How to go to Poland independently from Ukraine to work.

How to go to Poland independently from Ukraine to work.
Should I go to work in Poland?
Modern life is such that Ukrainians are tired of the constant drop of the hryvnia, from a low payment there. And it is for these reasons that they have to consider options for earnings in Poland, and, accordingly, more worthy pay.
Why Poland? Main criteria:
The Polish language is much easier to learn than other foreign languages because it is based on the Slavic dialect. The Polish Republic borders on Ukraine, it’s not far to go. Basically this is legal employment and proven employers. Getting a working visa in a short time High level of wages (Ukraine – from 100 Euro / Poland & mdash; from 500 Euro)
Another factor that made you look towards Europe & ndash; the need to obtain a patent for work from January 1, 2015 for “zarobitchans” who went to work in Russia (which is about 6 million of our compatriots), and the fall in the Russian ruble’s exchange rate played an important role. In a word, it became profitable to earn abroad and spend at home.
If you still doubt & ndash; & laquo; go or not go? & raquo; & hellip;
To issue a work visa for Ukrainians in Poland & ndash; this is a completely simple procedure. But, if you decided to go to work in Poland, independently preparing the documents, then you need to understand many stages in the opening of visas and also correctly fill out all the necessary documents.
The most important confirmation for opening a visa is & ndash; this is an invitation from the Polish employer. It is an agreement on the part of the Polish side that they undertake to hire you to work on an official job placement. It is worth noting that at the moment Poland & ndash; this is the only EU country that accepts Ukrainians only on legal grounds and issues working visas.
Other countries of the European Union, such as the Czech Republic, Germany and others are not favorable to migrants from our country. Only highly qualified specialists are invited to attend, or they issue an invitation to study at higher educational institutions of these countries. This is statistics from official sources, and you can easily verify it.
To date, not only specialists of technical specialties, such as welders, seamstresses, turners, drivers, who do not need knowledge of the Polish language, but also middle managers are traveling to Ukraine from Poland. Work in Poland is necessary for everyone. Those who felt the Ukrainian crisis sought to go to earn money to the Poles to improve their material condition.
Current vacancies in Poland from trusted employers.
The first thing you can find on the Polish labor market is & ndash; vacancies in factories, factories, warehouses. This is a physical work that does not require qualification, and at the same time is well paid.
However, if the physical work is hard for you, and you worked only in the office, at first you will get tired and many simply do not withstand this load, return to their homeland. Think before you leave for work abroad, will you be able to radically change your lifestyle, will you be able to work physically and cope with a sense of & self-importance & raquo ;. If not, then realize your potential in Ukraine.
If you decide to earn money in Poland, then know that without knowledge of the language and work experience, it will be extremely difficult to earn above the minimum payment (8-10 zl per hour of work). Of course, there are exceptions, but you should not count on chance.
Reviews on earnings in Poland:
& laquo; Interested in working on sites in Poland, drew attention to the announcement from the company & laquo; Outlook overseas & raquo ;. I did not think that I could trust people I did not see in reality. The managers listened attentively to my wishes for work, and within 2 days I had a full description of the vacancy that suited me. Confirmation of all the necessary documents, the signing of the contract with the agency convinced me finally. I have been working at the plant for about 6 months, even reached the point of increase. From the bottom of my heart I thank the managers of this company for their help, I wish you every success! I recommend! & Raquo; – told our Michael from Poltava.
& laquo; In the Polish canteen needed an assistant to sculpt vareniki. I, realizing that vareniki is our national dish was not scared of this work. A Ukrainian woman can make vareniki in different versions of this dish. Upon arrival, I was sent to study so that I mastered the technique of modeling. Since the Poles welcome a healthy diet, the vareniki we made with spinach, and other similar fillings. I made a punching party, a little in my own way and she really liked the chef. Everyone was delighted with my dumplings! At the end of my work in Poland, I taught the staff how to make vareniki the way I did them. That’s how the Poles loved our Ukrainian version of Polish vareniki! & Raquo; & ndash; to share their achievements in the work of Marina from Kharkov.
Read reviews of work in Poland here.
Who better not to go to work in Poland?
If you look at the truth in the face, you have to admit that working abroad requires physical training. Jobs, for which our Zarobitcheans are traveling, is work in factories, factories, warehouses. The work of manual labor. You also need to understand that if you worked in the office in Ukraine, then it will be difficult for you to switch to more physical work. Before you go to work, weigh all your strength, your moral principles and then decide on employment abroad. Are you ready to work on wear and tear?
Poland is waiting for those who want and can earn. And in this you can be sure! If you work and do not violate the rules of labor discipline & ndash; you really earn, besides there is the opportunity to develop and receive education, working in parallel in Poland.
So, if you decide to change your life for the better, this information is for you!
How to go to Poland to work?
For official work in Poland you need to open a Polish work visa, categories & D & raquo; for a period of not less than 180 days. This will allow you to legally reside on the territory of the Republic of Poland and get an official job from the employer.
There are several ways to obtain a work visa to Poland, but the most accessible is by invitation to work from a Polish employer. If you are not familiar with this procedure, the best solution is to contact the company, which will issue all necessary documents for obtaining a visa, including an invitation to work in Poland. Our advice & ndash; save your time and nerves, contact the professionals to avoid the many difficulties of opening a visa yourself.
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Customer Testimonials.
Now everything is super, working, earning normally. I advise everyone, first look for work, and then just go. This is a good company, thank you, girls! Read completely.
Now I’m making out the voivodeship. It’s nice to work with such professional people as you. I will all recommend your company to everyone Thank you! Read completely.
Appealed to the company “Perspective abroad” for the first time. It is necessary to make a visa to Poland. Although they accepted the visa-free regime, it is still necessary to open a work visa for work. Thanks managers that explained to me all the subtleties of this visa. Read completely.
I recommend all my acquaintances to contact the company “Perspective abroad”. This is a reliable help in obtaining visas and employment in Poland. Here professionals really work. Read completely.
I’ve been cooperating with them for 3 years! Everything is more than clear and transparent! So there’s nothing to say here, except for the FELLOWS of the GUYS, they know their business. Read completely.
Thank you very much for this company. I have been working in Poland for half a year already. The work and the team are very pleased, my salary suits me too. Read completely.
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