How to go to Japan for free.

How to go to Japan for free.
How to go to Japan? If you are now 15 years old, then the easiest way to go to Japan will be under the program of the Government of Japan for foreign students.
In short, the essence of the program: you must want to study in Japan and make appropriate efforts. The Japanese government will evaluate your efforts and, if satisfied, pay you a ticket to Japan, pay for your education in Japan at a Japanese university, and also pay a scholarship sufficient for living in Japan (about $ 1500 per month, that’s enough for living on a 1 person).
When you graduate from a Japanese university, you can easily find a job in Japan (if you enroll in a non-humanitarian specialty, for example, biology), and stay in Japan for as long as you like.
What kind of “efforts” should be made to participate in this program: fortunately, one can only study well, nothing else is required. You need to know well the core subjects (biology, mathematics, English – English is required so that you can navigate in Japanese life, because in Japan no one even ever speaks roughly Russian), and it is desirable to know the Japanese language (to improve their chances of participating in the program). To confirm your knowledge, you will need to pass a test in all these subjects at the Japanese Embassy in Moscow (not the USE, more difficult). If you pass the tests, you will be assigned an interview (which will be asked psychological questions, like “why do you want to go to Japan”, “what is your purpose in life” – and if you answer correctly, like “I really want to be a scientist and help people “,” I want to contribute to the development of the science of mankind “- then you can easily pass it), and after all this you will be paid a ticket, will help to make a visa, and you can go to study in Japan.
Apply to the embassy that you want to participate in the program. You can read about it here:
If you are not selected in the first year, you can try again, until you become 21 years old.
This is the easiest, fastest, and most importantly, free way to go to Japan.
If you have money, you can try to enter a Japanese university yourself – then you will have to pay for your education yourself (a Japanese university costs about $ 10,000 a year).
From the letter-response of the visitor of the site Ksyu “How to go to Japan?”
1 year 33 weeks.
You can please link, and then it does not open if you can then throw this postal mail.
1 year 33 weeks.
Please skip the working link.
You can link, please. This does not open ..
26 December 2012.
You can ask for a working link to the embassy, from the age of 7 dreamed to go to Japan to study, so I turned 15, and I want to leave but at least now.
Why the link does not open, can I get a working link, or I really want to study in Japan.
Is there any possibility of employment or hiring in the luminous areas affected by the disaster. Where and how can I apply?
how to go to study in Japan, when you are already 21 years old. of course I mean free)
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Does anyone here answer at all?
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I’m sorry I did not answer that long.
Ask your question about Japan through the contact form.
The site administrator does not live in Japan, but through the contact form the question will go to the person who lives in Japan and can answer your question.
If you got an answer, then write to me, too, please email [email protected]
only turned 21 ((
and still such a situation that the graduate has already graduated and study in graduate school, because of this, can not ride? or it is normal if it is the second higher degree.

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