How to go live in Iceland

How to go live in Iceland h1>
Iceland is a country in which the immigrant path is still weakly trampled. And, nevertheless, this republic is among the richest countries in the world. Judge for yourself, the economic growth of this state exceeded the rate of growth of the gross national product of any of the countries of Europe, including such prosperous states as Germany and Great Britain.
Citizens of the SES countries and the EU (with the exception of Romania and Bulgaria) can reside and work in Iceland for 3 months from the date of arrival in the country, or for 6 months if a certain period of time is required to look for work. In addition, Swiss citizens can work in Iceland without a work permit.
All citizens of the countries of the European Economic Area and the European Union have the right to open their business in Iceland.
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia , Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Romania *
� Fully completed application form for a residence permit with a signature.
� Valid passport; The passport must be valid for at least 3 more months after arriving in Iceland.
� One photograph of the passport format.
� Iceland’s personal ID number is kennitala.
� Confirmation of your employment – a copy of the signed employment contract, which should specify the duration of the contract, as well as the type of employment (full or part-time work rate).
� A certificate of health insurance in the form of E-104, which can be obtained in the country of registration. If you, for some reason, do not have the right to receive this certificate, you can buy a health insurance contract for 6 months in most private insurance companies in Iceland.
� Confirmation of admission to the educational institution if the purpose of the application for a residence permit is to study in Iceland.
� A certificate of guardianship if you are applying for a residence permit for a child under 18 years of age.
Citizens of the countries of the European Economic Area and the European Union do not need a work permit.
Only legal parents or guardians can apply for children under the age of 18 years. When applying for a residence permit for a child under the age of 18, the parent or guardian must provide proof of residence in Iceland that meets the requirements for obtaining a residence permit for a certain number of people temporarily residing. The parent must also provide information on incomes sufficient to support himself and the child. A parent applying for a residence permit for a child must earn at least 82.015 ISK per month, a married couple – at least 150.152 ISK per month.
Children of foreign nationals born in Iceland do not automatically receive a residence permit. It is necessary to apply for a residence permit for the child separately. The presence of a residence permit for a child is necessary, especially if you take the child out of the country, for example, for a summer vacation in the country of registration. Children who have not yet acquired citizenship must have a residence permit for return entry to the Schengen countries.
To all those who were born in Iceland and all legally residing in Iceland, the National Register (“# 22;;) is issued an Icelandic personal identification number, kennitala, consisting of 10 digits. Kennitala is very popular in Iceland and is widely used for identity cards. For example, it is necessary when using health services, banks, when entering school and even when you rent a video. Kennitala is your identification number. Your kennitala is directly connected to you and your personal information, such as the exact name, legal address, age and marital status.
Only a certain institution, a trade enterprise or an employer can apply for your cennitala. As a rule, employers apply for kennitala on behalf of their employees. If you are in search of work, the EURES office can help you in obtaining a kennitala. The average time to get a kennitala is a week. If you return to the country of registration or have changed your residence in Iceland, you must notify the National Register by filling in the appropriate forms. All personal information contained in the kennitala is strictly protected by the law, which is regulated by the data protection service in Iceland. (Data Protection Authority.)
Tel. (354) 569 2900.
Required actions upon arrival in Iceland.
� Where you get information and useful tips on finding work and apartments, on the application for ID number (kennitala) and other necessary formalities.
2. Once you have found a job:
� Read and sign the employment contract (the contract form is located at
� After receiving kennitala, you can open a bank account.
� Apply for a taxpayer card.
� Apply for a residence permit.
� Study your rights in detail. For example, do you get a proper salary?
3. Once you have found an apartment or other place of residence, do not forget to fill out the form in the National Register about changing your address (
� Documents confirming your right to health insurance and social insurance. If you came to Iceland for work, you must have a certificate of health insurance in the form of E-104. If the purpose of your trip is tourism, you need to have a European health insurance card, since this is the only valid card for a short period of time. In the absence of the above documents, you will not be insured for the first 6 months of your stay in Iceland, and you will have to pay in full for medical care and medicines.
� Diploma (s) and certificates confirming the availability of education and / or vocational education. It is recommended that these documents be translated into English and / or Icelandic before coming to Iceland.
� Reference letters in English and / or Icelandic from your former employers or colleagues.
� Contact your local social security department and the tax department to find out the amount of tax and social benefits you are entitled to, and make sure you get all the relevant forms and certificates.
� Sufficient money for living and settling all the necessary cases until you receive your first salary. For example, money will be needed to pay for housing, guarantee deposits, subsistence, payment of the process of obtaining a residence permit, etc. (Remember that usually the day of the issue of wages is the first day of the month, so it may take a long time before receiving your first check).
� Form E-301 in case you stay unemployed in Iceland.

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