How to go to Alaska.

How to go to Alaska.
Alaska is the largest US state and the most northern part of this country. Alaska is located in the north-west of North America, bordering Canada and – through the Bering Strait – with Russia.
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Alaska is perhaps the most mysterious state of the USA: due to severe climatic conditions and remoteness from the main industrial centers, the population density in Alaska is lower than in other parts of America. However, there are extremals who go to Alaska for new impressions. Beautiful nature, tranquility and distance from megacities attract non-standard tourists to this protected area. If you want to admire the beauties of the most northern state of America, issue a US tourist visa and start your journey.
To obtain permission for tourism to America, contact the visa office at the US Consulate (the rules of this country require a personal presence for filing a visa application). In the visa center you need to hand in biometric materials (fingerprints) and a compulsory package of documents.
It includes:
-2 photos 5X5 cm with back hair collected;
– a completed application form (issued by the visa center, as it can be found on the website of the US Consulate);
– documents confirming your safe life in Russia and unwillingness to emigrate to the USA (certificates from the place of study, from the place of work with the indication of the position and salary, the details of the bank account, marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, documents for owning real estate).
However, the main purpose of traveling to Alaska is increasingly getting high-paid seasonal work. Alaska is a major center for oil production and refining; Also in this state fishery is widely developed. Every year hundreds of people from all over the world go to work in Alaska. Students can go to America through the Work and Travel program, as well as CCUSA. Adult non-working citizens of Russia should independently find an employer in Alaska.
To obtain a work visa in the United States, you will need:
– Invitation by the employer, certificate from the place of work indicating the future salary;
-Russian passport and photocopy of all its pages;
-3 photos 3×4;
– completed visa application forms;
-documents confirming the presence of property in Russia;
-data biometric data (fingerprints).
The consideration of documents for any visa is made only after the payment of the consular fee. Its cost for each type of visa varies.
You can get to Alaska by sea – if you cross the Bering Strait – or on an airplane. The place of arrival is Anchorage, the capital of Alaska.
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The largest state of the US at the same time and one of the most sparsely populated, in a territory that occupies more than 15% of the total area of the country, only 700 thousand people live. As you probably guessed, it’s about Alaska, which is separated from the main part of the country by Canada. The state of Alaska includes itself.
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Alaska, which was once the Russian land, is now the largest and northern American state. The north-western territory borders on Canada and Russia. The harsh climate of Alaska, as well as the absence there of the large industry and financial centers affected the density of the population in this state.
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The official contract for the sale of Alaska to the United States of America was signed in Washington on March 30, 1867. A month later, on May 3, he was ratified by the Senate. Well, on October 18, a special government commissioner Alexei Peshchurov signed a protocol on the transfer, and since then Alaska is.
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