How to go to Istanbul for a permanent residence

How to go to Istanbul for a permanent residence h1>
And the last, 12 point, which many people mention, but few people voices. In Turkey, the family is the most important thing in the life of any person. They do not abandon the old people to the mercy of fate. Many families are not rich, and the government does not pay women to care for babies, let alone the notorious parent capital. But it is here that three or more children are common. And already from the family the feet of patriotism are growing. So, living in Turkey is an order of magnitude better than in Russia. There are many shortcomings here, but they are of a different order. At least I do not see for myself obvious advantages that would make me return to live in Russia. But I see many disadvantages that allow me to live in Turkey.
The social program to protect maternity was promised to be announced next week.
I do not like to kick Russia, it’s my homeland. Why do you go to this community, to prove to whom?
About 55, I saw in Ankara, and in Alanya, and on the Black. I’m not saying that everything is direct, but there are also such prices. 🙂 And how many do you think?
Well, you see, now it will be even better here. Even mothers will pay. Another plus. 🙂
I saw in new buildings in Ankara, in the new airport area, in Alanya, in Mahmutlar, and somewhere in the Black. Yes, and we can find here. But I do not compare with Istanbul. And so, it is still cheaper than in Russia. 🙂
Well, this, that, I do not write for connoisseurs, but in general. ))))))
You know, we’ve got the law here, that you can study in the state language at school, this in Kurdish means. That’s the kind of war we have here.
3. Collins and Loft are also Turkish brands.
6. Plus a stunt of millions.
And then I almost got called a farmer. And the Turkish tanks said that in general this is not true.
Oh, I forgot to add that Turkish Airlines is the best company in Europe. I’ll go, I’ll add.
Yes, there are many brands, I simply did not list everything. The most girlish wrote. 🙂
well done. that Turkey itself is feeding itself-it is a fact. In Turkey, produce almost everything you need, from a needle, to an airplane – also a fact.
current tickets to Moscow are expensive 🙂
It is a pity that Russia is often spoken about negatively. Probably, nevertheless, there are reasons.
pro Stambul voobshe uzhe ne govoryu, vse ostalnoe plyusuyus polnostyu!
And about Bosnia, I can poddaknut on many points, although few believe it)
Kate, not in the form of jitters, but I remembered that you and I met in LJ precisely because you were thinking about moving somewhere from Turkey – have you changed your mind already? Why did they want to move?
It’s just that everything is gradually coming. One thing is done, now we are doing something else. Then on. I just have a mom and a brother still. And I want them to live near me. Well, since we all have slightly different requests, that’s what we choose. My brother will probably need to study. He looks at Germany, and America. Mom also has some kind of vision. But no one in Russia wants to live a special life, that’s already a settled question. 🙂
And I am sure that the economy will gradually improve in Bosnia. In growth, the sharp will go. People do not believe, because they are not far-sighted. And then they will bite their elbows. Bosnia has a better location than Greece.
There are conversely the tariffs, where sms are cheap, the youth loves.

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