Green Card Lottery: your chance to travel to permanent residence in the US.

Green Card Lottery: your chance to travel to permanent residence in the US.
The Green Card Lottery gives a real chance to everyone who wants to travel to permanent residence in the US without spending a lot of time, and most importantly, & ndash; money. You and your family can get a Green Card, freely cross the border of America and live there as a full citizen. What you need to do and what your chances for success are & ndash; about this later in the article.
Green Card Lottery: the basic rules of participation.
Departure for permanent residence in the United States becomes a reality for many people every year. The current online registration of the Diversity Visa Program (DV-2013) was completed on November 5 last year, and its results were announced on May 1 of this year. The next online registration should be expected in October-November 2012.
Take part in the lottery is very simple. To do this, it is enough to register on the official website of the United States online. Registration is in English, and to participate in it you need to have high-quality digital photos that are attached to the questionnaire. Fill in the registration form very carefully & ndash; the slightest inaccuracy deprives you of the right to participate, and then you have to wait another year.
The only requirement for the participants is & ndash; presence of secondary education. In addition, the questionnaire contains a number of questions, the answers to which may deprive you of the right to participate in the lottery. We list their list:
Your nationality (it is clear that representatives of some nationalities of the US do not want to see in their country, Russians, of course, are allowed to participate). Who are you by profession (difficulties can arise for non-working citizens)? Knowledge of foreign languages, their list (leaving for permanent residence in the US means that you either already own English, or agree to study it in an accelerated mode). Presence of close relatives abroad. What amount of money do you have?
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Departure for permanent residence in the US with the help of a lottery: how realistic is this?
Within the Diversity Visa Program & ndash; Association for the granting of visas to immigrants – the US annually issues 50,000 citizens of foreign countries. They are randomly chosen by the computer lottery system. The Green Card provides the possibility of free entry and exit from the country, and its owner is equal to a full-fledged US citizen.
Thus, the Green Card lottery gives people the right to work, education, they receive medical care. They pay taxes, they can count on social security, including & ndash; and to receive a pension. A green card lasts a lifetime, in addition, over time, its owners can qualify for US citizenship without losing the citizenship of the country from which they arrived in the States.
A lucky person who has received a Green Card can take with him a spouse and children who have not reached the age of 21.
In order to experience the fate and try to get the Green Card, you need:
Fill in the interactive form of the questionnaire, consisting of 2 parts. It includes data about you and your family. Please note that you can change the data before sending it, but after sending & ndash; aldeady no. All information must be entered correctly in view of the questions posed. Attach photos of all family members in accordance with the specified parameters.
Please note that you must send the questionnaire only from a computer connected to a high-quality Internet, otherwise there may be failures when entering information or double registration, which is strictly prohibited & ndash; you will not be allowed to participate in the lottery.
If you really want to go for permanent residence in the US, then the lottery Green Card & ndash; the best option for you. You take no chances, and your chances of getting a visa & ndash; high enough if, of course, you are Russian, work and have an education above the average.
There are not a few categories of visas for a long period after which it is possible to stay legally in the US. In each category there is a subcategory that allows you to bring your family (spouse and children under 21, unmarried). Do not bring it to an illegal status, there are thousands of right ways to live legally in America!
Let Your Dreams come true!
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