How to go to America on a guest

How to go to America on a guest h1>
We want to work with a civil husband and live in the USA (if possible) Is it possible to go on a visitor’s visa? Which city is the most Russian and you can get a job with the Russians? We will be very grateful for the answer!
Start with Moscow, at least you will be legally there (if you are from Russia). And Salaries in Moscow are already higher than in the US, as we are told here by freelance correspondents.
We are from Russia, but I want to go abroad. There at least it’s better than here.
yes throw, here a few members of the community in one voice assure us living in the US, that in Russia everything is a bundle!
but at the same time where no match, so immediately in Russia and punches.
Capitalism was shirking there. Around gays, stupid Americans, fat black aunts, debauchery and police chaos. All houses are cardboard and blow their wind. After deducting all taxes, you will not even have enough for jeans and bublegum.
– We have a salary of 8,000 euros a month, taxes, then, in our hands, get 7,500 euros. You need 3000 euro for living. Where do the rest 4500, hell knows!
– We have a salary of 10,000 dollars a month, taxes, then, on hand, get $ 8,500. On living need 4000. Where do the rest 4500, hell knows!
– We have a salary of 8,000 rubles a month, taxes, then, on hand, get 6,500 rubles. On living need 10000. From where the rest 3500 take, hell knows!
Here and at us.
yes .. if you have such a salary then..he .. bad .. but why did you suddenly decide that in the United States you immediately 120 tych will be offered? for what? no .. my friends .. the father here take .. he special and him pay 100s plus .. or belly ..
because .. pay for the knowledge .. purchased or for the golden hands .. when you all understand that the freebie is over? and in the US, too, no?
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