How to go live on bali from russia for permanent residence.

How to go live on bali from russia for permanent residence.
Travel has always attracted me by its inaccessibility, desperation or something. It seemed that this pleasure is worth crazy money, it’s easy to get lost in megacities, and in the jungle you can pick up some disease or infection.
Reading a story, an interview, watching another movie, I thought – hell, how cool, but somehow courage was not enough! It seemed that it was very difficult to go abroad to live. Especially if you look at the map, then Bali is so far away! I remember the first emotions that captured me after watching the movie “In the wild”, where the young guy himself travels to America to his cherished dream. And what inspired me to go to live in Bali ?!
Probably, this is inside every person: a thirst for adventure and new emotions. But so it is our everyday life that we can see unusual landscapes and new cities at best a couple of times a year, strictly a certain number of days, on a well-planned route …
In a word, this short vacation turns into some kind of routine. To move away from the existing framework for the first time allowed us a wedding trip, which we independently planned for the island of Bali.
Having bought our own tickets and booked a house for a month, we flew towards our dream. It was this island that changed our life and the perception of different things: freedom, feelings, our relationships with the surrounding reality. We often hear from familiar travelers that it is here in Bali that you want to stay, to stay for a certain period in your life, as the island offers various opportunities and pays for what it deserves. Among the expats, there is an opinion that the island of Bali has a test for every visitor.
Everyone has their own interest in life on the island. Someone is interested in surfing, some spiritual practices, some travelers find themselves in photography, some are fond of flying – a harmonious combination of all kinds of activities makes it possible to find oneself and start to live in a different way & # 8212; break out of the usual range of tasks and responsibilities.
Back in Russia, Bali so “absorbed” us in our thoughts, feelings and feelings, that we seriously began to think about leaving to live in Bali. The decision to go was taken within a week. Preparation took about a year.
It’s simple: to leave to live in Bali, you need a certain amount of money for the first time, or real estate, which you can take and receive a stable income every month. I will say right away, it will take a lot of money, but this should not frighten. Life in Asia is much cheaper than in Russia, it is important to correctly prioritize what you need funds for. In a nutshell, the most important thing is to buy a flight, honey. insurance and pay for housing (preferably immediately for a long time, because it is much cheaper). How much it takes to live in Bali.
I could not believe that we were going to our dream to the last! Tickets were bought & # 8212; there was nowhere to retreat! There was, of course, a sense of fear and some uncertainty that everything would turn out. But looking back, we know for sure that everything was done right. And the mistakes were minor.
Having lived in Bali for almost a year, we smile every new day, people on the streets, each other. Here life seems to be measured, calmer, kinder. Returning from each new journey, we return to our home. Probably, this is the most important thing – the feeling of happiness and harmony inside. The island helped us to feel this, for which we are very grateful.
The most important thing is not to be afraid. Traveling is not difficult and not terrible, as it may seem. Do not be afraid of freedom, it will give you unlimited opportunities and new experiences.
It often happens that independent travel is cheaper than a voucher for a similar route, so buy air tickets yourself. Very often, airlines arrange promotions and travel in Asia can be almost free (cheap).
Always travel with insurance. This became our golden rule in every trip. Good medicine abroad costs insane money, and anything can happen. A broken finger or an ordinary scratch can cause you to return home or spend a lot of money on treatment.
Travel light. In many countries, buy the most necessary things cheaper than overpay for extra kilograms at the airport. In addition, you become mobile for any movement and can see more than originally planned. And it will not aggravate your journey.
Preparing for independent travel, read blogs, forums on the subject you are interested in. Many nuances of life in Bali, we read it on the forums and it helped us avoid some mistakes.
Total & # 171; on the road & # 187; in Bali we visited Shanghai, Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok), drove through Cambodia and Vietnam.
The fear of a trip to a new unknown country has completely disappeared, now it seems to us that it is not more difficult to go somewhere than to buy food for a week at the supermarket.
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Svetlana) You inspired us with your story to do a little adventure in your life) to go live in Bali for 6 months)) judging by your story, WHILE at 6))) but it’s just that we have two small children) 10 months and 2.5 years old)))) Can you tell me if there are such living conditions with children? In terms of their nutrition, hygiene, and of course the human conditions for living? And can you live with such a large family well, say 20-25 thousand rubles a month? Considering that my husband and I eat very little)))) we even have bread in the breadmaker mold))) I will be very grateful to you for the detailed answer))) thanks.
