How to get a European passport a.

How to get a European passport a.
Advantages of citizens with a passport of the European Union.
The European Union (EU) is a dynamically cultural and economically global force of modern society. The official travel document for EU citizens is the EU passport. It is automatically issued to persons who are citizens of any of the 27 countries that make up the European Union. EU passports are in high demand, especially among immigrant workers, wealthy individuals, representing a special category of investors, as well as ordinary foreign citizens who want to change their lives for the better. Getting an EU passport guarantees its owner a number of special advantages that ensure its reliability and stability in the future!
Not all states can boast of a calm political environment, which excludes the risk of life for their citizens. With the EU passport you can live, study and work in countries that do not threaten your personal safety.
International mobility.
The EU passport will give you greater freedom of movement around the world by opening entry into hard-to-reach countries. With the EU passport, you can travel without issuing visas (in some cases, a visa is put on arrival) in more than 150 countries around the world, including Canada, the United States, Australia, and Asia.
Employment employment.
The EU passport gives the right to work across the European Union. Simply put, having Romanian citizenship can work, for example, in Germany, France, Italy or any other EU state and vice versa.
Life in a European way.
With the EU passport you will be not only available to European real estate, but also any member state of the European Union for your place of permanent residence.
Tax choice.
A citizen of the European Union can choose the most suitable tax regime for himself. Various EU regulatory schemes for taxation will provide your business with the opportunity to develop, and you – a high level of confidentiality, not available in most countries of the world.
Social security throughout the European Union.
With the EU passport you will be able to use health and education services, participate in unemployment programs, receive pensions and other benefits in the EU country in which you reside in this period.
With the EU passport you can freely travel, invest, work, study, live.
You can obtain an EU passport by registering the citizenship of any member state of the European Union. The general requirements for obtaining European citizenship are: the age of majority, long-term residence in the state on whose passport you claim, the presence of a permit for legal residence, the absence of criminal prosecutions.
The passport of which EU countries is easiest to obtain.
When choosing a country to obtain citizenship and an EU passport, most foreigners often prefer Britain or Germany. Such applicants are initially at great risk, since the immigration policies of these countries have greatly tightened the procedure for obtaining citizenship. At the same time, the “young” states of the European Union are more loyal to immigrants. Thus, the easiest way to legally immigrate to Europe today is to obtain an EU passport through the registration of the citizenship of Romania, Poland or Bulgaria. The more you do not need to overcome endless queues in the pursuit of obtaining certificates or expect a minimum of 5 years in order of naturalization in order to obtain an EU passport. It is only necessary to determine the choice of the European state for immigration, following immigration laws.
Why you should contact Aristippus to get an EU passport.
The process of issuing a European passport is rather complicated and time-consuming for citizens who are not part of the EU. Therefore, those wishing to obtain an EU passport, we recommend that you seek qualified legal advice. Experienced consultants of our company competently and in accordance with legislative requirements will prepare all the necessary documents for EU citizenship. Thanks to Aristippus, the process of obtaining the EU passport will be successful and quickly. Use the services of our company and get a European passport in the near future!
Learn how to become the owner of the passport of the European Union and apply for citizenship for yourself and your family.

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