How to apply for a visa to Holland.

How to apply for a visa to Holland.
The visa to Holland for Russians will be required for those of our compatriots who decided to spend in this amazing country not even a long period of time. If you dream to see the lights of night Amsterdam, to smell the legendary tulips and to appreciate the statue of the notorious boy, you must know in advance how to get a visa to Holland, what documents are needed, how much you have to spend and how long to wait for an answer to the statement.
Is a visa required?
Holland & # 8211; a country with a rich history. As in the past, and in the present, it consisted of the most significant international alliances and alliances. The Schengen agreement was no exception, and for the past two decades, the Netherlands has been accepting Russians only with one of the existing types of entry permits. So, the answer to the question of whether a visa is needed in Holland for the Russians in 2018 is definitely positive. Currently, visas can be classified according to two characteristics. First, they are divided into:
single & # 8211; providing for a one-time entry into the country, without the possibility of returning until a new visa is received; multiple & # 8211; giving the right to enter two or more times.
Secondly, the Embassy of the Netherlands issues different visas depending on the foreigner’s prospects of staying in the country:
Schengen C & # 8211; (usually short-term) mark in the passport, it gives the right to stay for up to 90 days within six months. For the first time a visa can be issued and at all strictly for the period between flights on the given tickets. They are single and multiple. In most cases, issued for travel with tourist or guest purposes. national D – such visas are also called immigration, although not all of them presuppose obtaining a residence permit in the future. They enable unlimited number of times to enter and stay in the country for a long time, two years or more. Sometimes the prospect of obtaining a residence permit and even the citizenship of the Netherlands appears. Often, such permits are issued for reunification with the family.
The process of obtaining.
Speaking about how to get a visa, you need to allocate two ways: yourself or through intermediaries. The first option will be cheaper, but it will require a little more effort.
An independent visa for Holland for Russians is possible in the consular section of the Dutch embassy, or in visa centers specializing in the provision of such services. To obtain a visa, you will have to appear in person or transfer documents through your representative. When the documents are submitted, it remains only to wait for the decision.
Since the fall of 2015, all countries of the Schengen zone have introduced the practice of collecting biomaterials for all foreigners applying for a visa. Now it is not enough to provide a photograph, you will have to hand over fingerprints. This procedure is done once with a frequency of every five years. The information obtained is stored in a single database, and therefore if the applicant has received a visa from any of the Schengen countries, he will not have to re-take the prints at any other consulate for a five-year period.
So, step by step the process of self-design will look like this:
collection of documents; entry to the consular department or visa center; recording on fingerprinting; submission of documents; obtaining the result.
Attention! If the applicant applies for a visa to Holland and has not handled fingerprints in the past 5 years, then it does not make sense to apply to mediators.
The second option is somewhat simpler. Most travel agencies are ready to issue a visa along with a tourist permit. Employees will undertake the process of filing documents and even fill out the questionnaire on their own, but the cost of a visa will increase substantially.
Price and terms.
No less interesting is the question of how much a visa costs. The price of the entry permit to the Netherlands is the same as in other countries of the Schengen area – 35 euros for a standard C-visa. In this case, it will have to wait for about 10 days, sometimes the decision is made faster.
If there are substantial reasons for an urgent trip, you can expedite the consideration of the matter. The decision will be issued within 3 days, provided that the applicant is ready to pay 70 euros instead of the standard 35. Such will be the rates provided that the applicant will independently apply to the consulate. Some Russians are exempt from payment of the consular fee, for example, children under the age of 6 and disabled.
Russians who applied to visa centers will have to pay an additional fee of just over 20 euros.
When applying to a travel company, the costs will increase. The difference can be up to 100 – 150% of the cost of the consular fee and it is unlikely to save money. The amount of expenses for a single visa varies from 80 to 100 dollars. Therefore, more often Russians receive visas on their own.
Attention! If the applicant decides to receive a visa through an intermediary, then he must be sure that he was previously accredited at the consulate.
Travel agencies charge the price even for registration of preferential categories of citizens, including children under the age of 6 years. If the applicant says: “I issue a visa at a travel agency or through an intermediary”, it must be prepared for the fact that its price will depend on the type of visa, while for independent registration the visa fee does not depend on the type of visa.
The package of documents can be divided into two parts: standard, those that are needed in any case and those that depend on the purpose of the trip.
You must have at least the following package of documents with you:
application forms for the issuance of an entry permit. To be completed in Dutch or Russian by transliteration into Latin. It is necessary to answer the weight questions. if he has no relation to the applicant to put “no”, you can skip the lines marked “*”. All information must correspond to reality and can be verified, with fraud in the visa will be denied. Errors and corrections are not allowed in the form. International passport. It must be valid for at least six months from the date of the alleged return from Holland. It will be necessary to make a copy of the page containing the personal data. Also copies or originals of all old passports will be needed. Photos 35 by 45 mm. It should be current, color, printed on matte paper, without defects and ovals. Medical insurance with a coverage of at least 30 thousand euros for medical services and emergency return to Russia if necessary. A document confirming the social status. It can be a certificate from the place of work with the indication of the herd, the position and the amount of salary, the certificate of registration of the individual entrepreneur, the student’s card and letter from the dean’s office, or a copy of the pension certificate. Extract from the bank account indicating the availability of funds for the duration of your stay in the Netherlands. There must be an amount in excess of EUR 57 per travel day per person. If the applicant does not have such an account, it is possible to provide traveler’s checks or a sponsorship letter containing the relatives’ obligations to pay the applicant’s expenses during the trip. Receipt for payment of consular fee.
In addition, we need documents confirming the purpose of the visit. For tourists, these are tickets in the direction “Russia – Holland” and back, and copies of the hotel or hotel reservation.

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