Gotthard tunnel through investments

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The Gotha basic tunnel (German Gotthard-Basistunnel, GBT, Italy Galleria di base del San Gottardo) is a railway tunnel in Switzerland with a length of 57.1 km (including service and pedestrian crossings – 153.4 km.) The Northern Portal of the Tunnel is located near the village of Erstfeld, and the southern portal – near the village of Bodio.When the completion of the eastern part (October 15, 2010) and the western part (March 23, 2011), it became the longest railway tunnel in the world.
The tunnel provided rail service through the Alps and moved freight north-west from the automobile to more environmentally friendly railways. The travel time from Zurich to Milan decreased from 3 hours 40 minutes to 2 hours 50 minutes. The tunnel was opened on June 1, 2016. AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd planned to transfer the tunnel to the Federal Railways of Switzerland (SBB) in December 2016 in working order. On December 11, 2016, the commercial exploitation of the tunnel began.
The construction of the tunnel took 17 years and 11 billion euros. The work involved 2,600 workers, 9 of whom died on the construction site as a result of accidents. The work was carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When laying the tunnel, engineers had to overcome many difficulties. One of them was the high temperature due to the fact that the tunnel was built at a record depth, in some places exceeding two thousand meters.
Many questions from outside observers were caused by the spectacular part of the presentation, which followed the speeches of the officials.
The show was a frank demonic ritual. The casting of the actors, dressed in the shape of tunnel construction workers, shortly after the presentation began, dropped clothes and remained in one underwear. The central figure of the play was a humanoid creature with a huge head of a goat, who was worshiped throughout the whole process.
Europe can not be saved.
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& lt; Any news from Europe & gt; and conclusions: Europe can not be saved.
How cynical news about the engineering feat and the longest tunnel in the world is fired by pussy ignorant medieval phobia.
“Only the last words are remembered,” thought Stirlitz.
Now everyone who has read the news will remember not about the world’s longest open tunnel, but about the fictional Satanic ritual.
Apparently, the view has references to Greek mythology.
Vaguely recognizable Icarus (or Daedalus) with wings and tits.
And if this is an ancient mythology, then the figure in wool and with horns is the Greek deity Pan or the Roman Faun, which were portrayed as half-bones-half-people.
And a huge concrete head with wings is played by a man or a woman? The set is like a man’s, but tits are girlish.
And if they worshiped an angel? Then all the rules?
Author, you are delusional. And yet, they have barked what art is.
p.s ok, I realized another religious fanatic with a brainwashed drove up.
I’m not a fanatic I’m just wondering. All good and luck. I do not care about the ratings and the pros.
My horizons and common sense tell me that what is happening is not normal. However, I will not argue with you.
At the opening of the tunnel, it was necessary to serve a moleben, and not to make presentations with the faunas? So what?
You have to be critical of your opinion. If something happens somewhere, and it seems to you abnormal (I myself think this is strange, but no more), but it does not hinder the Europeans at all – do not write idiocy, like “Europe can not be saved.”

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