Goa reviews of people who left for permanent residence

Goa reviews of people who left for permanent residence h1>
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We leave to live on GOA, help with advice.
Author We leave to live on GOA, help with advice.
We leave to live on GOA, help with advice.
05 Jun 2008 19:34.
05 Jun 2008 21:50.
07 Jun 2008 09:28.
07 Jun 2008 09:35.
But for the sake of what to go – is you ask yourself. If you are over 60, the income is stable and the Russian cold of the bones breaks, then for the winter there it makes sense to move. If you are 20, you like to smoke pot and linger on a trans-disco – that, probably, too. In other cases it is better to go there for a couple of weeks and look around.
08 Jun 2008 17:10.
08 Jun 2008 21:21.
Then start with the journey, often this is enough.
08 Jun 2008 23:24.
08 Jun 2008 23:35.
09 Jun 2008 08:24.
09 Jun 2008 15:27.
09 Jun 2008 16:06.
The most popular cafes there are beach neckties, which prepare fresh seafood. Since the beaches in Goa are municipal and most hotels do not develop beach infrastructure, it’s the necks that take care of these functions. They have sun loungers and umbrellas, which are used by visitors.
How to get into this business – I have no idea if you will be in South Goa, hotels of Don Sylvia http://hotels.turizm.ru/map/2496/ or Holliday Inn – between them is the nickname “At Max”, he is considered one of the best . Look, talk.
You can still somehow agree with the companies that conduct excursions for tourists – maybe there will be an interesting work. And so – intellectual work through the Internet, the recipe is universal.
09 Jul 2008 10:19.
About the dangers and troubles:
1. Hindus will deceive you at first, no matter how cautious you are. To avoid this, I advise NOTHING to buy anything where there are many tourists, even if the price seems attractive to you, and even if you think that you have made enough bargains, and as little as possible to start any business in which you have not figured out yet (excursions, etc.). ).
2. The first thing they cheat on is renting houses. On long trips usually go by savages without a prior agreement on the lease, and on arrival after a long flight you find yourself in the hands of a greedy taxi driver who will take you where he is more profitable. With suitcases in your hands and in this condition you can not find anything decent yourself and choose a bad option for a lot of money. Therefore, the second advice – at first not rent anything more than for 1-2 weeks.
3. In Goa there are many Russians who offer different kinds of help – renting houses, motorcycles, etc. With them it is generally dangerous to deal with – they will hurl more abruptly Hindus. Because they live in Goa, and there is really nothing to do there, they earn money in this way on their compatriots, especially those who do not speak English well. In general, the Russians who live there, for some reason very aggressively and snobbishly are attuned to Russians who have only come there. The place where most of these are, is called Morjim.
4. There is really nothing to do there, except to open cafes and restaurants or sell something on the Saturday night market. But in recent years there is less tourists coming there, and the supply begins to exceed demand. Many are also engaged in retaking houses for rent.
5. For the new year, everything is 3-5 times more expensive, from air tickets to prices in restaurants, and the atmosphere is more commercial-tourist. In February I liked more.
Jul 21 2008 16:14.
05 Aug 2008 14:51.
06 Aug 2008 23:22.
06 Aug 2008 23:32.
08 Aug 2008 08:27.
2. Calangute, Candolim and Baga are places where travel agencies send tourists. There the most dirty and crowded beaches, the most insolent and sticky Indians and, accordingly, “tourist” prices. There are no drug addicts, they are farther to the north. Starting from Anjuna and north – the private sector.
3. Without knowledge of English people go either on a voucher or in Morjim – a place in the north where so many of our foreheads are of a dying kind that all other nationalities have long since fled.
Aug 09 2008 08:38.
Really so generally happens ?!
Aug 09 2008 09:41.
it happens, but more often “in words”.
11 Aug 2008 00:16.
20 Sep 2008 15:56.
08 Nov 2008 17:41.
11 Nov 2008 07:40.
07 Jan 2010 01:01.
How was the year? We are in your own position.
20 Jan 2010 17:45.
Do you guys ever go to GOA? What kind of nonsense about aggressive Russians?
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