Go to America to play hockey

Go to America to play hockey h1>
Stanislav Chistov: “I do not even want to go to America, it’s not that I play hockey.”
The forward of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgist # 187; Stanislav Chistov explained why at an early age he went overseas, and why he decided to return to Russia.
In Russia, I would not be allowed to play anywhere. That’s why I went. I knew the language to some extent: I lived in America for a year in my youth. At the age of 15 we went with the Magnitogorsk team to the matches, and I was offered to stay. One person, whose son played in the team, organized a junior team. I lived in his family, played hockey. Good team was. There he went to the local school. It was not far from San Francisco.
– You made a good debut in America, but then left for Russia and somehow do not even try to go back there. I do not want?
& # 8211; I do not want. About this period of my life, I forgot. I do not even want to go to America, not that I play hockey. I have nothing to do with America now. I did not get a passport or a green card when I was playing there. And now I do not even need an American passport.
& # 8211; The standard of living is really better, but what does the standard of living have to do with it? Here I am at home, and this is a decisive factor. When I was behind the ocean, I was unbearably bored in Russia. I can not even remember that there was something that I do not have enough here.
– You had a very successful first season in the NHL. And what happened to you in the second?
& # 8211; I do not know. In many ways, this is due to the requirements that the head coach began to show. That is, if in the first season I was allowed a lot on the ice, then in the next season they suddenly made it easier to play. All this was very pressing. The claims were ridiculous: “You’re already tied up with the puck into the zone.” Always throw in & # 187 ;. Well, and so on.
– What was the first play-off memorized?
& # 8211; On us, then no one put. How do I remember & # 8211; against us “Detroit”, terribly strong, with all his stars. And the account in the series & # 8211; 4: 0 in our favor. We surprised the whole of America. Just the team we got the right one. It sounds trite, yes, but we really did. All the guys on the same wave, no one stood out, worked for the general. So we reached the finals & # 8211; together.
– Are you upset at Boston & # 187; in connection with your departure?
& # 8211; They are generally bad about those who leave the league. I seem to have been disqualified even. To this decision in general remained indifferent. I do not understand what made them so angry. I played there most often in the fourth link, the leader was not. Yes, I had another year of the contract, but I do not think that I seriously failed the team.
– And now the disqualification is over?
& # 8211; I do not even know what kind of disqualification it was and how long it worked. I was not interested in this question. Honestly, I have not had any fun with hockey in recent years. It was work, that’s all. Of course, you have to do a good job, but this is hockey, you can not play here without a soul. For 7-8 minutes, which they gave me, especially not unfold. I did not even get tired after the matches & # 8211; quoted Chistov’s words “Hot Ice”.

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