How to leave for a permanent residence in Israel from Russia is not Jewish.

How to leave for a permanent residence in Israel from Russia is not Jewish.
This is one of those places in which the residents of the former USSR are most willing to move. The quality of life is relatively high, there are many social guarantees and benefits related to work and living. To come there the citizens of Russia and Ukraine do not even need a visa, but this is not so easy as it sometimes seems at first glance. So how correctly to organize the transfer of people to Israel for permanent residence from Ukraine and Russia?
Official permission.
Far from all those wishing to receive official permission from the authorities to live in this power. There are several categories of people who, under the laws of this power, can obtain a residence permit quickly enough.
Jews and people who have Jews in their own family; those who want to work in this territory; those who have a marriage with a man from this country; representatives of the older generation with children permanently residing in this territory.
For the first category of people, even a law was signed that specifies such a phenomenon as repatriation, as well as what kind of people can be considered a Jewish family. It came into force after the Second World War and is being used to this day.
Many use the law on repatriation.
For those wishing to work for the good of the state, the right to permanent residence is also provided, but before applying for it, you must obtain a work visa. In order for a visa to be opened, a sanction is necessary, for which it is necessary to apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where it is planned to live. She gives the right to be and work for 365 days on the Holy Land. Nevertheless, it has the opportunity to be extended if necessary, and it can be extended for an indefinite period of time – if you confirm the employment relationship with the signed contract. In this case, the employer acts as a guarantor. Work is one of the most common methods for moving to Israel.
In addition, you can immigrate to Israel by marrying a citizen of that state or by marrying his citizen. The method is also very common, although with its help you can get the opportunity to stay for only one calendar year, but it can be renewed upon completion. Marriage itself can be concluded on the territory of any state, it does not have to be the homeland of a Jewish spouse.
Traditional wedding in Israel.
Older people who retired can also move to this country. It is enough to have an adult child who is legally there, or to be married to a citizen or citizen of that power. At first people from this category can count on visa �1. Then they can become holders of temporary identification. And only then – to apply for the right to permanent residence. The application must have attached papers confirming the fact of kinship, the passport, as well as a certificate of the absence of previous convictions in the territory of the home state.
Everyone who has Jewish roots can move to permanent residence in Israel. However, you first need to prove your involvement in the Jewish nation.
It is not difficult to do this, the requirements are simple:
Adopting Judaism & # 8212; necessary condition for repatriation.
In addition, if the mother is not a purebred Jew, it is enough to have a Jewish father or be the grandson of a person of this nationality. The law also includes those who are married to Jews.
As soon as a person, in accordance with this law, is recognized as a repatriate, he will be happy to be received at the Jewish Agency, a specialized organization that deals with assistance in:
organization of relocation to this country – purchase of air tickets and transportation of necessary personal belongings and property; registration of all kinds of papers, when returnees arrived at the power of destination; registration of all papers required for immigration; help with the employment of people who have moved. It takes into account what kind of profession was practiced at home, and also what kind of education was received.
A repatriate who has applied to Sohnut does not pay for all the services rendered to him. Organizations themselves take care of all the payment of all expenses. The organization too can help with the decision of a question where to live on arrival. Reviews about her activities are always only positive.
As in the case of any other power, leaving for Israel is always the design of a large number of papers. Without this, moving to Israel for permanent residence from Russia or Ukraine is impossible.
First of all, it is necessary to come to the embassy of the country where it is planned to leave, where the person wishing to obtain citizenship lives. The embassy deals with the issues of moving to the Holy Land of those who are recognized or have every reason to be recognized as repatriates, as well as those who have children there. Also, the embassy helps to move those who have married to a man of Jewish nationality.
When permission for permanent residence is required for those who are employed in the territory of the state, they should be sent directly to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The audience in the embassy always took place in two stages:
submission of necessary documentation; interview with the consul.
About how it is better to pass the interview, it is better to learn in advance from those who already have such experience. It is important to remember that in the territory of this power only Jews live, and the indication of another religion at the interview is fraught with a denial of residence permit.
However, we must not forget that in order to file papers, you must first make an appointment in advance and come strictly on the appointed day. If more than one person moves, each of them must be at the reception of the consul, including underage children, even if they are less than three years old.
Both a Jew and a non-Jew in order to enter the Holy Land with a residence permit need to issue a special document authorizing residence abroad. In various powers-natives of the USSR this document can call and look different. So, those residing in Russia or Ukraine should have a passport, where a corresponding stamp will be put, and those residing in Belarus must issue a new passport for this stamp.
The visa for permanent residence in Israel, is pasted into the passport.
The stamp is stamped in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country from which the exit takes place. However, it happens that the stamp is necessary for those who are already actually in the territory of the new homeland. From this situation, there is only one way out: an appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel with a corresponding statement and a request for a change of status. Then this service checks all submitted documents and, if they are in order, gives the applicant permission, the validity of which is one calendar year. Then you can renew visa B1 again. If it is necessary to obtain the right to permanent residence, a verification will be required, which is carried out by the MFA Liaison Office. Only after that can be issued a visa A5, which should also be extended annually.
The way of immigrants to the Holy Land is not so simple – it is necessary to prepare a large number of documents. Even those who are granted the status of repatriate are checked very carefully before giving a residence permit.
Among the papers that must be provided at the consulate are:
passport (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, etc.); a passport with a validity period ending at least half a year after the issuance of visa documents; birth certificates for each migrant (including children); documents confirming social factors: marriage certificate or divorce certificate, death certificates for close relatives (if you need to prove the nationality); photo, as on the passport; a completed application form required for issuing visas; A certificate that refutes the existence of a criminal record at home; information about the biography and residence of Jewish relatives (data on the last three generations).
However, simply collecting all the references is not enough, it is important that they are not only in Russian (Ukrainian, Belarusian), but also in Hebrew and English. They must be sure notarized. To submit to the embassy you need not only copies, but also the originals of all of the above.
It is also important that, when emigrating, it will not be necessary to renounce the citizenship of Ukraine or Russia. Therefore, it is possible to become a holder of dual citizenship and cross the border of two states without hindrance. Emigrants receive the same rights and social guarantees as nationals, and returnees receive special social support within the first year after entry.
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