how to go to Sweden as a refugee?

how to go to Sweden as a refugee?
Take a tour, it will be much easier for you, at once the hotel enters (it will be where to prepare – at a private invitation, you will also need to go to the embassy in Moscow.) Do not forget, there is always the option that the visa will be refused, family, such cases have been repeatedly).
And officially so.
Obtaining refugee status in Sweden.
Today, Sweden has become the leader among the European countries in terms of the number of people wishing to obtain refugee status here. In Sweden, you should also apply for asylum at the airport upon arrival. And if in Holland the decision to start consideration of the refugee case is taken within 48 hours, the Swedish immigration authorities give themselves a day more – 72 hours. But the final decision on granting refugee status in Sweden is taken within a year.
All this time, the applicant can legally reside in the country, study, receive benefits until a final decision on the case is made, perhaps after 4 months of waiting. It is worth noting that unlike Holland, Sweden is not too loyal to refugees who are persecuted in their country by criminal groups.
As a temporary shelter in the process of considering the applicant’s application, they settle either in the hotel or in the house. You can also solve the housing problem yourself and then write an application for housing compensation in the immigration department. For orientation, in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, a one-room apartment costs about 400 US dollars a month. However, housing compensation does not exceed $ 150 for the family and $ 60, if the applicant is one.
The allowance paid by the Swedish authorities during the waiting period is 10 dollars per day for an adult and 6 dollars for a child. And, if necessary, you can receive money every day.
Interestingly, having received refugee status in Sweden and wishing to return to your country later, you will receive help from the Swedish authorities. Firstly, you will be fully paid travel expenses, and secondly, you will receive a one-time benefit of 1200 euros for each adult and 600 euros for each child under 18 years old. True, the amount can not exceed 4 800 euros.
in any way, to become a refugee in Sweden, you need to escape there, and if you leave, you will become a uehantsev.

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