How to emigrate to China, get citizenship and residence permit?

How to emigrate to China, get citizenship and residence permit?
The Chinese Republic opens new spaces to citizens of other states. Here the world turns from head to foot. Emigrants and tourists can see the amazing architecture in China, get acquainted with interesting customs and traditions, learn the Chinese mentality. The government of the republic cares about the well-being of its citizens, and therefore ensures the life of each of them at the proper level, which includes a low price policy for real estate, food, clothing and footwear, free education and medical care. That is why emigration to China is the salvation of many foreigners from poverty and humiliation.
Advantages of moving Disadvantages Emigration methods Doing business Investors State contribution Marriage Employment Employment Education.
Advantages of moving.
There are many advantages of moving to the territory of the People’s Republic of China, the main of which are:
low prices for housing; cheap food; inexpensive products of the textile industry; a cheap payment for utilities; free, but high-quality medical service; free education.
In addition, both the residence permit in China and the citizenship of China make it possible to be a part of history, to work on major technology projects that will later become hits of sales.
Russian pensioners have the opportunity to emigrate to the PRC, living in this territory is comfortable and rich only for a Russian pension. In addition, people of old age can afford to travel through a huge country, to learn the secrets and traditions of every corner of the country. In addition, this area has an excellent climate, which is of considerable importance for pensioners.
Young people here are attracted to receiving quality, free education. Businessmen go to China to open their own business and make a huge profit from it. But high-class specialists from all over the world go to China for decent work, good living conditions and decent wages.
Everyone knows that the Republic of China is overpopulated, so it will not be easy for a migrant to become a full-fledged citizen of the country.
The main difficulty facing emigrants is the presence of a Chinese guarantor. Foreigners wishing to move to the republic must have a guarantor who legally resides in China and has the opportunity to take responsibility for the life of the migrant before the law of the country. The search for such a person can take months, years. If the guarantor has not been found, there are other options for migration to China.
Methods of emigration.
Doing Business.
A foreigner can open his own company or a branch of a company that already exists. The main condition that must be respected is that the state of emergency should be the leader. The institution should conduct legitimate activities, pay taxes on time and provide jobs for the legal citizens of China. In this case, the tourist can issue a business multiple visa. After 4 years, if desired, he can get a permanent residence permit.
To investors.
There is the possibility of moving to China in this way. To do this, the emigrant must invest more than 500 thousand dollars in the Chinese economy. One-time payment is not required. The amount can be broken and gradually invested for three years. Then a generous investor to get Chinese permanent residence.
The state contribution.
Residents of foreign countries who have certain merits before the Chinese state can get a permanent residence permit. But this method is the most unreliable, therefore it is better to have a spare proven option.
If a foreigner marries a citizen of the PRC, he will have an unquestionable basis for issuing a residence permit for a period of 10 years. After 5 years of joint life, the emigrant has the right to apply for citizenship. The migrant’s children under the age of 18 can also obtain a residence permit.
China is famous for its industrial activities in various industries, so it will openly embrace high-profile foreign specialists. If a foreigner is accepted into the staff of a Chinese company, then the company as a guarantor bears full responsibility for it. The presence of an invitation from the company is mandatory. First, the migrant will be issued a multiple business visa, and after 4 years of quality work, it becomes possible to obtain Chinese permanent residence.
Foreign students are issued a study visa for a period of validity for the entire period of study. It is difficult to enter a budget for Chinese universities, but the contract form of education is available to everyone who wants. The cost of training for the year is 2 thousand dollars.
Moving to China forever, take the trouble to learn Chinese. To do this, there are many language-level courses. The language is complicated, but learning it, many new opportunities open up for foreigners.
The coast of the country is washed by the Pacific Ocean. In addition, there are many rivers and lakes, fascinating and enticing with its simplicity and beauty. Living in China, disappears the desire to go on a tour of Europe, because in China there is everything necessary for the body, mind and soul.
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