How to get to Paris from the airport and vice versa?

How to get to Paris from the airport and vice versa?
The French capital has three air terminals. The leading position in terms of passenger traffic is occupied by the Charles de Gaulle airport & # 8212; annually it serves over 150 thousand people. No less important is the harbor of Orly, but its main drawback before the previous one & # 8212; at night it is closed and does not accept flights. The smallest of the three? Beauvais, he serves the transport of low-costers. How to get from the main airport and two others to Paris?
There are different modes of transportation for each air hub.
Types of transport: Charles de Gaulle.
The second name is & # 8212; Roissy. It occupies second place in terms of congestion after the London air harbor. In total there are eight halls in its structure, they are connected to each other by means of the free metro and bus shuttles. The building is located 25 kilometers to the north-east of the capital.
Scheme of the airport Charles de Gaulle. Click to enlarge.
The port infrastructure is very well developed. In addition to traditional exchangers, pharmacies and food outlets, banking and post offices, video games rooms and even a museum offer their services here. Impressive and the appearance of the building itself & # 8212; The glass galleries along which the passengers are traveling determined that this terminal often meets in cult films.
The transfer to the city center is organized at a high level. Almost all types of land transport are provided for moving to the metropolitan area.
Perhaps, this is the best way of transportation from all possible. Convenience is not only in speed, but also in the fact that the station is in the second terminal. To get to it, you just need to go down the signposts. They should be labeled RER & # 8212; it’s commuter train line B.
The train serves the hubs 2 and 3. If the landing took place in the first, you must first reach the second or third. Between them runs a small automatic subway. You can find it by the indexes labeled CDGVAL.
The composition will take you to such stops:
Dunfer Rocher; Saint Michel Notre Dame; Chatelet Les Ol; Northern Train Station Gard du Nord.
You can get your boarding passes at ticket offices or green machines right at the station. The machine offers two payment options & # 8212; card or cash. It accepts cards only with a microchip, so in the absence of such plastic, you should select Cash. But here there is a nuance & # 8212; Paper money will not do, just a trifle. If the necessary cash was not available, then you should contact the cashier. The cost of the travel & # 8212; 9,75 euros of units. The length of the road to the center of Paris will be half an hour. The train moves every 10-15 minutes, from 5 am to 23:40.
The stop of electric trains is combined with the railway. So you can get there by SNCF TGV trains, which not only drive to the capital and other large French cities, but also to Brussels. The price of the trip will be higher than on the train. It depends on the point of arrival.
By bus.
The bus service from Paris to Charles de Gaulle airport and back is organized at a high level, it works for different directions. There is also a night bus.
These are specialized shuttles. They make stops at terminals 1,2 and 3 every quarter of an hour. The operating time of the express train is # 8212; from 5:45 to 23:00, and it will take about an hour. End point & # 8212; the area of the Opera House. The fare will be 10 European units. Air France. They are divided into two branches & # 8212; lines 2 and 4. Both are taken to the central part of the city, but the first go to the Eiffel Tower and Metro Porte Maliot, the second is # 8212; to the station Montparnasse. Travel by cars number 2 will cost 17 euros, � 4 & # 8212; in 17.5. Children from 2 to 11 years will pay 9, until the age of two, the child rides for free. There is also a third line, a destination for the transport of passengers to the air hub of Orly. At the place of arrival, he will stop at both terminals. The ticket will have to spend 21 euros. Air France runs every half hour, from 6 am to 11 pm. No. 19, 350 and 351. Route 19 provides a link between the port railway station and the suburban railway platform Torcy RER. The travel costs two euros. Route 350 for six euros will drive passengers to the East French station. A 351 & # 8212; to the subway Nation. The cost is similar to the previous one. Both flights, in addition to the terminals, stop at the RER station. Noctilien night bus. This bus should be searched for those whose arrival took place at night. There are three routes & # 8212; 120, 121 and 140 to the Corbeil-Essonnes, La Verriere and Paris-Gare de l’Est platforms, respectively. In the port, it brakes near the first and third exits, as well as at the TGV station. The ticket costs 7.60, the time of work & # 8212; from midnight to 4:30 in the morning. Shuttle VEA. Among tourists arriving in France, this option is popular for a simple reason & # 8212; It can be reached directly to Disneyland. It starts from all terminals and runs until 21:00. Before the final stop, the shuttle will run for 45 minutes. The seat on the bus for an adult will cost 20, for children & # 8212; in 15 euros. Also this transfer is used to move to large hotels. It will get to the hotel, located in the central parts of the city.
By car.
How to get from the airport to Paris by car? You can take a taxi or rent a car. The first option is & # 8212; the fastest in order to get out of the port area. It is cheaper and more convenient to order a carrier on the website of KiwiTaxi. Average travel cost & # 8212; 50-70 euro units. Parking cabs are located almost at each exit. If the arrival coincides with a holiday or a Sunday, the price tag is increased by 15%. The same increase occurs during suburban trips in the evening and at night.
Rent a car will be right on the territory of the air harbor. In each hall there are racks of rental points that operate until the last voyage. Depart from Charles de Gaulle on two motorways & # 8212; A1 and A3. The length of the road to the center is the same for both # 8212; 20-30 min.