Elite, thanks for the tip. It’s very nice to inspire people for such wonderful changes as moving to Bali))) With the children on the island is very comfortable, it is important to choose an area to your liking and necessary amenities. I advise you Nusa dua, jimbaran & # 8212; quiet and calm beaches for swimming, good infrastructure. The most important thing is honey. insurance child. With her in Asia, you will feel safe, and in case of problems you can always count on Qualif. help. In financial terms, all Pts individually. The cheapest house can be found for 2 million rupees. You can eat very often. cheap, but it is necessary to take into account visas, transportation, unforeseen expenses. Be sure to try, you will succeed! The main thing is not to be afraid, in Bali och. comfortable and beautiful. Good luck to you!:)
Do you know about the island of Lombok? I want to go there for good. I’m going to Indonesia for the first time. Money is only for the flight and for the first time. Then I hope to find some work in the tourism business (to rent out equipment on the beach, for example) & # 8230; Do you think I will succeed? I’m 30 years old, I know some English.
very doubtful. Think about everything in detail, it’s difficult to find illegal work, even worse if you are caught, or a bribe is not at all a child, or an official fine, not much less than a bribe.
Nicholas, Lombok has almost no tourism development, so the work will be tight, since the main work for a European in Indonesia (in any part of it) is connected with tourism, otherwise you need to know the Indonesian language. I advise you to consider all the same island of Bali & # 8212; with work in Bali, although not easy, but still more real than Lombok. Good luck, in any case, it’s worth trying.
I, too, plan to move to permanent residence with my family in Bali. I’m worried only about work. I was introduced to a manager who works at (he said that they have a vacancy in the tourist department now). Someone heard about these guys, are they reliable? On reviews on the Internet so far, read only good. Thank you in advance for your cooperation)
Vika, reliability and stability of the company, in my opinion, determines their ability and desire to open you a working visa Kitas. Many companies in Bali save and do not want to open this visa (expensive, but suddenly you will not leave in a couple of years as many promise, but in a couple of months). In general, I advise you to say exactly this point first of all: how soon they are ready to open a visa for you. It is dangerous to work illegally in Bali, the immigration services are more and more tightened every year. A bribe penalty can reach up to 2-3 thousand dollars. well, the worst situation: the deportation from the island and the ban on entry for a couple of years.
Svetlana, at the beginning I want to thank you for such an encouraging response.
My husband and I, just like you, fell in love with this island during our honeymoon. Then we arrived for another month and a half later. Since then, the idea of moving for at least a year does not let go for a day. But I think, like many, there are still some doubts.
First of all I wanted to know about you about visas. I read that, so that to live a few years without a breakdown on the island does not work, you will have to leave the country for at least a day, and quite often, to extend your visa. Is it so?
The second question, which excites, is who do you work there, if you work?
The third question is, this is housing. For how long have you rented a house and in what district? We lived in Jimbaran, but just can you tell me some more ideas.
To fly out in this case it is necessary 1 time in a floor of year, not too it is a lot of, and tickets happen absolutely penny at loukostera AirAsia. 2. We were preparing for the move to Bali in Russia. I think this is very important, since working directly on the island is hard “. a lot of expats of Russians who have long been living on the island and if there are vacancies ringing to their friends. For the first time they saved money, but now we work remotely: we make websites and other Internet projects. Many are organized illegally: in Russian surf schools, in real estate agencies, Russian and hotels accept guests (this is already if you know English.) 3. We like Balangan, Jimbaran, Uluvatu, and Ungasan for housing. All these areas are close to each other and we like them very much. Housing was removed first for half a year and paid immediately, and then the owner gave us a discount and began to pay monthly. In general, you need to find an approach to the Balinese, and of course look at each other for a couple of months. If they see that you have come not for a month and not rebels, but good people, they will soon give you a good price for the house and will do everything to help. We are not checked by one owner of the house))) Good luck and let the dreams come true)
Thank you very much for such detailed information!
Forgive me for importunity, but can I still bother you as questions arise? =)
Article about anything .. What do you earn there ?? Or live at the expense of the parents?)) The photo is just class)) Pizza and softrinki)) Oh yeah! This is just what you need for the soul, that would take a break from the routine)))) As banal & # 8230 ;.
Alexander, we earn remotely, so do not worry about our parents) your questions are also very banal, apparently life is not sugar, but do not worry, everything will turn right and you stop throwing at people)
Is it really possible to move? no one is to blame, that you are not in Bali & envy and fatigue are bad feelings & 8230; And I believe that even if the children live there at the expense of their parents, so what? not at the expense of your parents))) good luck to you, be kinder.
A rather interesting and inspiring article has long been ripe for a plan to change the place of residence, at least for half a year or a year, terribly unconditionally .. Today, plans are to come home and talk to your young man & # 8230; and if the answer is positive, I’ll also torment You questions about Bali.
Anna, if there is a plan and a desire persistent, then be sure to try & # 8212; this is an invaluable experience and we learn 10 times more in travel than with a sedentary lifestyle.
Hello ! And tell me please, in what areas can I work remotely and where do I start? I really want to move. Thanks in advance!)))
Hello, this question interests. Is there a demand for diving on the island, and is there an opportunity to find a diving instructor there?

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