How to get to Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi Airport by metro.

How to get to Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi Airport by metro.
I welcome all lovers of independent travel on my blog. Today there will be a small but very useful lifhak about how to get to Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi Airport by metro & mdash; cheap and fast. In general, there are a lot of ways to leave the main air haven of the Thai capital – from the bus to the taxi, but for me the most optimal option in terms of price / quality ratio & mdash; this is City Line subway. He will be devoted to today’s post.
Let’s start with the very first steps in the Thai land. As soon as you leave the plane, you will surely find yourself in a crowd of people from all over the world, because in Suvarnabhumi, with a difference of 5-10 minutes, up to ten airliners sit. All arriving passengers rush to passport control, which in addition to a foreign passport must show a pre-filled immigration card (usually it is distributed in an airplane where you fly to Bangkok).
From the air to the ground.
After successfully passing the passport control and putting a stamp that gives you the right to stay in Thailand for up to 30 days, we find ourselves in the baggage claim area. With or without luggage (about this in my article Journey with a backpack: pros and cons) our way passes through the customs corridor: green if you do not have things to declare and red, if any. When the corridor is over, we will see a light at the end of the tunnel free zone. It is located on the second floor of the airport. Up is necessary for those who are going to leave Thailand, and we are interested in the first and zero floors. From the first depart buses and taxis, which I used on my first flight to Bangkok in 2014 (more in the article in the day in Bangkok: where to live, where to go, how to move), but today we are interested in zero. Finding the way to the underground metro that runs from the airport to the city is very simple – there are signs on every floor of a huge building. We need one that says Train to City.
City Line and Express Line – what to choose?
The signs lead us to the Airport Rail Link platform, where two lines of the City Line metro (blue branch) and Express Line (red branch) depart. The second-line trains run without stops and cost 90 baht, which is not so cheap (if you, for example, four, it’s easier to add another 50 to 100 baht and take a taxi), and we will go to the city on the City Line. The fare on the blue line of Airport Rail Link depends on the number of stations that we need to drive and varies from 15 to 45 baht. You can buy a ticket in the machine (there are instructions in English) or at the ticket office (they will be located on the left hand side). The cashier is telling us where we need and how many tickets. In exchange for money, we will be given yellow tokens – one per passenger. They need to be attached to the reader of the turnstile and stored until the end of the trip. The City Line trains leave to the city, from where they actually come to the airport, approximately every 15 minutes from 6 am to 12 noon. My path lay to the terminal station Airport Rail Link & mdash; Phaya Thai, from where you can take the Bangkokk (BTS) underground train. However, I had to change seats on the bus, since I was booking a hotel in the vicinity of Kaosan Road, and there are no metro stations near it.
You can pay for the fare.
Before entering the city, we are faced with one barrier in the form of a slender line of turnstiles, in which you must throw the same yellow token. If you paid the fare for fewer stations, then you will not be released. But do not despair. The staff of the station are on duty at City Line employees who will take your tokens and check up to which station you paid them, after which they will name the necessary amount of co-payment. Tokens are “charged” and returned to you. That lady! Our trip to Airport Rail Link has come to an end. Next I went by bus to Kaosan Road. For routing the route I used the mobile application Google Maps, although I can honestly say that they are not very happy. Often hangs and confuses, so getting lost with it is very simple. But I have not found an alternative yet. By the way, for transport in Budapest by public transport, I found an excellent mobile application, but in the case of Bangkok, I limited myself to Google Maps. If you are familiar with a convenient application, please report. For this you will be +100 to karma = 0).
I hope that after reading the post questions about how to get to Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi Airport by subway, you will not arise. And if you still get a & mdash; ask them in the comments. Do not be shy! And do not forget to subscribe to the blog’s updates, because there are a lot of useful materials ahead of you.
P.S. If you have a lot of things or you come by a company of 4-5 people, I recommend ordering a transfer in advance on the Internet. The driver will wait for you at the airport at the appointed time at the designated place.
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