How to get a residence permit for living in Finland.

How to get a residence permit for living in Finland.
At present, Finland is officially a member state of the European Union. It is for this reason that more and more migrants come here, including many Russians.
Some of them go to Finland to work, someone “# 8212; to marry, and some just like the way of life in this state. The Finnish authorities treat with a certain distrust and suspicion all those who come from abroad.
Therefore, one desire to become a citizen of the country is extremely inadequate & # 8212; for this you must comply with all the official requirements of the law. In particular, both in Russia and in Finland, before registering citizenship, it is necessary to obtain a residence permit and live in the country for a while. Get a residence permit in Finland is not as difficult as it might seem at first. In most cases, you do not even need to leave Russia for this.
Features of obtaining a residence permit.
Finland, like Russia, has a three-stage system for acquiring citizenship. The first step is to obtain a temporary residence permit. If to compare with the Russian analogy, then this resolution is somewhat reminiscent of the RVP in Russia. The difference lies in the fact that in the country this document refers to the same residence permit (one of its varieties). It is issued for a period of 1 year.
After the expiration of this time, the authorization will need to be extended or the new document issued (the first variant in complexity is faster and more optimal.
Receipt of a new certificate, as a rule, occurs when the migrant left the country and did not return to its territory for more than 2 months in a row. For the same reason, residence permit can be completely revoked. If there is evidence of respect for non-attendance of Finland, there can be no cancellation.
Getting a Finnish residence permit is accompanied by the collection of certain papers and a sequence of actions. So, the first step is to get a visa. As a rule, there are no difficulties, because the visa to the country is issued according to the same principles as any Schengen visa (this state is included in the Schengen zone).
After the visa is issued, it is necessary to establish whether there are grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Finland. Acquisition is impossible only if there is one desire.
Who can receive.
So, the potential recipient of a residence permit must meet the following conditions:
he has a place of residence in Finland that he can document;
& # 8212; he has a fairly good financial position. In this case, if the residency permit will receive several people who are members of the same family, the financial situation will be considered for each of them. That is, if, for example, it is a husband and wife, it will be necessary to prove that each of them can provide not only themselves, but also the second member of the family; if a citizen of Russia or of any other state arrives in Finland in order to conduct labor activity (own business or wage work), this fact is also subject to proof. If all listed criteria are present, the next point is to establish the reason for obtaining a residence permit.
There are several reasons for this:
marriage with a Finnish citizen; family reunification. The procedure is possible if in the country the migrant has close or distant relatives who are in the past members of his family; obtaining political asylum. Here refugees and IDPs can get here on this basis; purchase of own business or a device for hired labor; admission to an educational institution located in Finnish territory.
If any of the listed grounds takes place, it will not be possible to obtain a residence permit if you do not observe the laws of the country and do not know Finnish or Swedish.
Documents for obtaining a residence permit.
So, suppose that all the conditions for obtaining a residence permit are available. Now you need to go to the next step & # 8212; collecting documents and submitting a relevant application. The list of documents that will be required for the registration of residence permits, is as follows:
statement; a copy of the national passport; a document confirming the presence of a visa; a document confirming the availability of material assets and residence in the country; a receipt for the payment of the consular fee; evidence supporting the validity and necessity of obtaining a residence permit.
From the moment of submitting the application and before making a decision, it can take quite a long time. The maximum period for processing applications is 1 year. As a rule, the decision is made much earlier. At the same time, in the process of considering the application, a potential candidate for a residence permit must also pass an examination for knowledge of Finnish or Swedish.
If after the registration of the residence permit you will leave for a long time (more than 2 consecutive months) from Finland or violate the laws of this state & # 8212; Permit can be revoked.
Note that there are 2 types of residence permit (we already mentioned this earlier) & # 8212; temporary and permanent permission. The first is to be renewed every year. The second one is issued once and lasts for 4 years (this is how much you need to live continuously in Finland for the subsequent obtaining the status of a citizen of this country).
Features of the acquisition of a business.
We have already mentioned that one of the reasons for obtaining a Finnish residence permit is to acquire a ready-made business in a given country. In general, the procedure for such a foundation is no different from the usual.
The only feature & # 8212; When submitting an application, you must provide additional documents & # 8212; business plan of the enterprise, staff list, other constituent and tax documentation.
All documents can be submitted to the embassy or consulate of the country, located in the Russian Federation.
It should also be noted that the registration of a residence permit can be handled not only by the citizen of a foreign country (in our case, Russia), but also by his relative, employer or trustee.
In this case, if the application is not submitted independently, as an additional document it is necessary to attach also a power of attorney confirming the presence of the relevant authorities.
There is also a certain category of migrants who do not need a residence permit. These are people who arrive in the country for more than 3 months at the invitation of the employer or for the purpose of training. Such relations are, rather, an exception to the rules and are not mass ones.
When submitting documents, you must accurately specify all the requested information. Any mistake or inaccuracy may entail not only an increase in the period for considering the application, but also a refusal to satisfy it.

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