How to buy a residence permit in the European Union.

How to buy a residence permit in the European Union.
The undisputed leader of the immigration segment through investment is Spain. Stable demand is used for real estate in coastal areas of Spain, as well as in the Canary Islands.
The Spanish investment program allows you to obtain a residence permit for the whole family, including children and parents on both sides, for 2-3 months, subject to the purchase of real estate for a total of 500 thousand euros. The investment is repayable, but it takes at least 5 years to own a property.
To obtain a residence permit you do not need to know the language or history of the state, as well as there are no requirements for permanent or temporary residence on the territory of the country. He is issued with the right to work for 2 years. Prolong for 5 years.
The applicant has the right to apply for permanent residence after 5 years of residence in the country, for citizenship – after 10 years. The investment program Golden Residence Permit is not directly related to obtaining the citizenship of Spain, but does not limit the applicant’s and his family’s right to receive it in the general order. In these cases, permanent residence in the country will be mandatory, as well as knowledge of the Spanish language. At the same time, when applying for citizenship, you will have to renounce all other citizenships.
Very popular with investors in real estate with a focus on residence permits, is also Portugal – one of the safest countries for living in the world (the 5th line in the Global Peace Index).
In 2012, the government launched a program to obtain the residence permit of Portugal for the investment of the Golden Residence Permit Program. The investor can choose one of 7 investment options, but the most popular is the purchase of local real estate worth from 350.000 euros.
The first residence permit for an investor, with the right to work in Portugal, is issued for a period of 1 year, then renewed twice for 2 years. After 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence, after another 1 year – the citizenship of Portugal.
The program of the “Golden Visa” of Portugal has many “advantages”. First, it is an opportunity to obtain EU citizenship in 6 years. In this case, the applicant does not need to renounce his citizenship. Secondly, when purchasing residential or commercial real estate, the status of residence permits is guaranteed for the entire family, including children under the age of 26 who are on maintenance. And – without the strict requirements for permanent residence in Portugal, it is enough to come to the country from 7 to 14 days a year. Thirdly, the investment is returnable (after 5 years, after obtaining permanent residence), while retaining the status of a resident.
Long-standing problems in the economy, pushed in 2013 the Greek government to launch its own program of “golden visa.” According to its conditions, a foreign investor who buys a residential or commercial property (one or several objects) for the amount of 250 thousand euros or more, is entitled to obtain a residence permit for the whole family, including children under 21 years of age, as well as parents of both spouses.
The permit is issued immediately for a five-year term, and in just 15 days.
The right to business activities or work for program participants is not provided, but you can rent your property and earn income. There are no requirements for compulsory minimum stay in the country. However, the period of residence with residence permit through the purchase of real estate will not be counted for obtaining permanent residence or citizenship of Greece.
At the same time, it is possible to extend the permission every 15 years without restriction, without living a day in Greece.
In Latvia, the amount of investment is commensurate with the Greek program. A few years ago, among foreigners who wanted to obtain residence permit through investment, there was a huge demand for Latvian real estate. In this country there was a low “investment threshold” – from 71150 euros (in Riga from 142.3 thousand euros)
Since 2014, the requirements have been increased to 250 thousand euros, and a one-time state duty was added, at a rate of 5% of the value of the acquired property (from 12,5 thousand euros).
The residence permit in Latvia is issued for a period of 5 years, with the need for annual confirmation. The temporary residence permit is issued within 2-3 months after the submission of the full package of documents: the investor, the official spouse (s) and their underage children.
Such a status gives an opportunity for official employment and training on the territory of the state. On the other hand, there are no requirements for the period of compulsory stay on the territory of the country.
After 5 years, the applicant has the right to extend the residence permit for a new 5-year term.
But in order to obtain a permanent place of residence, one must continuously stay in Latvia for 5 years. And you can not go abroad for more than 6 months in a row or 1 year in total. Also it is necessary to pass state examination in the Latvian language. In 5 years after receiving permanent residence, you can apply for Latvian citizenship. In this case, the renunciation of the citizenship of another country will be required.
The program of the “golden visa” as such, does not exist here and the fact of acquiring real estate does not guarantee a 100% acquisition of a residence permit, but it provides such an opportunity.
According to the Hungarian law, a non-resident can purchase any real estate, with the exception of land plots with an area of more than 0.6 hectares and agricultural land. In Hungary, there is no real estate tax, but there is a one-time state fee, in the amount of 4% of the value of the transaction when it is purchased. The property can be leased and received income.
The Hungarian Migration Service issues a residence permit for a year, then it is extended for another 2 years. The main condition for extension is residence in the territory of Hungary for at least 183 days a year. Thus, after 3 years there is an opportunity to apply for permanent residence.
In another 5 years, i.�. After 8 years from the receipt of residence permit, one can claim the citizenship of Hungary and obtain the “EU passport” (and, with the preservation of its current citizenship7).
From 2013 to March 2017 Hungary had an investment program that allowed to obtain permanent residence status for a lifetime in only 3-6 months, after acquiring state bonds for a period of 5 years for the amount of 300 thousand euros (+ 60 thousand euros of administrative fees). But six months ago, the Agency for Public Debt Management of Hungary informed about the termination of issuance of government bonds of special purpose.
However, de-jure Hungary’s investment program is not closed (at the legislative level, it is regulated by the current law “On the entry and stay of third-country nationals in Hungary” from 2007). Perhaps, it will work again in 2018, after the parliamentary elections.
An alternative to permanent residence in Hungary was the state investment program of Malta (MRVP). It enables the investor to obtain the permanent status of permanent residence in Malta for the whole family (including children and parents on both sides) without the need for compulsory residence and a guarantee of return of investment after 5 years.
The status of permanent residence can be obtained by an investor who invests 250 thousand euros in government bonds, with a yield of up to 3% per annum, rents housing (from 10 thousand euros per year) or acquires property in ownership (from 350 thousand euros), and will pay an administrative fee (30 thousand euros).
The period of obtaining cards for permanent residence of Malta, from the moment of submission of the full package of documents, is only 2-3 months. According to the procedure, they are issued for 5 years, with a subsequent extension every 5 years. And after 5 years will no longer be required to keep the real estate, and you can stop the lease or sell your house in Malta while maintaining the status.
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