How much does it cost and how to get a map of the time spent in Poland for a foreigner?

How much does it cost and how to get a map of the time spent in Poland for a foreigner?
One of the convenient instruments of legalization in Poland is to obtain a residence permit. Depending on the grounds, this may be a permanent permit (pobyt staly) or a temporary stay (pobyt czasowy). Confirmation of the existence of a residence permit is a card for the retention: long-term (stalego) or temporary (czasowego) stay, respectively.
The basis, technology, benefits and necessary documents for obtaining a regular stay and will be devoted to this material.
From the article you will learn:
What does the Ukrainians and Belarusians give?
The holders of a temporary residence permit are given several more rights than foreigners with a visa. The main advantages are:
Legal residence in the territory of the Republic of Poland. Absence of the need to obtain a visa and an unlimited number of entries-exits to the country (within the validity period of the card). Possibility of traveling to other Schengen countries (90/180 mode). Students of stationary universities can work without additional permission. Legal acquisition of movable and immovable property on the territory of Poland.
There are other, not so obvious, opportunities: discounts on public transport, privileges for obtaining visas to some third countries (USA, Great Britain), etc.
Rights in the stage of consideration of decimation.
The foreigner receives the full rights described above after a positive decision on his issue and issue of the card itself. But already at the stage of consideration of the issue until the decision (decision, decyzja) is received, some opportunities are opened before the competitor.
Having accepted the documents, they put the appropriate stamp on the foreigner. It means that the issue of a residence permit is currently being considered. The stamp allows the official stay in the Republic of Poland for the entire period until the receipt of the decession!
If a permit for temporary stay and work is expected, then from January 2018 onwards the stamp allows you to officially stay and work for the entire period of consideration of the matter. More details about the changes are written in this article.
It was good news for those waiting for the map. Now about the limitations:
The stamp allows stay, but does not allow to leave the RP – expect a solution in Poland. In the case of a negative decision, it is necessary to receive the appropriate decies on your hands, otherwise there may be problems with obtaining a visa in the future.
To study in Poland by stamp can be (more correctly, not forbidden), even if the action of the corresponding visa is over, but, keep in mind that in case of negative decession, the country will have to leave, despite the continuing educational process.
Can I go to my home country, waiting for a solution?
Here it is necessary to divide all information into formal and practical. Formally, there are no laws prohibiting a foreigner from returning to their homeland and you can leave at any time.
Practically – it’s not recommended to leave Poland until the moment of obtaining the decisive! Very often this is the reason for the refusal. If you are refused, then follow our appeal instructions.
The logic of officials is roughly the same: a person claims a long stay in the country for work (study, etc.), but actually left the RP limits, i.e. does not work (does not study, etc.) for a long time. So the chance that the provided documents are fictitious, is increasing. Either circumstances have changed.
This does not mean that you can not travel a couple of days in Europe or visit relatives. However, remember that the stamp does not allow entry into the country, so a visa will be required for the return journey.
Conditions of receipt.
There is a whole list of possibilities for receiving a card for humanitarian reasons: victims of human trafficking, it is impossible to return to their homeland and the like. All of them are considered individually.
The most frequently sentences are issued for the following reasons:
Can I make a map in Ukraine?
No . The card is temporary (permanent and permanent) registered only in Poland!
How to get a map of a foreign visitor?
There are special departments for work with foreigners in the Voivodships. Polish name: Wydzialy Spraw Cudzoziemcow in the province of the province (Urzedach Wojewodzkich).
Most often, an advance recording is made by telephone. Some affiliates accept online registration through their website. On the appointed day, having collected the necessary documents, the foreigner turns to the institution.
Required documents for registration.
When we talked about the types of cards, we described in detail all the necessary documents. For workers, students and members of the family reunification program, you can view it in this article.
Briefly recall the main:
The application form. Photo (visa sample, 4 pcs.). Passport (original and copies are provided – at least two) with a visa. If it is a question of extending the card – the old card. Insurance. Biometrics. Documents-grounds (employment contract, agreement with a university, documents from a relative, etc.). For minors, the consent of the parents.
Is it possible to register without registration and peselya?
Very ambiguous question with residence permit (more about meldunek). On the one hand, it is not in the list of mandatory documents. Sometimes (but not always!) The hostess takes the facts of living in hostels, hostels, etc. “On the floor”, without confirmation.
On the other hand, the address of registration is on the card itself and already on this basis the majority of families require meldunek.
