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Peru is an interesting and mysterious country in South America. In it you can see and picturesque jungle, and beautiful mountains,
on the coast you can see a penguin or fur seal. This country is rightly considered a tourist attraction and an ancient reserve. If you are going to visit Peru soon, then the following information will be of interest to you.
If you are going to visit the country as a tourist for a period of 90 days or less, then you do not need to issue any transit visas. If you want to come here for a longer period, then you need to contact the embassy of the country (consular department) in advance. When crossing the border, you must have with you return tickets (with a fixed date), a passport, because they are required of you. In some cases, they may also require documents that prove the financial security (credit cards, cash and other documents) or confirmation of the hotel reservation.
The entry visa entitles you to stay in the country for three months. This visa can be extended three times (for a month each time). To renew it, you need to contact the Immigration Service (General Administration), which is located in Lima. It will cost you $ 30 at a time.
If you are going to take your child with you, then it must be entered in the parents’ visa. If the child travels only with one parent or with a third person, then a compulsory authorization from the parent or parents is necessary. This document must be notarized. If one of the parents died, then a certificate of his death is necessary. If the parents are in divorce, then a certificate of it is needed.
In order to live on the territory of the state for a year or less, no more documents are needed. In addition, you have the right to cross the border several times (2-3). In the future, your stay will depend on how you behave this year.
Assignment of citizenship. According to the laws of the country of Peru, citizenship can be appropriated by birth or by right of blood.
The right of blood acts, even if the birth took place outside the country. It must be registered in the consulate of Peru or the embassy before the child reaches the age of majority (18 years). In addition, citizens of the country are also abandoned minors in the territory of the state (up to 18 years).
If children whose parents are citizens of the country were not registered at the right time at the consulate or embassy, they can become citizens in such cases:
& # 8212; When drawing up a petition by a resident petitioner in DIGEMIN (a special organization called the Directorate of Naturalization and Immigration)
& # 8212; If parents of non-residents have lived in Peru for at least 5 years, then children who were born abroad have the right, upon reaching 18 years of age, to choose their citizenship of Peru.
Citizenship of this country can also be obtained by citizens of other states who were married to a citizen of Peru, as well as residing in the country for more than two years.
In Peru, citizens of some countries may receive dual citizenship. These countries include: Latin America and Spain. But in some cases it is possible to combine citizenship with citizens of other countries. The citizenship of Peru opens a visa-free entrance to some states, but a visa is still needed for the Schengen countries. Citizens of the Russian Federation may have in addition to their second and second citizenship – Peruvian.
Visas. If you are going to move to Peru for permanent residence, then you need to learn Spanish, and you need to learn it in advance. If you are going to Peru for a while, then knowledge of the language is desirable, at least at the minimum level.
Opening of the enterprise as a method of obtaining a visa. This is a fairly good option, because in our country today there is a preferential taxation system, for this reason it is quite profitable to open enterprises (though medium, though small). Any natural person has the right to become a founder (here there are no restrictions). In addition, there is no problem with the withdrawal of funds. If you are going to engage in small business, then the first few years (this is usually 2 years) you pay the smallest percentage of turnover for the year. In other words, you are almost exempt from tax payment. If you decide to engage in medium-sized businesses, the tax rate is 30%.
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