Go to Australia on a working visa (457).

Go to Australia on a working visa (457).
Hello! I had already started my tractor in the middle of 2010 and parked it for five years in Thailand. Since then, a lot of water has flowed and my views on any further prospects for life in this country have changed significantly (with the light hand of the new government – far from the best).
Our six-year-old daughter spent most of her life outside of Russia, so we try to think about returning to our homeland as an extreme option. To skate on other countries without the prospect of settling there permanently (or at least get a residence permit), I also do not want to – I will soon click on 30. So the only reasonable option, taking into account all the desires and possible restrictions – moving to the States / Australia.
Big minus – I do not have a diploma of higher education (education, of course, also not). For some reason I always believed that for a worker to get a visa in a more or less normal country, having a diploma is a must. This fact greatly depressed me, because even if I had all the necessary knowledge, I would have to spend three years getting a crust. So it was until the moment when I started to meet in the network of evidence of real people who left for Australia without a diploma.
A positive moment – two years ago it was clear that trying to live abroad on the Russian salary (in fact, even two medium Moscow patches) is extremely pragmatic. And the latest events have been confirmed many times, so I’m incredibly happy that then I strained myself and for several months of sending out the resume found a remote job in Australia.
It seems to me that I used to read something about a 457 visa, but since I did not want to become someone’s visa slave, I looked more towards independent immigration (to which I like the moon on a tractor). And then quite recently realized that I was generally satisfied with my company and would not change it by my own will to anything else. So why not try to leave to work for them?
That’s about my plans and all the subtleties of a possible move, and I’ll try to tell you from time to time. Below is my approximate plan of action. Surely some of the items now look naive and in the process of progress will change, but I see the way to this goal so.
Completion criterion.
I press the buttons in the office, the patch drips onto the Australian map.
Get the company’s consent to sponsorship.
In my last conversation with the chief, I told him about my desire to move to the AU and that, with their support, this is theoretically possible. Tim did not look surprised (although I also did not notice any special inspiration) and promised to discuss this issue with partners. Sent him links to the terms of sponsorship of the 457 visa. On the idea somewhere in the middle of February we have planned another Betternes talk and I hope to get some kind of feedback by this time. If so, you will have to wait for permission to hire foreign employees. If not, I’ll look for another employer in the background.
ITLS at least five.
Another important point of the 457 visa, along with the possible lack of a diploma – passing IELTS scores is significantly lower than the points that are required to be shown in independent immigration. If to me Thailand in something indirectly and helped over these years so it is to get some skills of English. Well, that is, rather more in the key how to do it is not necessary). In any case – since the beginning of last year I have been studying English with a teacher and I think in a few months I’ll be ready at least for a test exam.
Wait for the company’s certification.
Apply for all family members.
Accumulate for the flight, relocation, a new bucket.
Strangely enough – the visa realities of Thailand should do this a little. As a daughter goes here to an international school, at least one of the parents can claim a guardian visa. But there is one caveat that actually should help my plan – on the fourth in the bank you need to keep 500,000 baht. It remains only to earn and save this money).
The cost of the stage is 1000000.00 & # 8381;
Find a school in Australia.
Find accommodation in Australia.
Distribute and sell the trash.
736 December 20, 2015, 09:58.
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