How to go to Poland for permanent residence.

How to go to Poland for permanent residence.
Some like the warm southern regions, others focus on the standard of living and seek the most prosperous countries in Europe – Sweden and Norway. Immigration to Poland is an opportunity to live according to European laws, while not experiencing cultural shock from the difference in mentality. Therefore, it is worth considering how to get a permanent residence permit in Poland – permanent residence.
Reasons for permanent residence.
Permanent residents of Poland can become foreigners who legally lived in the country for 3-5 years with a temporary permit (residence permit), depending on the grounds on which their immigration occurred.
If you do not have Polish ancestors, then these reasons are just a few:
Full time job; business creation; reunion with the family.
The temporary residence permit is also given to students, but after graduation, it is not renewed, and to stay in the country, young professionals must find a job (or spouse).
With a Polish diploma, it is much easier to find a job: firstly, it does not need to be confirmed, and secondly, graduates of Polish universities do not need a work permit.
The training period is included in the total length of stay in the country for obtaining permanent residence only half.
Work and business.
If your choice is & # 8211; this employment, permanent residence you need to wait five years. In this case, you must have a temporary residence permit, which is issued only on the basis of a work permit. To indulge in the issue of such a permit will have to the employer, and he must deny the vacancy of at least 30 Poles who claim it and justify their refusal.
Immigration based on entrepreneurial activity is possible not only if you have opened your business. You can buy a ready-made business or become a co-founder in a Polish company.
At the discretion of the authorities, especially to successful businessmen, the waiting period can be reduced to three years. And, in addition to a stable income, your business should benefit the economy. For example, you can create at least two jobs for citizens of Poland.
Permanent residence in Poland: Video.
Family ties.
For those who came for family reasons, permanent residence in Poland (karta pobytu na czas nieokreslony) is formalized after two years of permanent residence in the country. The duration of the marriage by the time the application is filed must be at least three years old. And you can come as a relative not only to a citizen of Poland, but also to a foreigner who has a residence permit & # 8211; temporary or permanent.
Requirements for applicants.
In order not to replenish the ranks of the unemployed who live on state benefits, you need to prove that you are able to support yourself and your household (if any). By the time you apply, you must have a permanent source of income (work, business), as well as a place to stay.
The general list of documents for registration of permanent residence is as follows:
photos (4 pcs.); a certificate of residence (it should be borne in mind that not all owners of apartments rented out agree to register a foreigner); certificate of ownership of housing or a lease; a document confirming your residence in the country for the required number of years; autobiography; documents on education; certificates of financial solvency; petition.
Permanent residence has no validity, but the card itself needs to be changed every ten years.
What rights it gives.
Since even a temporary residence permit in many respects equates you in rights with indigenous Poles, no cardinal changes in the legal status are foreseen.
Recall that foreigners who have a residence permit (permanent residence or residence permit) in Poland, are entitled to free medical care, work, business (analogue of the Russian IP).
They can travel to other Schengen countries for up to three months in each half-year, quietly cross the border with Russia without a visa, call relatives in Poland.
Here there are small features: if you just got a residence permit, then only the closest family members can come to you – a spouse, children. A person who has a permanent residence permit can summon brothers and sisters, any other relatives, if the relationship can be documented.
Despite the fact that the borders with other countries will be open to you, you can get a job with Polish permanent residence only in Poland.
If you need to provide a residence permit (work, study) for obtaining or extending your residence permit, you will no longer need any confirmation from an alien with permanent residence.
The most important right of a foreigner with permanent residence is that after five years you can apply for citizenship.
At the same time, it is not necessary to give up your first citizenship, if this does not contradict the laws of your homeland.
If there are Polish roots.
If you still have Polish relatives on the ascending line, you can go to permanent residence in Poland, bypassing the status of a temporary resident. Students of Polish descent are provided with free education.
Another option is the design of the Pole’s Card. Its owners can work without obtaining special permits.
In addition to the right to work there are a number of benefits and opportunities.
A parent who has received a Pole Card can apply for the same card for his child. The document is valid for ten years, and then is simply exchanged for a new one. A card issued to a person who has reached retirement age (65 years) is valid for unlimited period.
But to take advantage of the rights that gives Polish origin, it is not enough to provide documents indicating the nationality of your ancestors. It will be necessary to pass an interview in Polish, to prove knowledge of the customs and history of the Polish people.

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