN received! What’s next?
Certificates of permanent address and entry in the register must be attributed to the Migration to complete the card. Further, you need a document proving the identity and the right of this person to stay in Bulgaria for a long time (permanently). We take in the Community documents, where there is already YGN – certificates of permanent address and about entering into the register. We carry in Migration. We pay 45 leva (in Dobrich it is done directly in migration, if you pay in cash, the card will cost 48 levs). At this time, the options for accelerated production of the card we were not offered.
Now, right there, we take pictures, print our fingers on a special pribor, and sign. After that, we receive in the window and fill out the standard application form (as before for obtaining a residence permit card), make copies and give them along with copies of the card and the first passport turn to the servant. We take a coupon, upon presentation of which in a month it will be possible to receive a card.
Getting a personal card.
Well, everything is simple here – obtaining a DEM / permanent residence card does not differ from receiving a residence permit card. They gave the old card and coupon, got a new one, signed. All! You can be congratulated on the long-awaited status!
Now it’s worth taking care of medical care. But this is a completely different story: we will write about the search for a personal doctor, ossers and other new troubles in the next article.

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