Getting to the airport of Charles de Gaulle from urban areas can be the same ways. All options work in the opposite direction.
Types of transport: Orly.
The second most important French airport serves domestic flights and part of European flights. It is 15 kilometers away from the capital and consists of two terminals & # 8212; southern and western. From one to another every quarter of an hour free shuttle Orlyval runs. Between the Parisian center and the air gate there is an active transport connection. How to get to Paris from the airport for the first time visitors?
Departure by train is carried out with two stops & # 8212; RER line C and Antony line B. They are a bit far from the port, so first you need to get to the stations. It is necessary to take the bus route “Paris par le train”, and on the platform to move to the formations Nora or Gota. The total travel time will take 35 minutes. The cost of tickets for two modes of transport will be 6.40.
Before Antony the shuttles Orlyval are moving. There you should choose the trains that go in the direction of “Mitry-Claye” or the air terminal Charles de Gaulle. The duration of the trip will be just over half an hour, and the price of a one-way pass is 10.9.
By tram.
In the direction of the port, there is one T7 tramway. He starts from the seventh subway line “Villejuif-Louis Aragon”. The tram departs every six minutes, the journey time will be a little more than half an hour. The main advantage of this type of transfer is & # 8212; it is not expensive. The boarding pass at one end will cost only 1.70 units of Eurocurrency.
By bus.
Bus routes from the port abound. To leave will turn out not only in the central part, but also in other city areas. Landing on all flights is carried out from both terminals, so there is no need to move between them.
Orlybus. Special port shuttles connect the terminal with the subway Denfert-Rochereau. Then on the subway it is possible to leave in different directions. Up to the final point the car goes 20-30 minutes, the fare is 7.70 euros. Motion interval & # 8212; 15-20 minutes. Air France. Express lines of the first line will be delivered to the center of the village, the third is # 8212; in Roissy. The duration of the first route is one hour. An adult passenger will pay 12.5 euros, a child & # 8212; 6.5. For group transfers there is a discount for & # 8212; one ticket will cost 10.5. In this way it will be possible to reach the metro stations “Etoile”, “Gare Montparnasse”, “Invalides”. � 183, 285, 292, 91. At 183 from the beginning to the end of the trip will take at least 50 minutes. Total stop & # 8212; Porte de Choisy. Motion interval & # 8212; every half hour. The travel costs two euros. The second route lies to the Metro Louis Aragon, go there only a quarter of an hour. The fare & # 8212; 1.60. Flight 292 goes to the Savigny sur Orge platform of electric trains RER C-line. The cost is similar to the previous one. The last way to move to No. 91 will suit those who go to the Massy TGV platform, where they will leave in different directions. The price of the boarding pass is & # 8212; 1.90 units of Eurocurrency.
From Orly, as well as from the previous aero node, you can get to Disneyland. For this purpose, VEA expresses are provided. There will be such a trip to 20 euros.
The parking lot is located near both exits. All cars are equipped with classic checkers. If you take the car off the road, you have to pay more. Therefore, it is better to contact local cabmen. They will take 25-50 units of Eurocurrency, the journey will take no more than 40 minutes, provided the roads are busy. The points of rental cars are in the building, so there will be no problems with hiring.
Types of transport: Beauvais.
It’s difficult to call a landing in this air harbor difficult. It is located more than 70 kilometers from the capital next to the town of the same name. The key importance of the port is that it serves the arrivals of budget airlines. The building closes from half a night until 6 am. So it will not be possible to spend the night here. We need to look for hotels nearby. Despite this, the terminal consists of two terminals and provides a set of standard services for passengers.
This is the best option for the ratio of speed and price. Official express trains run between the aero node and Porte Maillot, without intermediate stops. For a ticket in one direction, you will have to spend 17 Euros. You can get a discount of EUR 2.5 if you order a travel card through the Internet. Between departures 20 minutes, the last bus starts from Beauvais at 22:20. Traveling to the city will be long & # 8212; 1 hour and 15 minutes.
The port was chosen by private minibuses, which offer services for a rather high price. There are also super-shuttles for trips to the hotel and Disneyland. Their cost is high enough. 50 to 80 European units will be paid by an adult passenger, from 16 to 20%. child. In this case, when traveling with a family or in a group it is better to take a taxi.
The way to the air harbor from the town of Beauvais will cost only 10-13 euros, but for the road to Paris will have to lay out 100-120. The time of the trip is also not happy. about an hour and a half. This option is suitable for group trips or for those who are not limited in funds.
There is no direct communication with the Parisian territory, so you will first have to get to the railway junction in the town. From there, you can already move to the trains that will drive to the Northern Capital Station. There are trains infrequent, the interval of their movement is from 30 to 90 minutes. To go too it is not close * 8212; about an hour and a half. Ticket price & # 8212; 10 euros. This is the most uncomfortable and lengthy option, taking into account the expectation of departure of the train. At the same time, you also need to get to the station platform in Beauvais. For this, a taxi or minibus will do.
An urgent question for tourists is how to get from the air hub to Paris, to share a few more points, depending on which harbor the plane is supposed to land in. Possible ways of transportation and actions on arrival should be thought out in advance, so as not to waste precious time and stock up enough money. Especially it concerns those who are flying to a business meeting, appointed for a certain period.

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