How do Russians get a visa to Tanzania.

How do Russians get a visa to Tanzania.
Tours to Africa are gaining popularity from year to year. This continent is famous for its indescribable culture, wildlife and exoticism.
Tanzania attracts tourists with its natural attractions. On the island are several dozens of national parks, the famous Lake Victoria and Mount Kilimanjaro. Due to the great popularity of this place among Russian tourists, the governments of the two states have significantly simplified the rules for issuing documents at the entrance. However, a visa to Tanzania for Russian citizens is still needed. To issue it is quite simple, if you follow the instructions below.
How to issue a document at the entrance to the republic?
There are 2 ways to apply for a visa to Tanzania:
Upon arrival in the United Republic. In Russia, contacting the country’s representative office.
For tourists, the first option is preferable – thus the document is made much faster.
To successfully issue a visa upon arrival in the African Republic, you must have the following package of documents:
Active tourist passport, you can use the old passport; Purchased tickets in the opposite direction.
Important! On a tourist visa you can stay in the country for not more than 3 months. Tickets for the plane in this case are a confirmation that the person will leave the country in time. They can be both in the usual and in electronic form, but in any case printed.
In addition, even at the airport, the tourist will be provided with 2 questionnaires, which must be filled in English. The first questionnaire is a migration card. In it, you need to make basic information about the tourist who enters Tanzania. The second is a map about the state of health.
Some tourists get to Tanzania, crossing other African states. In some regions of this continent, the epidemic regime may operate. It is logical that in such a situation, border control may require a medical certificate. It lists the important vaccines and other medical data.
Attention! A list of countries in which epidemics of dangerous diseases are observed can be found on the Internet. The list of these African states is changing regularly, so it is important to keep an eye on the situation.
Sometimes border guards demand to confirm financial solvency of the tourist. Since Tanzania is considered a very poor country, $ 4 for every day will be enough to confirm the availability of funds. A visa to Tanzania for Russians is issued as soon as possible. Waiting will have no more than an hour, in the case of the correct filling of documents.
Registration of a visa at the Embassy.
Through the official representation of Tanzania, the visa is issued a little longer. The finished document can be received in 2-3 days. The document through the embassy follows those who plan a long trip, for a period of more than 90 days.
In order to receive the document, it is required to present:
international passport; tickets; 2 color photographs, measuring 3.4 by 4.5 cm.
The corresponding forms are filled in the Embassy.
Student and working visa.
Do I need a visa for persons who plan to work or study in this country? Despite the deplorable state of the economy, the Tanzanian authorities are pleased to invite Russian students to practice and exchange experiences. As well as invitations are often given to qualified specialists of various fields of activity.
In this case, a visa is still needed. In addition to the main package of documents (a package of documents identical to the opening of a working visa to Turkey), the Embassy must be given an invitation from the employer, a work permit in the African Republic or an appropriate certificate from the school. In this case, the visa stamp is not placed for 90 days, but for the whole period of employment or training.
If a visit to the country is made to visit relatives or relatives, an invitation is added to the main package of papers, you can see a sample invitation to Spain. It must be formalized in accordance with the internal rules of the country.
Important details.
A tourist visa to this African republic is issued only once and 90 days are valid. The consular fee for processing the document in 2017 is $ 50. This amount is charged if the document is issued upon entry into the country. If it is done through the embassy, the same fee is 50 euros.
There is such a thing as a transit visa. It is issued by tourists who do not plan to stay in Tanzania for more than 2 weeks. This document is also issued at the entrance, the same list of documents is required. In this case, you have to pay 30 dollars.
For the registration of a child’s permission, a birth certificate and a permit for the departure of a minor from one of the parents are required. A child who is already 14 years old must have his own passport.
It is important to know that equipment for photo and video shooting is subject to an additional fee. When importing a pet into the territory of an African country, it is necessary to present a veterinary certificate confirming the health of the pet.
The tourism industry in Tanzania is actively developing. In the Republic there is a large selection of hotels, hotels and hostels. Tourists appreciate this region not only for the chic nature, but also for the low prices for accommodation, food and sightseeing tours. In addition, in this amazing African region there is not a large influx of tourists, in contrast to Egypt. The climate here is much milder than in other countries of this continent.

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