How do foreign students find housing in America: 6 tips.

How do foreign students find housing in America: 6 tips.
Students communicate on the campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.
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After choosing a university in the United States, it is very important to decide where you will live. Find a good home in another city, not to mention another country, can be a challenge. You need to find the ideal location and price that fits into your budget. Perhaps you want to live with other foreign students, or are waiting for the opportunity to study the local culture and improve your language skills while living with American students – the choice is yours. In the US, there are more than 900,000 foreign students studying, and many of them are facing the same problems as you.
To soften the adaptation process, the Resource Study in the USA has prepared several tips for you.
Choose which type of student accommodation you prefer.
There are a lot of options: from a common room with other students in a university dormitory to a private apartment. The choice of type of accommodation, as a rule, depends on the availability of rooms and, of course, your budget. Many foreign students choose the social atmosphere of common housing to find new friends in the new city. But communication can be obtained both in the university dormitory and in the rented apartment with other people, and even in case you decide to live alone.
The easiest way to find accommodation for a foreign student in the US is to reserve a place in the university dormitory directly through the university and live within the campus. As a rule, in this case you will share the room with someone else (or not) and eat in the canteens. The beauty of life on campus is that you do not have to go far to study. The downside is that usually in university dormitories there is enough noisy and a lot of people. Most of all this is liked by freshmen – they are called freshmen in the US – because they can get to know a huge number of people (sometimes this is even a university requirement.) In addition, you will get an unforgettable experience of living in the traditional campus of an American college.
The beauty of living on campus is that you do not have to go far in pairs. Photos
You can apply for a place in the dorm room directly on the university’s website – you will need to specify the desired conditions: with the service in the dining room or not, in mixed dormitories or for members of your gender only, with a shared bathroom or separate. The university will try to satisfy all your wishes regarding location, roommates or hostel.
Accommodation in the private sector.
Living in an apartment together with other students is an excellent choice if you want to be in the community of your fellow students, but at the same time have more independence than in a university dormitory. You will get privacy of your private bedroom and a common space – kitchen, bathroom and living room, which you will share with your neighbors in the apartment. You can also take advantage of the common amenities of the house – a swimming pool or a cafe. If your budget allows, and you want even more private space, in the student quarter you will be able to find an apartment or studio just for yourself.
As a rule, private housing is located outside the campus in the city’s neighborhood, friendly to students, which provides additional opportunities in the form of infrastructure and entertainment. Still, it is better to rent accommodation not too far from the university, so that it would be convenient for you to get there by foot, by bike or by public transport.
Most universities have a position of coordinator, which provides foreign students with information on housing outside the campus. This person should be your first contact in finding a home. It is worth asking him also about the safety of different areas, and how much utilities will cost. Sometimes on the university’s website there is a page with links to vacant rooms in co-rented student apartments.
Explore the area and find the best location for yourself.
You choose – live in the center of the vibrant life of the campus or beyond. Plus the life outside the campus is that you can explore a whole new area for additional entertainment and infrastructure, and at the same time, very close to the university. If you choose to stay on campus, you will have quick access to all university facilities, and you will not have to incur additional transportation costs. Many students choose to live on campus throughout their first year, and then move to a private apartment or house with their friends for other courses as soon as they are identified with the area.
Plus the life outside the campus is that you can explore a whole new area for additional entertainment and infrastructure, and at the same time, very close to the university. Photos
Before booking a room in America, explore the area using Google Maps and Street View. Find out what restaurants, amenities, student points and places are nearby, and decide if they suit you. It is also worthwhile to conduct an online study of the area to make sure of its safety and friendliness to the students. On this issue, your college can also help you. If you need to travel by public transport, make sure it is available.
The cost of housing is the largest expense item in the university. Regardless of what you decide – to save and rent a room away from the city center or rent a separate apartment – it is very important to make the right decision. The cheapest option is a place in the dorm room, but saving this way on the rent, you will have to give up privacy. Not a bad option – accommodation with meals: so you save money, because you do not have to eat in restaurants.
For the United States, it is normal practice for students to live together in the same room as other students, so do not worry if your budget allows you only such an option.
Imagine the ideal and proceed from it.
From who you live with in university years, it depends how easy it will be. If you want to be in a light atmosphere, full of communication, this should be stated when looking for a hostel, apartment or house. You need to imagine what kind of life you want to see outside of college, and proceed from this vision.
Student housing can be and such, the main thing & # 8212; imagine how you want to see your life outside college. Photos
Conduct a small online survey to find out what kind of atmosphere and level of communication prevail where you are going to live. For this you will find useful student forums, especially those where graduates communicate. Decide for yourself – do you want to live with other foreign students or with Americans? This also needs to be stated when looking for and filling out an application, because you are unlikely to like your new home, if there are parties every day, and you dreamed of settling in a secluded nest and learning the days and nights away.
Important details about living in the US for students You will need to make a deposit for the rental of new housing – usually this is the cost of a month or six weeks of rent. This amount will be returned to you when you leave, if the condition of the apartment remains the same as when you enter. The cost of utilities (electricity, Internet, water, cable TV) is added from above to the cost of renting – do not forget about it when drawing up a budget. In the university dormitories the communal is already included in the cost of living. Consider the possibility of additional fees – for example, for using a parking space, washing facilities or concierge services. Since you are a foreign student, you need to look for housing with furniture, or to order furniture and utensils after arrival (if you do not want to take it all from home). Check if there is a washing machine and refrigerator in your house. Some apartments even offer bedding for students who come from abroad. Some residential complexes and university dormitories give access to the pool or gymnasium, which will allow you to save money on sports. Check your chosen housing for security reasons – whether the entrance doors are closed, whether there is a guard and surveillance cameras in common areas. So it will be calmer for you and your relatives. Find your ideal student accommodation.
If you plan to live on campus, start looking for housing from a university website. Practically every college has an Office for International Students (International Student Office), which provides advice to foreign students, including links to classified ads and advice from real estate agents.
Thousands of ads about renting rooms in hundreds of cities across the country can also be found on, whose experts will help you go through this process step-by-step and painlessly.
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