How to go to Canada for permanent residence, adapt and live in Canada.

How to go to Canada for permanent residence, adapt and live in Canada.
Finally, the long and tedious process of emigration to Canada is over, and you are the lucky holder of an immigrant visa for permanent residence in Canada and are ready to take a responsible step – leaving for Canada.
Upon arrival at the Canadian airport, British Columbia will cordially open its doors to you. Having passed the procedure of customs clearance, you will receive the permanent resident status (Permanent Resident) who arrived for permanent residence in Canada. Now you have every right to live in Canada.
The very first question that you need to solve after coming to Canada for permanent residence is finding and renting housing. Among other paramount questions are: registration of medical insurance and obtaining a driver’s license.
Canada is a country of immigrants and it is difficult to name another country in the world that provides such a level of support to those who are seriously engaged in emigrating to Canada. From the very first days of your stay in Vancouver, contact the nearest immigrant assistance agency where you will be presented with a list of free services that covers virtually all aspects of the life of the “new cameras”:
With the help of the Employment Center, work in Canada by profession will be quick and achievable; at free English courses you will be taught to perfectly understand and speak English; on career planning courses you will be able to improve your professional skills and become more familiar with the requirements of the Canadian labor market; with the help of programs for the preparation of children, your child will quickly prepare for school and almost painlessly join the new school team.
Especially it should be noted the social protection of a low-income category of Canadian citizens and those who left for Canada for permanent residence. Foodbank, Welfare, children’s benefits and unemployment benefits, benefits for buying medicines, assistance in paying kindergartens – this is not a complete list of government assistance, thanks to which you can not be afraid for your future and the future of your children and make sure that leaving for permanent residence in Canada was the right move.
If you or your children want to get higher education after emigrating to Canada, then here again, federal and provincial authorities will come to your aid, taking part of the costs of education for themselves.
In a word, the Canadian reality is such that nothing prevents you from starting a new happy life after emigrating to Canada.
The main thing is not to lose the presence of the spirit, not to fall for temporary difficulties and all you will have is a new home in Vancouver, and worthy work in Vancouver, and everything else will follow.
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“Adaptation in Canada, Vancouver” digest
New approaches to adult learning.
Colleges and universities offer all new approaches to the organization of adult education, relying on constantly evolving technologies and taking into account the working people’s schedule. These approaches are based on the fact that the needs and expectations of people who receive a second education or undergoing advanced training courses are usually very different from the students’ learning needs.
Rental Housing: how to get what you want.
How much trouble is associated with moving. Hardly had time to drive off the truck, transporting your furniture to a new apartment, it seems, everything is already behind. But it was not there. The most difficult is over, and the most interesting is just beginning. It’s not about putting up furniture or about a house-warming party. Today we will talk about renting housing in British Columbia, what you need to know to make your new home happy, about the documentation and legal support, and what the tenants themselves will never tell you.
Give me a job …
Many newly arrived immigrants or jobless Canadian citizens often do not know that they can turn to a case manager or a job search consultant for help, and as a result they can not find a job for a long time, facing a number of other difficulties. Some, on the contrary, trying to get the most benefit, apply immediately to several case managers, which results in an uncomfortable situation (under the conditions established by the Government of Canada or the Government of British Columbia, each unemployed or working no more than 20 hours a week can open the file from only one case manager).
What to do after moving to Canada?
Moving to a new place can be both exciting and interesting, and quite an awesome thing. However, a little support and some knowledge can greatly simplify the process of adaptation to a new home. In Canada, many services are available to citizens, including those that are specifically designed to help newcomers.
Canada helps immigrant doctors find a job.
The Government of Canada finances four projects whose purpose is to help medical professionals trained abroad to find a job in their specialty. On December 13, on behalf of the Minister for Labor and Development of Labor Qualities Diane Finley said her deputy Ed Komarniki.
Blogs about the adaptation in Vancouver.
Reviews of pupils Alexander Pyltsyn.
What can be more pleasant for a teacher than the evaluation exhibited by the students to their teacher. I really appreciate the feedback of my students and I guarantee that each of them has a specific name, which is easily found in the Vancouver telephone directory.

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