How the poorest people live in Monaco.

How the poorest people live in Monaco.
The Principality of Monaco, or Monaco, is a dwarfish state associated with France, located in the south of Europe on the shores of the Ligurian Sea; on land borders with France. It is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world. The Principality is widely known thanks to the casino in Monte Carlo, and the stage of the Formula 1 championship held here is the Monaco Grand Prix. Armed forces & # 8211; 82 people. Monaco, apparently, is the only state in the world where the size of the regular army is smaller than the military band (85 people).
In this review we decided to tell how the poor live in the Principality of Monaco.
The poorest people in the richest state of the world bathe in luxury and, in general, feel fine in the status of the lower class of Monaco.
This smart car can afford even the people of the so-called lower class. Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret. The lion’s share of money in the country’s budget comes from the production of cars.
Area of Monaco is 2 km
According to the sanitary standard per person there should be 125 m of housing.
The cheapest m2 of housing costs here (!) 20 thousand euros. People who can not afford to buy an apartment on their own, the state allocated housing with a cost (!) 2.5 million euros. I will not get tired of putting exclamation marks & # 8230; It is interesting to know that the m of premium housing costs about 50-70 thousand euros.
People with money in Monaco prefer to ride on such cars.
The population of Monaco is about 40 thousand people, only 5 thousand of them can be considered full citizens of the country.
These lucky people do not pay taxes and usually live in the vicinity of the old city.
The average salary in Monaco is neither more nor less than 5,5 thousand euros.
Where do they take so much money? The economy of Monaco is developing due to tourism, the construction of new residences and media, which highlight the life of the princely family.
Also, a certain part of the income brings night clubs and playhouses. True, this is only 4% of profits.
Are you planning on how to move to Monaco? I hasten to upset you: foreigners have almost no chance to become a full-fledged citizen of Monaco.
Buying property in Monaco, you do not get citizenship.
Only the Head of State – Prince Albert II – can issue a verdict on citizenship. Over the past 50 years, only 5 foreigners have been honored to become a citizen of Monaco.
By the way, on the underground parking lots you can see a lot of cars with Russian numbers.
It remains only to envy and continue to wonder why we, smart and creative people, did not deserve such a life. Rhetorical question & # 8230;
A city without police, in which the average salary is 1200 euros.
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