How can you emigrate to Asian countries.

How can you emigrate to Asian countries.
From Russia, if you want, you can go to almost any country in the world. However, consider that not all directions will allow you to do this, making the same effort.
The most common places to move are: Europe, America and the countries of Asia. In recent years, there is a tendency to increase the flow of migrants to Asian Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand or Malaysia. The advantage of moving to these countries can be considered that quite a lot of Russians have already mastered these regions, and you, at the move, can count on their help. Also, a lot of information is posted on the Internet, which will make it possible to get acquainted in advance with the peculiarities of people’s lives in these countries, to learn all the positive and negative aspects of a particular locality.
Emigration schemes.
There is one important circumstance that allows you to live in a certain country all year round – this is the presence of a residence permit. Using the accumulated experience of emigrants, it is possible to allocate a certain number of typical schemes.
Scheme 1 – “training”. If an emigrant allows age, you can take advantage of the opportunity to study at a university, school or college. This option is not available for registration to all, even though you can study at any age. Scheme 2 – “employment”. Here, the requirements for the applicant can differ significantly from country to country. The most likely chance is for highly qualified specialists. At the same time, one must take into account that the employer will have to decide before moving to the chosen country. Also, the transformation of the visa into a “working one” can be carried out after the move. The third scheme is “financially independent people”. If you have a passive income (for example, you rent property, there are savings, etc.) – for you there is a residence permit without the right to work. This scheme can easily use freelancers. Scheme 4 – “buying real estate.” There is a sufficient number of srans in which the purchase of real estate will not be the basis for obtaining a residence permit. The fifth option for “business emigrants.” The method is quite common and universal, in addition, it is applicable in many countries. People emigrating under the given circumstances should be able to open a company, with the prospect of investing in the economy.
However, keep in mind that the specific figures vary greatly, and you will need to calculate everything in advance. Also, the new firm is obliged to conduct continuous activity, albeit on a minimal scale.
In addition, there are many other specific ways.
As an option, your origin will help you. Many countries encourage the return to their homeland of people born in their territory. Also, a marriage with a citizen of the country can facilitate the procedure of moving, and in some cases a spouse may have just a residence permit.
Let us also note the case of reunification, as the basis for obtaining the right to move to the country. In this scheme, the principal applicant moves to the country according to one of the above schemes, and his family already has the right to emigrate on the basis of reunification.
And now let’s sum up the experience of applying these schemes in different Asian countries.
Emigration to Singapore from Russia will be much easier if you find work there. In addition, you can apply for three types of work visas: EP, SP or PEP. Their main differences in the level of primary education of the applicant. A residence permit in Vietnam is also preferably obtained through employment. Emigration to the Philippines from Russia suggests that the applicant is at least 35 years old, and that he is obliged to put a certain amount in the bank of this country. As an example of the “purchase of real estate” scheme, one can consider emigration to the DPRK, where real estate is also quite inexpensive. Also, it is always necessary to take into account the peculiarities of local legislation, for example, when emigrating to India, in fact an indefinite permanent residence is in fact limited to 5 or 10 years, and when emigration to Camobja, a document on the absence of a criminal record is necessary.
How to emigrate to Asian countries. Brief instructions.
Now let’s take a closer look at the intricacies of moving to Asian countries. First, you need to understand the following circumstances for yourself. Speaking in a simple way, the emigrant moves to another country in search of a better life, but this does not bother the state chosen by him for the move. There there are certain life bases, problems. Therefore, in order to interest the desired country for moving the country, you have to convince yourself that you can be of benefit there. Exception is made only by refugees. This circumstance is typical for most countries.
So, the first point in your plan should be getting a so-called residence permit or residence permit. He will allow you to be in the state, having the status of an alien, not a tourist. For permanent residence you can expect to live some time in this country. Please note that the terms vary greatly – from three to ten years, while in some Asian countries you will not be given it at all.
Also do not forget that “permanent residence” and “local resident” – this is not the same thing! For example, nobody will wait for you in the presidential elections of the country. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, your rights will not be infringed in any way.
The final stage of your move should be the acquisition of citizenship, which is issued after some time. At the same time, you may be required to pass an examination for knowledge of the history of the country or language. The countries of Asia do not grant citizenship to people born outside their state, with the exception of the applicant’s special merit before this state.
There is one option that allows you to pass several steps at once – to marry (marry) a citizen of a certain state.
The first steps after emigration.
So, you have calculated all possible options, you have decided on the method of obtaining a residence permit with the subsequent registration of the citizenship of the country. You are full of determination, take a plane, a few hours of flight, and, behold, you are already walking along streets full of unfamiliar color. How now to not lose a head and to continue to operate under the prepared plan? Let’s understand.
Scientists have identified several phases that people live by moving to live in another country.
First comes the “honeymoon” or, as it is also called – euphoria. Emotions take precedence over reason. In this passive-contemplative period, the emigrant does not usually take active actions, his behavior does not change in principle. This condition can last up to several months. This phase is followed by a “tourist” period. The emigrant, having already acquired certain information about the new habitat, begins to realize the situation and to perceive itself as part of a new social environment. In the next phase of acclimatization, which was called “orientational”, the emigrant begins to approach in detail the peculiarities of the bureaucratic, social, economic, political and other relationships of the new environment. There is an expansion of the social space of the individual.
In addition, at this stage some inconsistencies in expectations may come to light. This period scientists call a “critical point”. The next phase affects all emigrants without exception. Its essence is completely referred to as “depressive”. Of course, depending on the psychotype of a person, everyone experiences this stage different amounts of time. Most socially active people cope with it. The stage ends, as a rule, with a rise in vitality and an optimistic attitude. Well, finally, the final phase is called “active.” The emigrant begins active, full-fledged relationships with the new society.
To all these stages have passed quickly and painlessly, you need to adhere to the following items of the plan:
all carefully plan before moving. Identify with the kind of future classes, soberly assess the opportunities, find out all the detailed information concerning life in the country; immediately after moving to try to form a social circle; resort to the help of the local population. There are both official authorities and local residents; to get the maximum of new skills and knowledge; to develop self-control, not to give vent to emotions, especially in the first months of life; and most importantly – remember: success does not have geographical boundaries, the amount from the change of places of terms does not change – this rule is true for our life with you.

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