How to go to Cyprus and get permanent residence.

How to go to Cyprus and get permanent residence.
Immigration to Cyprus has long been of interest to our compatriots: low taxes, the prospect of becoming a permanent resident of the European Union, and, of course, the climate refers to the indisputable advantages of life on the island. But in this sea of pleasure there are also its pitfalls.
Who can become a resident.
A temporary residence permit in Cyprus can be obtained in several ways. Some exist only on paper and are almost not used, others are more accessible and, therefore, are common.
Professional immigration.
You can be hired by a local firm. To do this, you need to be a very valuable employee with a rare specialty. At the moment, there is no shortage of workers in Cyprus, on the contrary, foreigners are required to make written commitments not to engage in labor activities. As a company employee you will be allowed to work, but you can not change the employer, of course.
You can go to a local university, but students are not allowed to work. Part-time employment is possible if the student proves that the schedule of his work does not coincide with the training schedule.
Own business.
To open your business, you need to invest at least 260 thousand euros. Such a requirement does not make the way mass, probably because the owners of large sums are waited not only by Cyprus, but also by other countries. So rich businessmen have a choice.
In Cyprus, however, you need to invest in agriculture or trade, having previously received permission to do so. Whether an island is needed in your enterprise, the state decides.
How to go to Cyprus and get permanent residence: Video.
Permanent income from abroad.
The easiest way to get a residence permit in Cyprus, if you get money from abroad. This can be a pension, income from bank deposits, an established business. Simply put a large amount in a bank in Cyprus for a deposit, prove that during the year you will be sent as much again, and promise not to look for a job.
The minimum amount is 10 thousand euros per year for one person. The bigger, the better. At this stage, the availability of real estate in the property is not necessary, although it will be an advantage. Emigration to Cyprus from Russia most often occurs precisely in this scenario.
Investment in real estate.
If you have invested in real estate more than 300 thousand euros, your advantage will be undeniable. On the website of the Embassy of Cyprus in Russia you can see the following requirements for investors:
30 thousand euros per person or a married couple must be deposited with a bank in Cyprus; to prove the existence of an annual stable income of at least 30 thousand euros coming from abroad; to purchase real estate in the amount of 300 thousand euros; an officially signed commitment not to engage in work in Cyprus; absence of a criminal past; obligation to visit Cyprus at least every two years.
And in two months you can become permanent residents of the island. In itself, the fact of investment in real estate can not guarantee you the issue of permanent residence in Cyprus. If all other conditions are met, the permit is issued for five years with subsequent prolongation.
The process of obtaining permanent residence.
First, on one of the grounds, we get a residence permit for one year. We will extend it for five years, every year proving our financial viability. After five years, provided that you have your own housing, you can claim a permanent residence permit. Strictly speaking, it is not permanent, because it is issued for five years, but it is renewed automatically.
To become a citizen, you need to live on the island for 7 years, being separated for no more than 15 days a year.
Foreigners who are married to Cypriots may apply for citizenship after three years of continuous residence.
To obtain a passport of Cyprus, it is not necessary to refuse Russian citizenship.
Northern territories.
Northern Cyprus is a territory occupied by Turkey. The world community does not recognize it as a separate state. Nevertheless, quite a lot of people want to move there.
The main reason is the simplicity of obtaining permanent residence. Almost anyone can go to North Cyprus as a tourist, this requires only a passport. Stamps on crossing the border with an unrecognized country border guards put on separate migration forms, because the authorities of Greek Cyprus do not favor those who visit their northern neighbors. And if in your passport there is a mark on the entrance to the Turkish part of the island, it may not like them.
To obtain a temporary residence permit in North Cyprus, you need to provide a local migration service with a certificate of criminal record, an extract from the bank (enough 10 thousand dollars in the account), documents for real estate. After six years of temporary residence, property owners can also obtain permanent residence.
The status of the resident of Northern Cyprus gives the right to visa-free visits to Turkey and Abkhazia. the only states that at the moment recognized its independence. In all other countries it will be necessary to obtain visas, using the Russian passport.

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