How much money do you need to move to Moscow?

How much money do you need to move to Moscow?
People who are going to move to Moscow often write to me, they ask me “# 8212; how much, roughly, you need to have money with you for the first time? The question is really interesting and not as simple as it seems. Today we will try to estimate all the expenses that will appear in your life in the capital.
The first and most important item of expenditure is & # 8212; this, of course, housing. Consider the traditional option: you need a normal one-room apartment in Moscow, not too far from the metro and in search of you can only help agents (no friends who could help, no time for independent searches you do not have). If you take the average cost of rent odnushki in December, it turns out, approximately, 30 000 rubles a month. Having looked at the offers on, you can take for the sample the amount of 28 000 rubles, for this money you will be able to rent a more or less normal apartment.
So, 84 000 rubles & # 8212; this is money that you will need to rent an apartment (28,000 rubles for the first month + 28,000 rubles deposit + 28,000 rubles payment for agents).
Of course, you can bargain with the agent and pay him less, or negotiate with the owner about the breakdown. deposit (that is, half immediately and the second one next month), you can also rent a room or an apartment in the Moscow region, but today we are considering the most expensive, if I may say so, option.
The second point of expenditure is & # 8212; food. Here, of course, the appetites and requests for all are different, but we will be guided by something average and approximate. I believe that 5000 rubles can be enough for you to eat normally for a month. This is if not to shit and not eat in fast food.
Dinners in the office & # 8212; third point of expenditure. Also an important moment. You can also carry food from home to save money. But, if you still calculate, the average is 100 rubles a day & # 8212; this is about 3000 rubles a month.
Communication and Internet & # 8212; is also important and exactly necessary. On average, 400-600 rubles are paid for the Internet per month in Moscow, we will take 600 rubles for our calculation. Phone & # 8212; about 200-300 rubles, too, should suffice, if you do not talk a lot and choose the appropriate tariff. Those. on all this is 900 rubles.
Next comes the metro ride # 8212; 1245 rubles is a subscription for a month. Do not take into account the additional costs of travel in buses and buses.
I would also add a few thousand to all household expenses when moving, i.e. you probably need to buy bed linens, what kind of dishes and all sorts of things like shampoo, soap and all that. We take 3000 rubles for the most minimal calculations.
Also, it seems to me, it is worthwhile to lay a couple of thousand for unforeseen expenses. Such an item of expenditure should be in the budget necessarily, little that can happen. We take 2,000 rubles.
As a result, we get this amount: 99 145 rubles.
I also want to draw your attention to the fact that you will have to pay for an apartment exactly in a month, regardless of when you have a salary. Those. it may turn out that your pay will be after this black date & # 187; then you need again to have 28 000 rubles for the next month’s payment + an electricity bill. This is very important to remember, because the amount is rather big and you can not manage to find it quickly, when you suddenly realize that you have not received the money yet, and you already need to pay.
Also in the article, I did not take into account the cost of tickets to the capital and the first days of residence, while you look for an apartment. If you have nowhere to stay for a couple of days, then add some more expenses to the hotel here.
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Well, how do you say & # 8230; I already almost like a year ago, moved to Moscow and money with myself I had something about 27 tons. The very first day I moved into the hostel & # 8230; 300r day. It was occupied for a week. The conditions are appropriate. Lived with the Uzbek. The room is large, designed for 12 bodies))
In general, I needed a place where you can spend the night and wash for a minimum amount of wooden. The hostel met these needs.
In general, settled and began an urgent search for an apartment. I know that the rental prices in Moscow are unrealistic and with my budget is not at all an option.
Then I was helped by social networks. I found 3 people, the same students as me, who are about to move to Moscow. One girl had friends of acquaintances who rented a 2-room apartment on a Ryazan and we settled without intermediaries. That’s how we still live.
These 27t I stretched for a month and a half, even with the payment of an apartment, although the first time spent was unreal. Mainly for food and transport.
It turns out I saved 70t))
The main thing is to understand that nothing immediately happens.
Everything is very budgeted for you 🙂 I agree that it happens on everyone: someone comes and lives on 20 thousand, someone immediately with a million I described the average costs and average prices to at least roughly represent how much money can go to the first time.
Moved to work in Moscow in May 2011. Before moving I collected a few summaries on the Internet and agreed on meetings, planned everything for a week. He left and settled in an inexpensive hotel 400 rubles a day. By the end of the week there was already a job offer. I went to work at the end of next week.
At the moment of moving, I consider the first point of interest in 7 + 7 + 30 + 10 = 54 days from the moment of its appearance in MSC.
Accommodation: 21600 rubles;
Meals: (300-400 rub./day):
New shoes: 1800 rubles;
Two T-shirts and socks: 600 rubles.
Book (for advanced training): 400 rubles.
You have a very cheap accommodation
What is the name of the hotel, where 400 r per day?)
Yes, I did not count the phone and the Internet:
All rightly written, in 2013 to move to Moscow for the first time, or rather in the first month will require not much more than 100 000 rubles (this option with a saving of nerves and forces), it is possible and cheaper, but it will be piz .. what haemorrhoids. Newcomers Moscow does not like)))
In Moscow, of course, prices are higher, but not so critical above. We lived in Volgograd and did not notice a critical difference. As soon as they moved immediately the question arose about real estate, because renting an apartment & # 8212; not an option. We had some savings, plus another apartment sold in Volgograd. Very surprised, the prices do not vary very much per square. Unless, of course, take an elite) That’s decided to take in Aprelevka apartment in the new LCD Spring. Read everything, it seems to be good. The first stage was given before the deadline, the second one also goes to this. Another lucky and incredible, bought a three-piece at the price of two. But houses are still being built and you have to rent an apartment. The husband is a high-class specialist and immediately found a job.

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