How much money do you need to move to Spain? // The budget of the emigrant.

How much money do you need to move to Spain? // The budget of the emigrant.
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I tell you how much money I spent on moving to Spain since the design of the passport, as well as how much money you need in the first months of life in Spain. How much money you need to have minimum with you to move to Spain.
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In this video, I will share the shortcomings of life in Spain with my experience and personally tell you that I am enraged by living in Spain. I’ll tell you about the shortcomings of life in Spain since my arrival, and some of them turned into pluses. To be honest, of course, I just adore Spain, but without the use of it, without what I do not like and some things annoy me in Spain is not complete. Previous video Showdown with Univer: Channel about Spain: HOSTS: My personal channel: 6x4acP. ����������������� THANKS TO YOU MORE FOR SUBSCRIPTION VC: Twitter: dasha_mendez Periscope: dashamendez Instagram: dashamendez Facebook: Odnoklassniki: Have you seen these videos yet? How did I Learn the Spanish Language? HOW FOR FREE, EASILY AND FAST TO relocate to SPAIN What IS THE RUSSIAN HUNTING In Spaniards? Mats In Spanish What I’m Afraid of In Spain? Spanish MEN � My Experience � Differences from Russians Russian and Spanish Mentalities My name is Dasha and I’m shooting a video, and I’m talking about life in Spain, about how to immigrate to Spain, what documents you need, what surprises the Spaniards in Russia, about the Spanish language.
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My video channel in youtube. Spain.Real Estate. tel: 0034 647206344.
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All about how I moved to Spain: about studying, obtaining residence permit, housing prices. My history of moving to Barcelona from Samara. LINKS TO SITES FOR SEARCHING FOR ACCOMMODATION: – this site turns out to be no longer working 🙁 THEORY OF COCONUT AND PERSIANS: WHERE ME FIND: INSTAGRAM: _andreykirov_ TWITTER: _andreykirov_ PERISCOPE: _andreykirov_ FB: https: // www. VK: SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL MUSIC: Joe Bae – Happiness In A Beat
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ATTENTION. I DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR EMPLOYMENT SERVICES. Look carefully at my other reports. they have all the necessary answers to the necessary questions about life in Spain!
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Video on request. How much are the apartments in Spain? For how much you can buy an apartment in Spain? (2-3 rooms) What are the prices for real estate in Spain? On my website, I published an interview with a lawyer from Barcelona about what steps the Russians should take if they want to move to Spain or buy real estate here. In connection with the crisis, prices fell. But the answer depends on the locality (and NOT necessarily, the farther from the sea, the cheaper!), The age of the house, the condition of the apartment, the footage, the area and its inhabitants. plus or minus from 70 thousand euros. Under the thorough repair is already cheaper. But with such apartments Russian-speaking realtors try not to work and they need to be sought exclusively on Spanish sites. The South of Spain (Malaga, Almeria) prices are much lower. I myself saw in the area new duplexes with a huge veranda on. 27 thousand euros. But EVERYTHING depends on the choice from WHY you want to buy a property in Spain. Come on vacation – one of the priorities. To live longer or to move – others.
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Mikhail Afanasyev, a realtor from Valencia, Spain tells how to choose a region in Spain for living, popular types of residence permits in Spain, political asylum, how to stay illegal and how to get a job and other questions. > Residence permit without the right to work: > Student’s residence permit / dolgosrochnaya-studencheskaya-viza-ucheba-v-ispanii > How to buy an apartment in Spain is inexpensive: CONTACT: tel. +34 631 518 562 WhatsApp & Viber Skype: morpheusdn E-mail: [email & # 160; protected] SOCIAL NETWORKS: .spain
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