How to get a permanent residence in the Czech Republic for retired Russians.

How to get a permanent residence in the Czech Republic for retired Russians.
The Czech Republic is a small but stable and developed country in the central part of Europe. Membership in the EU and a comfortable geographical location in the neighborhood with Germany and Poland allows the country to build trade links and attract foreign investment, which undoubtedly contributes to the welfare and social security of the population.
The residence permit (residence permits) in the Czech Republic for Russians and Ukrainians is the “golden mean” between the desired, but, on the other hand, foreign West, and to some extent annoyed, but still native to the post-Soviet space. That is, the culture and mentality of the Czechs look more attractive for adaptation than say the Spaniards or Italians.
Most often, citizens from the CIS countries go to the Czech Republic to study, work or do business. Practically in each case it is necessary to issue a residence permit. This is a prerequisite for a legal presence in the country for more than 3 months and the initial stage on the way to obtaining the status of permanent resident and citizenship of the Czech Republic. About how to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic to Russians, Ukrainians and other foreigners in 2017 and will be discussed in this article.
Responsibilities for reviewing applications and making decisions on the issuance of residence permits in the Czech Republic are assigned to employees of special departments of the Czech police. Usually the list of necessary documentation (see below) and all procedural actions for registration are carried out through the Consulate of the Czech Republic in the country of the foreigner.
In the event that all legislative requirements and a positive decision on granting residence permit are fulfilled, the candidate receives a long-term visa, which allows to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days. Upon arrival in the country no later than 3 days, you need to report to the local police station, whose address will be called by the Consulate staff, where the biometric data, in particular fingerprints, will be taken from the foreigner.
After this, within 2 months a foreigner will receive a special card or residence permit in the Czech Republic. It is recommended to check the functionality of the map and the reliability of the data specified in the document on site. If you change your place of residence or change other important information related to the purpose of staying in the Czech Republic, you should definitely inform the police.
Initially, a long-term visa or residence permit in the Czech Republic is issued for one year. Not later than 15 days before the end of the validity period of the document, it is necessary to apply to the police for an extension for another two years, of course, if the reasons for staying in the Czech Republic allow this. The maximum period of validity of the residence permit is 10 years. After a lapse of 5 years in the Czech Republic, permanent residence permits are allowed, and after 10 years citizenship.
Studies and research. Employment. Business. Family reunification.
Let us dwell in more detail on each of the options.
Residence permit in the Czech Republic for the purpose of training and scientific activities.
One of the most popular ways to move to the Czech Republic with the subsequent registration of residence permits for Russians and Ukrainians is to obtain an education in a Czech university. An obligatory condition for issuing a long-term visa will be confirmation of admission to the educational institution and the ability to cover the costs of living and studying. For the underage students, the consent of the parents will be required.
Also, foreign scientists who have entered into a long-term cooperation agreement with one of the Czech research institutes receive a residence permit in the Czech Republic. The decision to grant a long-term visa in both cases is taken within 2 months.
To carry out professional activities in the Czech Republic, foreign workers must obtain a residence permit, for this there are two main ways:
Employee’s card. It is issued to specialists from abroad for the duration of the employment contract, but not more than 2 years, with the right to extend. The receipt of the document does not depend on the level of qualification or a certain field of activity. The main requirement is the approval of local authorities to take a vacancy by an alien and the employer’s consent to recruit this specialist.
As a rule, the cardholder must perform a specific type of work, the change of workplace or employer is coordinated with the migration police department. The period of issue does not exceed 2-3 months.
Blue map of the EU. It is given to highly qualified foreign specialists able to fill vacancies in the Czech labor market. The main requirements are as follows:
a labor contract for a period of at least one year;
The level of wages is at least one and a half times higher than the average in the Czech Republic;
confirmation of professional skills in the form of diplomas of education or certificates.
The term for processing the application for issuing the blue card of the EU is up to 3 months.
Foreign entrepreneurs receive a residence permit in the Czech Republic within 2 months from the date of submission of the relevant application. To do this, you must meet the following conditions:
have a registered business in the Czech Republic, that is, provide an extract from the commercial register; regularly pay taxes and comply with Czech law; the company should make a profit and have a positive impact on the Czech economy.
Residence permit in the Czech Republic for the purpose of family reunification.
The holder of a residence permit in the Czech Republic can be joined by close relatives – spouses, children under 18 and parents over 65 years old, who are dependent on an alien. The main requirements are financial security to cover the cost of living for all family members and a sufficient living space for accommodation. That is, despite the fact that buying property in the Czech Republic does not formally affect the positive decision on the issuance of residence permits, in practice this is a big plus. The time for consideration of the application is up to 4 months.
The list of documents for obtaining a residence permit is sent to the Consulate of the Czech Republic in the country of the immigrant. Depending on the reasons for the trip, Czech employees may request additional or clarifying information, but the main requirements are as follows:
The completed application form.
A passport issued not later than 10 years ago and valid for at least 3 months after the alleged departure from the Czech Republic.
Three passport-size photographs (35 x 45 mm).
Confirmation of financial security for life in the Czech Republic. As a rule, an extract from the bank or a valid international credit card is accepted. The total amount of funds must be at least 15 times the subsistence minimum of the Czech Republic (2,200 kroons), that is, 33 thousand kroons or 1,200 euros.
For businessmen, the total amount is increased to 110 thousand kroons or 4,000 euros. Plus, all immigrants have to have a minimum monthly wage of 4,400 kroons or 160 euros for each month.
The availability of a place to live in the Czech Republic – at least 8 square meters for one person or 12.6 square meters for two (a lease or property in the property).
Certificate of criminal record.
Documentary confirmation of the purpose of the trip. For example, a certificate of business registration, work permit or enrollment in a Czech university.
The term of consideration of documents usually does not exceed 2-3 months, in special cases, an extension of up to 6 months is possible.

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