How to find work in the US and what needs to be done.

How to find work in the US and what needs to be done.
Looking for a job in the US, it’s pretty responsible. In this issue it is important to determine the direction and then develop a strategy. After all, the decision must be made independently, even if you are offered the services of the agency. Today we will tell you how to look for work in the US and what should be done in this direction.
Which one to choose a job.
Find a job in the US Jobs can be without problems, they are offered and recruitment agencies and job search sites in the United States. But finding there is no guarantee that you will get a work visa. Therefore, in this matter it is necessary to act purposefully. We must immediately look at the professions, because they are many, but there are in which the country most needs today. After all, it is for them to be given first of all working visas.
Attention: There are special programs for recruiting employees. And it is for these specialties that they give visas in the first place. Therefore, view the latest offers.
Just think about what you want to get from work in the end. Do not laugh, that’s it. After all, you can just go to a non-seasonal job. But if you want to subsequently immigrate to the states, then it is better to sign a contract for a job in the specialty, which is in demand in the labor market.
It’s also worth thinking about acceptable countries for immigration, because America is far away and you can choose something closer. Such programs are enough for moving to Poland, as well as offers from New Zealand.
But if you are tuned to the US, then we do everything in the following order:
First of all, it is necessary to watch special offers from the government, it is published on the embassy’s website. Here at once there are also conditions for the choice of work and the rules for filing documents. For example, in the states there is a constant shortage of nurses and for this profession it is offered to move the whole family and free confirmation of the diploma.
Where to look for work.
You can find a job in the United States from Ukraine or Russia by the same principles. But there are options when it is much easier to find it:
An excellent option if you have already worked remotely with this country, then you can already apply for work on a contract basis. This option should not be discarded, it may seem difficult. But it’s much easier to find such a job and after that take an entry permit; It is also worth immediately making a resume and placing it on the sites of this topic. It is likely that your proposal will be of interest to employers.
When drawing up a resume, you should pay attention to the following:
This video says that you should not take everything literally in templates. We must also include logic. It is quite possible to find a job in the USA from Russia and other CIS countries through posting a resume.
In large companies.
Powerful corporations, such as Microsoft, sometimes hold career events in Russia. Specialists who liked them especially, are offered to move to the United States to a permanent place.
We are on probation in the specialty.
This is one of the simplest options to move to America. You are looking for an internship yourself on specialized websites or with the help of companies that will need to pay a certain amount. Being in the United States on an internship, you will be interesting to other employers, so in most cases with a permanent place of work there are no difficulties.
We work through sites.
We are trying to find something on foreign websites. Watch out for those who offer Visa Sponsorship.
Student exchange programs.
At the moment, the most popular exchange program is Work and Travel USA. This category includes other proposals.
Beginning on October 2, 2008, Russia again began to take part in this rally. Special difficulties with the application for participation should arise.
There are options and come to the country in some other way, then finding a job is already much easier. An example is the arrival in the states on a student or tourist visa.
Projects from the Russian Federation abroad.
A huge number of people work on projects around the world from consulting international companies. Projects can last several days or even years. Such examples include Accenture, SBS and many others.
We arrange through the language courses.
Find a job in the US better being on the spot and it’s pretty real. After all, it is quite possible to find a job as a US programmer and any other.
This is done as follows:
There are just language courses. But just long-term. At once we pay attention, they should be with the right of ���������. Then you can work officially and without problems; With such courses there are employment centers where you can apply if necessary.
Attention: In this case, you can easily get a visa and get a job in a place without any problems. Similarly, knowledge of the language you strongly will be for.
It is quite possible to apply to a specializing firm, where there are vacancies for work in the USA. When referring to the form, what is worth paying attention to the recruitment of personnel:
License for the services provided! Each institution considers such a document to be its pride, therefore it will hang in a prominent place. Do not hesitate to ask for a copy of the license for your peace of mind; Demand that an agency be signed with the agency, where the conditions for selection will be clearly spelled out. If you do not have a foreign language, then ask them for a copy in two languages; When you pay, ask them for a receipt or a check; Another way to find work is the church. In this place there are a large number of immigrants from our countries, also there are often posted an announcement of recruitment; Do not forget about this option of finding a place, like the Russian-speaking form. In each city or state, as a rule, has its own, it is necessary only to look carefully.
Do you need knowledge of English in order to work.
Finding a US job without knowing the language is quite difficult, it can only be done while there. Or find a program for your specialty. The current is the same option if you do business immigration.
It will also be fine for this option if you have your own business at home and you can prove its profitability documented. After all, the government does not want you to sit on the allowance, but it’s welcome if you open jobs. If you do not speak the language, you will have to look for an employer who knows Russian or to ask for help from a friend with this question. It can become a cleaning company, a paddock of pets, help with the kitchen & ndash; These are areas in which there is no urgent need for English. If you have at least an elementary level of knowledge in the arsenal, then the range of possible options will be more extensive. Usually the salary in the United States is paid once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. These roots have been stretching since colonization. Usually the amount is announced without taking into account the deduction of taxes, so the real figure that you get in your hands, for sure, will differ from the stipulated.
Tips for finding work in the United States.
The first interview is usually conducted by means of a telephone conversation. In this case, do not immediately tell that you do not have a work permit. If at first they did not ask about this, then the question will necessarily arise during live communication. Speak the truth, clearly and deliberately. Employers are afraid to stand up like a fire. If the tax police will catch you in the workplace, then the owner will be punished.
If a person works in the territory of the states without permits, then he obviously violates the tax laws. This does not apply to immigration laws. The one who works illegally can not be deported from the country. If a crime of a criminal nature was committed (committed robbery, drove drunk at the wheel, then, for sure, the person will undergo the procedure of deportation); Agree is only worthy of payment, which will not be less than the minimum wage in the US (which equals $ 7.35 per hour). If you are offered less, then do not agree to such a proposal. This rule does not apply to waiters. Their payment can be two dollars, and the basis for income is the tip. If the work is most of all focused on physical labor, then you can count even on a larger figure; In the United States, an increased payment is established if the working day lasts more than eight hours. Every hour, which is worked out above the norm, multiplied by one and a half. On holidays, we multiply the figure by two.
The attitude of the authorities towards illegal immigrants.
People who work without permission are often not punished or deported.
Attention: Working in America without documents is a violation of laws, so you need to be extremely careful.
Authorities write large fines to unscrupulous employers, and in some cases forbid further carrying out their activities. There is one method of dealing with such masters & ndash; licensing of almost all types of activities. People who are brought up and grew up in the US, as a rule, do not violate the laws, which can not be said about those who decided to move to the country, being mature. Your first owner, for sure, will be a native of another country, who once, like you, immigrated. Wherever there is a turnover of money, an illegal person will certainly be able to get a job. Of course, this will not be a high-paying position. And you will be completely taken even without documents. Owners of small shops or businesses are trying to save money and pay partially or fully salaries in cash. And it is not necessarily that they will be people who do not have the right to work in the country, because many of them have already been legalized. These are people who do not declare the amounts that are given to them by cash. Accordingly, they have a great opportunity to rely on the issuance of social benefits from the state.
How to find a job in the US Russian or any other person you know. It is not necessary to hurry up here and everything must be considered beforehand, because there should not be a miss. Collect information, see photos, look into social networks. So how to find a job in the US is up to you.

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