There is one more thing – PESEL. In some voivodships, you can demand it, and you can hardly get this ID without meldunek.
How much does it cost to make a temporary stay card in Poland?
Consideration of the issue of the hourly card costs 340 zl. Paid before the procedure. A check is provided with the remaining documents.
We did not accidentally call this kind of gathering “consideration of the matter” & # 8212; The process itself is paid regardless of the outcome. Money in any case does not return.
With a positive decision, you will need to buy another 50 zlotys for the plastic card itself. In general, it turns out 390 zl.
How long to wait for the case?
Unfortunately, the timing of issues on the map is constantly increasing. The number of those who want to grow, the market is saturated, business on the type of residence is stretching longer and longer. There are often cases when people wait 4-6 months, and sometimes up to a year.
At the same time, no one canceled the legislative norm in 1-2 months! However, there are rights to extend this period, with the applicant’s notification of the reasons. But this condition is not always met.
How long is the plastic?
The applicant will be notified of the received decision by the contacts left in the client. With a positive success, you will have to pay for the production of the card, which will be done about 14 days.
How long will the card be valid for the Ukrainian?
The validity period of the card can not be longer than the validity period of the document-grounds, but not less than 3 months.
If the grounds are perennial, then the first card is usually issued for a period of 1 year (for students – 15 months). Repeatable can be obtained for up to 36 months.
What if it ends?
The card is not renewed automatically, but requires the re-delivery of documents. A submission is allowed 4 months before the expiration of the old card. And in time it will be possible to get a map of the steel postal.
The sentry is a great tool for legalization in Poland. It provides many opportunities, but it is not always easy to get it. Now you know the details, and you can go all this way yourself. If not all became clear until the end – ask questions in the comments.
Good afternoon, two questions:
1. How and where now to write down on the hour card, I live in green.
2. Is it enough to hire a house or is it necessary to be a meldunek?
1. In the same place as before. The issues of residence permit are dealt with by the Province.
2. In some affiliates there is an online record. In others, only by phone. Look at the website of your province.
Hello, I applied for the renewal of the card on the 3.04.2017 in the Pomeranian voivodeship, at the end of December I received a letter with the next report of documents, where the documents of the owner of the house are required on the side of the seal (residence permit). If there are no such documents, is it possible to deny the decemization?
And if I from the Donetsk region have the opportunity to facilitate the receipt of the card and what is needed for this.
Bogdan, if you do not have an official “humanitarian” status, then everything happens on general grounds. If the applicant requires any additional document (and this is his right), without his providing or explaining the reasons for being unable to provide, the decision is most likely to be negative.
Good afternoon! August 18, 2017 I applied for a card from Polish language courses. All the documents are in order. They regularly extend the time for consideration to me and ask me to document them in a new way. I regularly write letters to them asking them about the date of the decision. The last time the decision was to be taken on 18.12.17. I wrote a letter with a question about the outcome of the decision. Answer sent & # 8212; berserk patience and wait. Today on the site I find a request for the same documents in a new way. Honestly speaking, it all starts to terribly annoy me. I know that they must take a decision on issuing a card within 100 days. I want to write a complaint and refer to the relevant paragraphs I’m tired of Tell me how to write correctly and what articles I refer to Thanks.
Julia, on the law on foreigners, on their internal regulatory documents. I’m not sure that this will give a result, and will not affect the decision negatively. Unfortunately, the increase in waiting times has now increased significantly. There is an experience of waiting for half a year, and information about the annual expectation reached.
Complaining or not – your right. My advice: when you receive the documents, get a notification from them that the documents have been received indicating their exact list.
I have a temporary card to stay until 2019 retired 10 16 2017 went to another robot worked before 11 27 2017 went to Europe but he did not alter the card I can now go to Poland and work.
Sergei, you should have reported on the changes in the employer’s employer. If your first employer has reported your dismissal, the card may be canceled.
Good evening, I’m interested in the next question. Since January 2018, some changes in the legislation of Poland regarding the employment of foreigners come into force. In particular, the very fact of filing documents for the card to continue to work, gives the right not only legally to be in the territory of the Republic of Poland, but also to work legally without a work permit, having the existing labor contract umowa o prace. Is it so?
Elena, there is indeed such information. However, it will not be clear how this will look in specific Voivodships. For example, you came to work on a visa without having a candle on your hands. Will they be required to work for three months before being able to file a card? But then the possibilities of visa-free travel will be exhausted and you still need to get paid. If they do not, liberalization will be more visible.
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