How to get refugee status in Russia for a citizen of Ukraine?

How to get refugee status in Russia for a citizen of Ukraine?
The situation in Ukraine, which was greatly aggravated in the summer of 2014, still does not inspire optimism. Donbass became a zone of shelling. In addition, people are forced to flee from the ugliness created by the brazen warriors, and from the humanitarian disaster that has erupted. It’s no secret that regular Russian humanitarian convoys, only partially improve the situation with food, water and medicines, which remains critical. A part of Ukrainians leaving for the territory of the Russian Federation are asked to provide them with temporary shelter. Some of the fugitives, many of whom lost their homes and families, have the question: “How to get refugee status for Ukrainians in Russia?”
Obtaining refugee status is not such a simple task, but it is quite real.
Other people from Ukraine do not fully understand what kind of concept it is, confusing it with a number of similar ones. As a result, misunderstandings arise. In order to avoid problems when staying on the territory of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to know well the procedure for obtaining the refugee’s legal status and his right. In fact, this is a person who has been subjected to discrimination and aggression in the homeland, forced to ask for shelter from another state.
Citizenship & # 8212; the main thing that distinguishes refugees from another similar category, from forced migrants. The former are not Russian citizens, and they have to live outside the borders of the country, whose citizens they are. Second & # 8212; citizens of the Russian Federation, who are forced to move to another region of the country. According to the set of rights, these categories of people are almost identical.
The need for asylum.
People fleeing the war, it is difficult to relate to the bureaucratic registration of all necessary documents. Some of them believe that this legal position is humiliating for them. The incomprehensible pride of the fathers of certain families leads to the suffering of all household members. After all, the status received by a person crossing the Russian border determines how much he can stay on the territory of the Russian Federation. Guests of the country are allowed to freely travel around the country for 90 days.
The site of the single migration center
The time spent on the territory of the Russian Federation for people who took cover from a devastating war is not so severely restricted.
Some regions of the Russian Federation pay good “lifting”, giving the opportunity to quickly get back on their feet in a new place.
Important clarifications.
How to get refugee status? It is necessary to prove the existence of danger in your country. If, for example, a person regularly receives threats based on racial or political dislike, then it is possible to start collecting the necessary papers.
The most common signs on which citizens can draw a cover:
race; nationality; attitude to any social group; attitude to any denomination.
A significant difference between Russia and Western countries is a more rigorous examination of applicants. Given the difficulty of the situation in Ukraine, the Russian authorities are trying to minimize and simplify the procedure for paperwork and adaptation.
Some time ago, the problem of mass arrival of non-Slavic nationals to the territory of the country, affecting most of the large cities of the Russian Federation, became actual for Russian legislators. In addition, the Crimea has recently witnessed the appearance of visitors to the eastern appearance.
Most of all, people from Asian countries like Moscow and Peter. The local population is alarmed by the increase in the number of eastern guests. To ensure that the populated areas of the Russian Federation were a model of comfort and security, to prevent clashes between visitors from the outside and the indigenous population, the authorities had to go on to tighten the migration policy.
Today, not everyone can cross the border of the Russian Federation. Under the Russian laws, I can only do this:
Foreign nationals who wished to arrive or have already arrived; people, without citizenship or who lost citizenship, found themselves on the territory of the Russian Federation; persons without citizenship legally living in the country.
To whom are they denied?
Now the authorities quite often refuse to apply for asylum.
Most likely, a refusal to people hiding from the law. This applies to criminal and war criminals or people under suspicion.
Claims FMS can present to people who entered the territory of the Russian Federation, but for a long time did not apply to the necessary authorities.
Not all refugees from Ukraine can be legalized in Russia.
Citizens of Ukraine who have spouses or other close relatives in the Russian Federation will also be refused. The person holding the permit for permanent residence in the Russian Federation will be strictly denied.
Important detail: A person fleeing combat operations in his state must submit documents to the FMS in time to receive a cover. It is best to do it right away. When illegal entry into the Russian territory, a visit to the FMS should not be postponed.
Special status.
It should be understood that people who came to Russia, trying to escape from the war in their homeland, receive refugee status for a period of 3 years. At this time they get the right to reside on the territory of the Russian Federation. Employees of the migration service take away the Ukrainian passport and hand the applicant for help a special permit. Thus, to withdraw the Ukrainian passport and return back running from Ukraine overnight can not, because the procedure for the return of the passport of Ukraine is complex and time-consuming.
Algorithm of actions.
The planer to grant asylum to a Ukrainian citizen in 2018, it is necessary to file a petition with the FMS. If the applicant has not left Ukraine yet, he must apply to the Russian embassy.
If the person intending to issue all the documents already resides on the territory of Russia, it is necessary to apply urgently to the migration service.
Applicants for the design of the shelter after crossing the border are invited to fill a number of papers.
