How to find a job in Australia, is it real?

How to find a job in Australia, is it real?
Before I tell my job search history, I want to say responsibly & ndash; to date, it is almost impossible for an average person to obtain a job offer in a classical way (by sending out summaries for companies) while outside of Australia.
After the crisis of 2008-2009, all companies that still somehow recruited overseas workers (and then, mostly, they were Indians, Arabs and Chinese) were re-qualified for the domestic labor market, because the government specifically gave them over the head. I heard that at the moment the standard Australian company is obliged to pay about $ 70,000 to the state treasury in the event that it takes a foreign worker to the state. Do you think this is necessary for someone?
Exceptions, of course, there is always. The only person I contacted and who quickly found a workplace from abroad was & ndash; this is a Chinese sportswoman who at the time of receiving the job offer from the Australian club was in the first hundred of the world ranking in table tennis, and she knew English well. She moved from Poland, where she came from China when she was young. It would seem that even the sports federation of Australia intervened, it is quite possible that & ndash; they helped the club with finances.
Now this Miao Miao (or somehow that type) stands for the Australian team, being number 1 in the country. Someone has similar skills. Then you have a chance. By the way, athletes in Australia are very fond of. Their talents are clearly not enough, and they are happy to lure young and promising, even with their parents. An occasion to reflect!
But, as is known, there are no barriers for the Russian people. One cunning guy who is now on a couple with an Australian in Benalla (a town about 200 kilometers from Melbourne) is engaged in the tourist business & ndash; made everything very beautiful. From his Lipetsk he wrote in ICQ to all Australians in a row. Initially, he planned to find a wife of Balzac’s age (by the way, excellent and one of the easiest ways of immigration), go for a spouse visa and already on the spot with the help of new relatives somewhere to get settled.
But among other interlocutors he got a retired marazmatik without a family and children in 60 with something years. They got to know each other oddly, talked about a year, during this time the guy perfectly pulled up the English & hellip; As a result, the elderly Australian completely pereklinilo, he began to perceive the Russian boy as a son and his successor.
All ended with the fact that the old man sponsored a visa for the boy, and he safely moved to everything ready. Of course, in this case, subtle psychology, luck, patience is important. But, what can not you do for the sake of a dream?
When I left, everything was much easier. In 2006, the crisis still did not smell, and getting to Australia on a working visa was almost easier than in the US or Canada. In Australia, my former neighbors in the house successfully settled, so I stopped there. I’ll say right away & ndash; Do not waste your time mediating in our country & ndash; as a rule, they drag out the process for several years, do not guarantee anything and simply lure out money from you. This & ndash; not an option!
I registered at & ndash; the main resource for finding work in the country. The summary was not himself & ndash; helped friends, rolled me as much as 3 pages! In my knowledge of English, I did not doubt, but the essence of the other & ndash; the resume should be compiled professionally, and preferably & ndash; australian. Many in the AU specifically hire for this people.
So, 70% of everything written in my CV was pure fiction, but it’s & ndash; first rule for Australia & ndash; setting yourself is always higher than it really is. Australia & ndash; not Russia, and employers are used to believe in the word. My profession was in MODL & ndash; cook (Cook 4513-11), sent CV to 50 pieces per day. Basically it was restaurants, pizzerias, hotels and cafes.
More than half of the inquiries were unanswered, in 45% of cases they answered that they would not take hemorrhoids, and the remaining 5% wrote that they needed time for consultations or offered interviews by phone. In just a month, I passed 4 or 5 of these interviews, one of them (in my opinion, the shortest) had a logical continuation.
In the pizzeria they needed a chef, on the phone the landlord simply made sure that I knew English and offered a relocation package from Ukraine and a salary from the second month of work (as it later turned out, almost half the size of the usual chefs of that pizzeria). As I said & ndash; Now such an option is almost impossible, so I will not even go into details of visa processing (I will only note that I left for 4 months, even without IELTS).
I worked in this pizzeria for exactly two months. In my submission there were two Australians and one Hindu, with whom I categorically failed to work. Only then did I realize that there is no concept here of the “shock worker” raquo ;. Here the Russian is very important to understand the main difference in the mentality of our people and Australians – the main thing is “n & a; pretend that you work during your working hours.
If I did all the work in 5 hours instead of the put eight & ndash; not only will no one praise & ndash; and even pay for exactly 5 hours, will be counted as part-time. And I always tried to do it faster, for this I was pissed at, tried to slow down the process as much as possible, I was infuriated by & hellip; In Australia, all work without haste, without much strain, you can even say & ndash; half-hearted. The concept of the & laquo; premium & raquo; is actually missing & ndash; Instead, it is customary to increase the payment for an hour of work.
The one who ended up in Australia without work is the simplest way & ndash; go & laquo; in the people & raquo; and search for jobs on the ground & ndash; in stores, on farms, at enterprises. Typically, where employees do not need & ndash; the corresponding sign hangs. If not, & ndash; it is worthwhile to knock and politely ask if there are vacant places for a healthy, conscientious worker. In this case, the purer and more confident your English is, the higher will be your chance to get a job. Clanners, cooks, harvesters, plasters & ndash; such proposals abound.
In the worst case, you can earn 50-60 dollars a day & ndash; below 7 dollars per hour, no one pays. A normal Australian will not go to collect grapes and plaster the walls, just as a native Muscovite will not go to work on a construction site or drive a minibus. Therefore, the demand for foreigners in these areas has always been and will be – & ndash; do not lose faith and do not listen to those who say that there are no jobs in Australia. Everything is relative, if we did not disappear and did not become homeless in Russia & ndash; beyond the ocean, this fate does not exactly wait for us.

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