So, he needs to specify why he came to Russia. Recently, the mini-questionnaire began to contain a special column for people who want to hide in Russia. If the Ukrainian citizen is determined to go this way, the questionnaire should reflect this.
Now the situation with the needy is approaching the critical. According to statistics, during the war year in the East of Ukraine almost two million people crossed the border.
Interestingly, in addition to the residents of the former Donetsk and Lugansk regions, other Ukrainians flee from the fighting. The residents of the Center and even the West of Ukraine want to hide in Russia.
Registration of the application.
How to apply for Ukrainians? The year 2017 was the year when the petition was drawn up in writing in Russian. Complications may occur for a person who does not speak Russian. Adult children must file their own petition. Minors & # 8212; fit into the parents’ petition.
Questionnaire for obtaining refugee status in the Russian Federation.
Then you need to fill out a survey interview. Those who had to register refugee status in the Russian Federation must know in advance that they will have to withstand the “attack” of the interviewer. It must be understood that its goal is not to humiliate, but to restore the full picture of the motives that forced a person to seek asylum in the Russian Federation.
The interview will be much quicker if the potential asylum seeker can document the need for asylum. Each certificate must have a translation from Ukrainian into Russian.
Migration card of the Russian Federation.
Possible obstacles.
With the documents there may be stumbling blocks. Hurriedly going to leave the flaming country, few people allocate time for translating documents. In addition, some of the securities may be lost.
Taking into account these circumstances, the RF authorities from the year 2015 approved a simplified procedure for obtaining asylum. Now, to obtain permission for the applicant, any document that can verify the identity is sufficient.
For registration, promising Ukrainians additional benefits, the applicant must make a photo and take fingerprints. As a result, he is handed a document that speaks about accepting the petition. This paper remains relevant for 5 days.
Consideration of the application.
Now you have to be patient. After all, the petitions of applicants for obtaining the right to take refuge in Russia are now being considered more slowly than before. It is not easy for FMS employees to consider applications of so many people promptly. The received certificate, testifies only that its petition is accepted on consideration.
In case of refusal the applicant receives a document stating that the application was considered. It is valid for 3 months. The refusal can be appealed. The time for consideration of an application can sometimes last for several months.
What is required by law?
It often happens that people who have learned about the benefits granted to shelters, take steps to get it, without really needing it. However, to prove that granting asylum is legitimately difficult. What does he give refugee status to refugees from the war in Russia?
Material aid.
A person needs to eat, so while waiting for an application, he receives a one-time allowance. It is small, but it allows somehow to survive.
In the Russian regions, the average benefit for refugees is 100-150 rubles per day. In some places it reaches 450 rubles per day. In addition, money is allocated to all members of the family. Payments in different regions are different.
Refugees are supposed to receive temporary housing. It does not differ supercomfort, but the conditions are still better than those of refugees in Germany.
In any case, the receipt of temporary housing solves many problems.
Help for temporary asylum in the Russian Federation.
While there is an examination of the application for asylum, he can undergo a medical examination, having entered medical records at the place of residence. This service is completely free, according to the results of the survey a person receives a certificate entitling them to urgent medical assistance.
Further actions.
Consideration of the application for shelter concludes with consent or refusal. If the question is positively resolved, the person receives a special certificate, confirming his legal position. But this document is only one of the first steps towards the citizenship of the Russian Federation, so do not rush to give up the citizenship of Ukraine.
If a person is still outside Russia, payment of travel is possible. While he is at home, all the issued documents are stored by the FMS.
Travel document for benents for free movement in the Russian Federation.
If such people need to leave the Russian Federation, they must issue a special travel card. This document replaces the passport and allows you to move outside of the sheltered country. People who have issued a forced residence abroad of their country do not need a special permit for employment. According to this parameter, they have the same rights as the citizens of the Russian Federation. Jobs for residents of the DNR and other Ukrainian cities are available in almost all cities of Russia. The main thing is mastering the profession.
Children from the Donbass can go to school or kindergarten. When making a decision to remain permanently in Russia, the child, becoming an adult, automatically becomes a citizen of the Russian Federation.
Benefits during this period are not laid. But there is an opportunity to receive pension payments. To apply for a pension, you must apply to the pension authorities at the place of residence. It is enough to present an identity card for this.
The situation in the country now.
We must understand that in 2018 the situation with migrants, like the general situation with Ukraine, can be assessed as critical. Crisis phenomena in the Russian economy only complicate the situation. The ruble falls against the dollar, the products become more expensive. At the same time, some enterprises started reductions. Ukrainians are not always easy to adapt to Russian realities. Many people simply do not have a choice.
True, people often admit that their expectations about living in Russia were not justified as they were initially thought. Against the backdrop of such arguments, friction between visitors and the indigenous population may arise, despite the fact that the latter treats people who are sheltering from the war with understanding and sympathy.
It is not easier to deal with visitors and other states, where there is also a war. All these factors affect the desire of an increasing number of people to seek asylum in the Russian Federation.

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